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Bond Lifestyle presents a selection of books that are useful guides to a Bond life. Bond Lifestyle strongly recommends reading the original Ian Fleming novels, for they provide the best way to learn about the thoughts and habits of Bond. Read a chapter a day and you will step into his world and even feel like him a little, hearing Flemings words in your mind while you are going through your daily routines.


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The James Bond Destination book by Assouline is a large format coffee table book celebrating the world and travels of 007.


Ian Fleming: The Complete Man by Nicholas Shakespeare is a fresh portrait of the man behind James Bond, and his enduring impact.

The award-winning biographer had unprecedented access to the Fleming family papers.


Being Bond is a retrospective of Daniel Craig’s five James Bond films as 007.


Double Or Nothing, written by Kim Sherwood, is the first of a new 'Double O' James Bond book trilogy series.

The Double O books will not feature James Bond as the main character, but will instead introduce 'a new generation of Double O agents'.


A Spy Like Me, by Kim Sherwood, is the second book in the Double O James Bond trilogy.

The Double O series doesn't feature James Bond as the main character but instead introduces a new generation of Double O agents.


When James Bond 007 first took control of the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger (1964) it redefined the action movie forever, setting a standard for everything that came afterwards. Over the decades that have followed, Bond’s association with Aston Martin has only grown stronger. Bond and the DB5 are the perfect match: understated, stylish and powerful.


007 The Armoury is a comprehensive compilation of firearms and other weapons used in the James Bond movies over the last 60 years, containing over 300 images, including many never before seen photographs.

This unofficial guide gives a high level of detail and information on each of the firearms seen in the Bond films.


James Bond: The Man and His World, the Official Companion to Ian Fleming's Creation by Henry Chancellor, is a fascinating account of James Bond and creator Ian Fleming.

The author had access to never-before-seen documents and material from the Ian Fleming archive to create this book.


The James Bond Archives No Time To Die Edition by TASCHEN is the ultimate companion to all things 007, covering the making of every single movie in the James Bond franchise, from Dr. No (1962) to No Time To Die (2021).


The TASCHEN James Bond Archives XXL Art Editions are limited edition versions of the TASCHEN James Bond Archives XXL No Time To Die.


To celebrate 50 years of the James Bond franchise, EON Productions opened their archives of photos, designs, storyboards, and production materials to editor Paul Duncan, who spent two years researching over one million images and 100 filing cabinets of documentation.


TASCHEN James Bond. Dr. No is the most complete account of the making of the first James Bond film, Dr. No (1962).

The impressive book is available in three editions:


No Time to Die: The Making of the Film, published by Titan Books, is the official behind-the-scenes book for No Time To Die.


Bond fans Matt Spaiser (Bond Suits) and Peter Brooker (From Tailors With Love) have released their first book, From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films.

The book about the menswear and Bond clothing and is available from May 31st 2021.


The James Bond Film Guide is a 296-page authorised guide to all 25 official James Bond films. From 1962’s Dr. No to 2021’s No Time To Die, the book takes you through six decades of cinematic history. This is your indispensable guide to one of the entertainment industry’s greatest film franchises.

The book is now available:


The Folio Society has been releasing Ian Fleming James Bond novels since 2015, with one or two books released each year.

The Folio Society Ian Fleming books are hardcover editions with a solid pictorial slipcase. All the Folio Society James Bond editions are Bound in blocked cloth, set in Miller Text with Folio Bond Condensed as display.


The Goldfinger Files - The Making Of The Iconic Alpine Sequence In The James Bond Movie Goldfinger, by Steffen Appel and Peter Wälty, is an illustrated history of the film’s iconic scenes shot in Switzerland’s Urseren Valley, crowned by the car chase with Bond’s gadget-laden Aston Martin DB5.


Bond Cars: The Definitive History is a lavish celebration of the cars that also became the stars alongside James Bond.

The book features original call sheets, technical drawings and story-boards, accompanied by previously unpublished photography and exclusive interviews, about every car driven by 007 on film.


50 Greatest Bond Cars takes a closer look at 50 legendary cars from 25 James Bond movies, including the cars from the newest No Time To Die movie starring Daniel Craig and Rami Malek.


Shaken explores James Bond creator Ian Fleming’s writings on the pleasures of drinking, the stories behind the Bond phenomenon and drinks inspired by 007 and his creator.


Some Kind of Hero - The Remarkable Story of the James Bond films is a new Bond book written by Bond scholars Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury.


All James Bond film locations in one unique travel guide! Dutch 007 connoisseur Martijn Mulder has written a unique field guide to the exotic James Bond filming locations around the world.


From Martijn Mulder, the author of the ultimate Bond location guide On the Tracks of 007, now comes a special Japan film guide, featuring the filming locations of the fifth James Bond film You Only Live Twice (1967), which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.


This new book from On The Tracks of 007 author Martijn Mulder focuses on James Bond locations in Thailand, in the movies The Man With The Golden Gun and Tomorrow Never Dies.


Visit all your favorite 007 locations in The Bahamas with this new location guide by Simon Firth and On The Tracks of 007.


On The Tracks of 007 presents ITALY - a James Bond location guide.

The book is written by Simon Firth, with a foreword by John Glen, editing and design by Martijn Mulder, cover design by Jeffrey Marshall.

ITALY is now available as a hardcover or paperback at the On The Tracks of 007 website.


On December 4th, 2020, presents a brand new publication: Côte d'Azur.

The book is written by Simon Firth and looks at the many James Bond connections in the South of France, with a special focus on the filming locations.


LAIR: Radical Homes and Hideouts of Movie Villains is quite a special book for Bond collectors and people interested in architecture.


"James Bond After Fleming: The Continuation Novels" is the first book devoted exclusively to the post-Fleming Bonds. Over 50 years of the literary Bond.


The Many Lives of James Bond - How The Creators of 007 Have Decoded The Superspy, by Mark Edlitz offers a collection of original interviews with actors who have played Bond in different media, as well as in-depth interviews with many of the diverse artists who have contributed their talents to the making of James Bond movies, television shows, novels, radio dramas, comic books, and vid


The British artist duo Anderson & Low has created a highly original art project based on the brilliant artifice of the spectacular sets from the James Bond movie SPECTRE. The result was shown in an exhibition at Camera Work in Berlin from 25 June - 27 August 2016, and in the book Anderson & Low: On the Set of James Bond's SPECTRE.


Renowned photographer Rankin takes us from script to screen in Blood, Sweat and Bond: Behind the Scenes of SPECTRE, curating an ensemble of exclusive photography and cast and crew interviews.


Since Die Another Day, authorised Bond stills photographer Greg Williams has released a behind the scenes photoalbum of each Bond film, and this year will be no different. Bond on Set: Filming SkyFall takes you behind the scenes on the set of SkyFall, the 23rd Bond movie.


Following in the footsteps of Bond on Set: Filming Die Another Day and Bond on Set: Filming Casino Royale, the 2008 publication Bond on Set: Filming Quantum of Solace features movie stills, photographs, and behind-the-scenes info from the 22nd Bond film featuring Daniel Craig.


Featuring the debut of a brand-new Bond and set in a number of spectacular European locations, Casino Royale is the latest addition to the most successful film series ever made.


Bond on Set: Filming Die Another Day is a photographic journey chronicling the creation of a Bond movie and the only official companion to the Bond release of Die Another Day (2002).


The Man with the Golden Eye: Designing the James Bond Films is production designer Peter Lamont's autobiography, detailing his work on 18 James Bond films.

This deluxe, full-colour hardback is packed full of previously unseen images from the collection of James Bond production designer Peter Lamont.


From 1962's Dr. No to 2012's SkyFall, James Bond 50 Years of Movie Posters is an unforgettable gallery of Bond posters, teasers and lobby cards from virtually every country where Bond movies have been screened.


LIFE has published a nice collector's item: a hardcover book with 170 pages of 50 years of James Bond.

Fifty years (and five billion dollars in ticket sales) ago, the dashing Scottish actor Sean Connery declared suavely that he was "Bond, James Bond." Thus began a cinematic series unlike any other.


All About Bond is a unique memoir that will delight, amuse and inform Bond fans the world over. The humor, the drama and the camaraderie, on set and off, is captured through the immortal lens of one of the world's most legendary photographers, Terry O'Neill.


Into the Lion's Mouth by Larry Loftis tells the incredible true story about Dusko Popov, a World War II spy, patriot, and the real-life inspiration for James Bond.

If you are interested in Ian Fleming, James Bond, WWII and D-Day, this is a must read.


First conceived of by Ian Fleming more than 50 years ago, the exploits of this most charismatic and capable superspy have entertained audiences for over four decades, with six actors tackling the role of Bond.


The magazine Playboy has a long associated history with the James Bond series.


In the movie Die Another Day (2002) we see Bond reading an article about Gustav Graves in the High Life magazine in BA (British Airways) flight from Cuba back to London.


Dressed to Kill: James Bond, The Suited Hero: a celebration of the clothing styles that have made James Bond one of the most potent and enduring cultural icons.


If you have never read an Ian Fleming James Bond novel, it's about time that you do! Why not start with the first Bond novel, and one of the best: Casino Royale.


The Bluffer's Guide to Bond is a compact pocket book full of basic facts about the James Bond film and bookseries.


The Book of Bond or Every Man His Own 007, written by Kingsley Amis, is a manual for prospective agents on how to live like Agent 007, illustrated with examples taken from the Fleming novels. The book was first published by Jonathan Cape in 1965.


Being James Bond: Volume One - Pocket Edition is a guidebook on living more like James Bond by mastering the same skills that Bond has. Written by Joseph Darlington (aka Head of Section), famous for his Being James Bond podcasts, and several articles on Bond Lifestyle.


After many years of success with the James Bond Lifestyle Seminar, author and speaker Paul Kyriazi has put the entire seminar down in book form.


Learn how to turn your fantasies into reality. And how to enjoy and control them when they come to you. Learn how to not just look cool in a casino or checking into a resort hotel, but how to be cool, as cool as James Bond.


A serious 90-minute audiobook seminar for men that shows you how to upgrade your life to the level of 007.


With A Mind To Kill is the third James Bond novel by Anthony Horowitz. The book was published on 26 May 2022 by Jonathan Cape.

Signed copies were available to pre-order earlier in the year from in the United Kingdom only at high street and independent retailers.


Forever and a Day is Anthony Horowitz’s second James Bond novel using original material by Ian Fleming. The story is a prequel to Casino Royale, Ian Fleming’s first 007 novel, and will explore the origins of the world’s most famous secret agent.

Excerpts from the book:


Carte Blanche is a new James Bond novel written by Jeffery Deaver, commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications.


Devil May Care is the newest installment in the James Bond series. The book was released worldwide on Ian Fleming's birthday, May 28. Written by novelist Sebastian Faulks, Devil May Care is set in the cold war, picking up where Fleming left off in 1966 with Octopussy and The Living Daylights. Faulks, writing as Ian Fleming, has created the perfect continuation of the James Bond legacy.


Solo is a new James Bond novel written by William Boyd.

The story takes place in 1969. Having just celebrated his forty-fifth birthday, James Bond is summoned to headquarters to receive an unusual assignment. Zanzarim, a troubled West African nation, is being ravaged by a bitter civil war, and M directs Bond to quash the rebels threatening the established regime.


Casino Royale, the classic novel that introduced secret agent James Bond to the world, is now available on one page! The book/poster is created by Spineless Classics. The entire text of the book is printed on a single page, wrapped around the design and featuring the author's logo and signature. 


James Bond's London, a comprehensive Reference Guide to over 250 locations from the World of Ian Fleming and James Bond...


Jam packed with anecdotes, facts, and behind-the scenes revelations; over 200 rare photographs from the archives of eon productions.


As the author Robert Caplen asks in his first chapter: why another book about Bond? One answer is simply that there can never be enough of a good thing.


Birds of the West Indies is known not only for its exhaustive study of Caribbean birds but also because of the name of the book's author, the ornithologist James Bond, which was used by Ian Fleming for the name of his fictional British secret agent, Commander James Bond.


In the 1967 movie You Only Live Twice, James Bond (Sean Connery) gets the book Instant Japanese by Masahiro Watanabe and Kei Nagashima from Moneypenny to brush up on his Japanese.

In the film, MI6 decides to fake Bond's death. On the British HMS Tenby war ship M tells James Bond about his new mission in Japan and Moneypenny gives him the final instructions.


In Casino Royale, on a small table in M's apartment, we have spotted a hardcover copy of Burne-Jones: The Life and Works of Sir Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898) by Christopher Wood.


This Rough Guide is devoted to James Bond, the most famous fictional character of the 20th century. There's no one quite like 007, the secret agent whose identity is the world's worst kept secret and who is still the movie hero most men really aspire to be.


This definitive celebration of 007, created in conjunction with Eon Productions, the producers of 19 James Bond films, will thrill fans of any age with its unique visual style.


'007 On the Rocks: A Guide to the Drinks of James Bond' is a practical easy-to-use guidebook covering the unique world of James Bond libations. It contains every aspect of amateur mixology a Bond enthusiast needs to know.


The quintessential suave hero, Roger Moore has had an extraordinary career that has spanned seven decades, from early television to the golden age of Hollywood and on to international superstardom.


In a career that spans over seven decades, Roger Moore has been at the very heart of Hollywood. Sir Roger is of course an actor and has starred in films that have made him famous the world over; but he’s also a tremendous prankster, joker and raconteur. Despite the fact that he is well known as one of the nicest guys in the business, on and off the screen he has always been up for some fun.


To celebrate the James Bond film franchise's 50th anniversary, Roger Moore has written a book that features all the Bond movies, along with a wonderfully witty account of his own involvement in them.


À Bientôt is the last book by the late, great Sir Roger Moore. A warm and engaging book in which Moore reflects on life and ageing.

Delivered, along with his own hand-drawn sketches, to his publisher shortly before he passed away, in À Bientôt, Roger looks back on his life – and gives it his trademark sideways glance, too.


A new biography of actor Sean Connery was released by BearManor Media in September 2023.

Connery, Sean Connery – Before, During, and After His Most Famous Role is written by Herbie J. Pilato. The biography features a foreword by Barbara Carrera (Bond girl in Never Say Never Again) and an introduction by Richard Demarco (Connery’s lifelong friend).


James Bond in the 21st Century: Why We Still Need 007 offers a fun, irreverent look at everyone's favourite spy. The enduring power of the world's most dashing secret agent and the evolution of the James Bond franchise are explored in this smart yet nostalgic collection of essays edited by Glenn Yeffeth.


From the offbeat vantage point of a gay teenager whose grandfather was chauffeur to legendary 007 producer Cubby Broccoli, Catching Bullets – Memoirs of a Bond Fan is a love-letter to James Bond, Duran Duran title songs and bolting down your tea quick enough to watch Roger Moore falling out of a plane without a parachute.


This book about product placement in James Bond films, written by Nadja Tata, is only available in German.


The Ian Fleming James Bond novels are now available as audio books on CD or as a download in the The Ian Fleming Classic Bond Collection Audio Books. These books are the complete and unabridged versions of the original Ian Fleming novels.


In 'Goldeneye - Where Bond was born: Ian Fleming’s Jamaica', author Matthew Parker steps into the exotic world of Bond creator Ian Fleming.


If you like the style of Daniel Craig, you might also like Steve McQueen. The two film stars share many similar features, from their rugged but cool face, short haircut and well-built body, but there's no doubt that Craig has been infuenced by some of the clothing and accessory choices of the legendary actor and allround cool guy Steve McQueen.


The Big Book on James Bond (Norwegian: Den store boken om James Bond), by Morten Cruys Magnus Sagen and Morten Steingrimsen, covers all the aspects of James Bond, including all the films, novels, comics, cars, drinks, 007’s wardrobe, the Bond actors and much more. There is even a chapter on Norway's Bond connection.


Fan Phenomena: James Bond is a collection of short research articles exploring the devoted fanbase that has helped make Bond what he is, offering a serious but wholly accessible take on the many different ways that fans have approached, appreciated, and appropriated Bond over the sixty years of his existence from the pages of Ian Fleming’s novels to the screen.


Every bird that ever flew in a James Bond film, meticulously recorded by artist Taryn Simon.

In the book Field Guide to Birds of the West Indies (2015), artist Taryn Simon casts herself as James Bond (1900-1989) the ornithologist, and identifies, photographs and classifies all the birds that appear within the 24 films of the James Bond franchise.


In the 2013 art project and book Birds of the West Indies, a meticulous and comprehensive dissection of the Bond films, artist Taryn Simon inventories women, weapons and vehicles, constant elements in the films between 1962 and 2012.


Fashion in Film, by Christopher Laverty and published by Laurence King in September 2016, is a stunningly illustrated, authoritative insight into designer fashion’s use in Hollywood and world cinema.


Boutell's Heraldry is reference guide about British heraldry and coat of arms.

A copy of the book is clearly seen and used by James Bond (George Lazenby) in the movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969).


The Aircraft-Spotter's Film and Television Companion, by Simon D. Beck, is an amazingly detailed and extensive reference guide to airplanes and helicopters in films and tv series, including the James Bond film series.

The book opens with a foreword by leading aviation film historian James H. Farmer and an introduction by the author Simon D Beck.


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