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James Bond's London

photo © Daleon Enterprises
James Bond's London
photo © Daleon Enterprises

James Bond's London, a comprehensive Reference Guide to over 250 locations from the World of Ian Fleming and James Bond...

Now you can follow in the footsteps of the most famous secret agent of all time—from the exclusive gentlemen's clubs of St James's to the breathtaking Millennium Dome in North Greenwich.

In James Bond's London you will:

  • Enter the real-life world of espionage through the wartime haunts of Naval Intelligence Officer Ian Fleming
  • Visit Fleming's (and Bond's) favorite hotels, restaurants, pubs and clubs
  • Discover where Bond gets his suits, shirts, shoes, hats, ties, accessories and even his underwear!
  • Visit the historic headquarters of Eon Productions and United Artists, as well as the cinema where James Bond made his unofficial film debut in the summer of 1962
  • Uncover the First "Universal Exports", from the film Dr. No, as well as all the subsequent incarnations of the fictional Secret Service—plus the real Universal Export itself
  • Retrace the exciting TWINE boat chase from Vauxhall Cross to the Millennium Dome

As you peruse James Bond's London you will also uncover the "Kentucky" airfield used by Miss Pussy Galore and her pilots in Goldfinger; the "rural" lake where Fiona ditched her bike in Thunderball; the "St Petersburg" hotel where Bond stayed Onatopp of things in GoldenEye; the "Hamburg" parking garage where he field-tested his new BMW in Tomorrow Never Dies and the "Azerbaijani" air base where he hitched a ride to Kazakhstan in The World is Not Enough—all without leaving London!

You will also visit:

  • Ian Fleming's Birthplace and later London Homes
  • The Assorted Headquarters of the real MI6, including Vauxhall Cross, the current HQ in both real life and reel life
  • The London Homes of Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan
  • Dozens of London (and Bondian) Landmarks and Institutions, including the Bank of England, the College of Arms, Trafalgar Square, St Paul's Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, De Beers, Sotheby's, Harrods, Lloyd's, Scotland Yard, Tower Bridge, the Old Bailey, the National Gallery, the British Museum…

This comprehensive guide includes photographs, directions to the locations, behind the scenes information on every site, including commentary from Bond veterans John Glen, Peter Lamont, Syd Cain, John Richardson, the late Desmond Llewelyn and John Stears, as well as the family and friends of Ian Fleming. With a Foreword by Bond Editor and Director Peter Hunt (OHMSS) and a Tribute to Ian Fleming by his cousin, Christopher Lee (The Man With The Golden Gun), James Bond's London is a must for armchair travelers and real-life adventurers alike.

James Bond's London is out of print but can still be found at some online bookshops like Amazon (USA, UK).

Publisher: Daleon Enterprises
Language: English
ISBN: 0-9713133-0-X

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