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High Life magazine


In the movie Die Another Day (2002) we see Bond reading an article about Gustav Graves in the High Life magazine in BA (British Airways) flight from Cuba back to London.

Title of the article Gustav Graves, King of Diamonds Highlighted Quote "Diamonds are Forever, but life isn't. [I want to] make a mark with mine" The name of the author of the article is Gregg Wilson, which is also the name of the development executive of Die Another Day (he also was an assistent editor on Casino Royale and assistent producer on Quantum of Solace, SkyFall and SPECTRE and he is the son of Michael G. Wilson).

High Life is the British Airways inflight magazine containing the entertainment listings available on the flight as well as some travel and lifestyle features.

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Would have thought Brosnan was more interested in reading "High Times"!
This article says Graves' quote is "[I will] make a mark with mine", but it's more likely to say "I want to make a mark with mine"; just as Bond opens the magazine, you can grab a frame where the letter "o" comes before the word "make". Also the spacing suggests a bit more text on the lower line.
Hi Nick, thank you for the suggestion, I have updated it!

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