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Sunspel Riviera Blue Polo Shirt and T-Shirts

photo © Sunspel
Sunspel Riviera Polo Navy polo shirt
photo © Sunspel

photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures
Bond wearing the blue Sunspel polo shirt in Casino Royale
photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures

photo © Sunspel
Sunspel Riviera Crew Neck T-Shirt Grey Melange
photo © Sunspel

photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures
Bond wears the grey t-shirt in several scenes in Casino Royale
photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures

photo © Sunspel
Sunspel Riviera V-Neck T-Shirt White
photo © Sunspel

photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures
Bond wearing the white v-neck Sunspel shirt in Casino Royale
photo © Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Columbia Pictures

Sunspel Riviera Navy Blue Polo Shirt

In the 2006 Bond movie Casino Royale, Daniel Craig wears several Sunspel shirts. Most notable the blue poloshirt as seen in the picture on the left. Originally tailored for Daniel Craig for his role as James Bond in Casino Royale, the design is based on a classic 1950s Sunspel design made for the Italian Riviera. This polo shirt is 100% cotton and warp knitted on old lace machines. The garment is a classic, fitted retro design available in navy, black and russet (red).

Lindy Hemming - costume designer Casino Royale: "I have dressed so many different characters in film and theatre in Sunspel because they are classic, timeless and beautifully made. With Daniel Craig as the new Bond, I thought it would be a perfect collaboration of quality and Britishness to ask Sunspel to create all his t-shirts, polo shirts and underwear. He looks very sexy and happy in their clothing."

 Shop now at Sunspel UK (£125)

 Shop now at Sunspel USA ($145)

 Shop now at Sunspel DE (€150)


Also available on Mr Porter UK and Uncrate (Worldwide).


Complete the look: Bond also wears a Vega Gun Holster, Omega Planet Ocean watch, Person 2244 sunglasses, khaki pants, brown belt and brown chukka boots.

sunspel swim shortsSwim shorts
In May 2013, Sunspel launched a Bond-inspired pair of swim shorts, in the Sky color, based on a design Sunspel made for the Desiging 007 exhibition (currently unavailable).

goldeneye polo2015: the GoldenEye polo
In October 2015, Sunspel launched the GoldenEye polo shirt, read more here.


Sunspel Riviera Crew Neck Grey Shirt

In the Madagascar, Miami Airport and Venice scenes of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig wears grey Sunspel Riviera t-shirts, as seen on the image on the left. This grey t-shirt was designed especially for Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, with a more fitted shape and shorter sleeves than the standard Sunspel shirts. Unlike the classic tee, it also has an overlocked neck which is flatter and more discreet than a bound neck. This grey melange t-shirt is made from fine gauge two fold long staple Egyptian cotton for an exceptional, luxuriously feel.

Shop now at UNCRATE $95

Available on the official Sunspel website.

 Shop now at Sunspel UK (£85)

 Shop now at Sunspel USA ($95)

 Shop now at Sunspel DE (€95)


Sunspel White V-Neck Shirt

Designed for Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royale, this v-neck t-shirt has a refined, fitted shape and shorter sleeves than the standard Sunspel tees, memorably worn by Bond on the yacht sailing into Venice at the end of the movie Casino Royale. This beautiful pure white t-shirt is made from fine gauge two fold long staple Egyptian cotton for an exceptional, luxurious feel.

Available on the official Sunspel website.

 Shop now at Sunspel UK (£85)

 Shop now at Sunspel USA ($90)

 Shop now at Sunspel DE (€95)


Sunspel also provided the members of the film crew with t-shirts and polo-shirts for the movies Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace
For the Bond movie Quantum of Solace, Sunspel again provided the production team again with several poloshirts. It is not confirmed that these shirts can be seen in the movie but Daniel Craig has been wearing them on set, and he is said to be a big fan of the brand.

Replica shorts for 'Designing 007'
Working on the new Barbican exhibition Designing 007 – Fifty years of Bond style, costume designer Lindy Hemming approached Sunspel to recreate the shorts that evoke the early Bond films. The shorts form part of a then-and-now element of the exhibition including the swimming shorts worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale alongside Sean Connery’s shorts (produced by Sunspel). Read more about these shorts here.

Batman, Sherlock Holmes and Johnny Depp
Sunspel products are also popular in other films, like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (also starring Daniel Craig), the Batman film The Dark Knight with Christian Bale, and Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law were sporting some Sunspel items in their publicity shots for the recently released Sherlock Holmes movie. Johnny Depp wore Sunspel in a mainly World War II period piece called The Man Who Cried. Sunspel worked with the stylist on Valkyrie to provide impeccable period t-shirts and long johns for Tom Cruise's German aristocrat who attempts to assassinate Hitler. Sunspel has also been seen recently in The Boat That Rocked (aka Pirate Radio).

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Hello, i really wanted to know what the brand of long sleeve Polo shirt Bond wears during the Venice chase scene, i heard from several sources that it was made by Sunspel, so i emailed them and this is what i got:
"Good afternoon

Yes, you are quite right, we made several items for Casino Royale. However, it was only the short sleeve polo and the plain grey t-shirt that actually went into manufacture for the public, although we are considering going into production on the long sleeve polo. So watch this spaceÖ.


The main thing here is that they are clearly stating that they did make the long sleeve Polo, and may produce it for the public! Fantastic news!

Just to let everyone know - if you haven't got your Sunspels yet, there's still a 20% extended sale discount on their website. Enjoy!

I would like to know about the pants that Daniel Craig uses with "Sunspel Blue Polo Shirt". Please.

If you want the Bond "look" without the actual Sunspel shirts, I strongly recommend Banana Republic. I found some excellent fitted crew shirts like Daniel Craig wears in several scenes. The grey especially looks nice, and they all feel great. They also have a dark blue, long-sleeve polo like he wears in the Venice scenes at the end of the film. Now if only this Florida weather would ever cool off enough for me to wear it.

They have a great selection of khaki and dark Chinos as well to complete the look. Just a suggestion if you want to save some money and not have to deal with international shipping for those in the US.

After ordering this infamous polo shirt after watching Casino Royale, i was extermely disappointed when it came. It's nearly see-throug and has a very cheap latex feel. You better off going to M&M and buying a navy polo shirt for a tenner, as it would be much better quality.

I paid just over £62 for this shirt. I want you read this so you don't make the same mistake i did.

A couple of months ago, I finally got my Q75 Polo, and bouth T-shirt from SUNSPEL online store, I have not word to described them... just AMAZING QUALITY, best comfortable and excellent customer service (thank you so much Mrs Gillian Peel).. I centainly need to buy a couple Polos and T-shirts of the 007 range from Sunspel...

thank you for the great tip-- i plan to order two of these bond polo shirts! can you guys dig up who made the white short sleeve shirt with epaulettes, worn by Bond when he arrives at the hotel/ examines the hotel video cameras, etc.? can't find anything on that one.

this shirt is awesome. definitely gonna order this.

As far as other shirts from Casino Royale go, does anyone know if the short sleeve military-styled shirt is available anywhere? I read somewhere that all other casual shirts from the film may be offered from Sunspel as well, but I was unable to track it down. Any tips?

My God. Got mine today. Without doubt the best fitting, most comfortable shirt I've ever bought. The fabric is amazing. I'll be buying more from Sunspel.

Has any received the grey and white shirts yet? Says shipping in July yet I haven't got mine yet.

In reply to Jeff's 5 August query my White T and Blue Polo arrived on Saturday 4th so they should be on their way

can you only get this shrt off the site



Heyin the venice scene at the end bond wears a blue long sleeve top underneath is a grey t shirt , anyideas wer i can get one of the blue tops from? much appreciated

Does anyone know where to get the light blue polo shirt worn by Sean Connery in Dr.No? Is it Sunspel?

I placed order for xL blue and was told by sunspel that it will take about 3 months from may 8 to ship to california. regarding the white short sleeve shirt with epaulettes, that is available at H&M stores. cost me US$20something.

Hello there "00" guys, some of you that recently bought the polo shirt are able to tell me if this sunspel polo shirt comes with a certificate of authenticity, tagged, with its plastic envolvement and extremely well packaged for international orders? I would like to order some of the susnpel products with i am 100% confidence about the shipping methods aviables to MEXICO.
Best Regards

Recently got two of these polo shirts from Sunspel, one in navy and one in black and I have to say they are possibly the nicest shirts I've ever worn. Comfortable light-weight material, nice fit. Highly recommended.

I recently received this shirt, and i must say its fantastic, really well made and comfortable to wear

dose anyone know what kind pants was he wearing at same time

Does anyone no if Daniel Craig will be wearing Sunspel again? In an on-set interview in Chile is he wearing a black Q75?

Wow, i have just ordered the black polo from Sunspel, and the only word i have in mind is wow, Superior fabric quality, extremely confortable, and perfect feeling as if it was designed for me. going to order more!

Is the blue polo shirt long in the torso. I am 6 foot 5 and want to order the xxl. I need that size for my shoulders but i want to make sure the shirt is long in the body!

These shirts are great to wear and the material of very high quality. The polo is light and airy (I just wore mine on a long day of air travel). The T shirt material outclasses my Zegna T shirt.

In Australia they are stocked by Henry Bucks, O'Connell St, Sydney.

I have yet to find a polo shirt of the same quality and comfort afforded by the Sunspel polo. Makes all my other Ralph Laurens and Lacoste polos feels second-rated. Absolutely exquisite and well worth the price.

Christopher the polo are indeed rather long on the torso. Not overly so as to look weird, but definitely more than adequate. I believe you will find the length of the shirt to be satisfactory.

Thanks for the tip on Henry Bucks Andrew. I'll definitely head down there during lunch to check out the Tees.

I have an extensive collection of Sunspel shirts and there is no substitute for their level of class and quality. I also bought suits and other garments in London, the British know good clothes and style.

Does anyone knoe if Sunspel is ever going to get the blue 007 polo in medium. it's been out of stock for awhile.

"Comment by Author JESSEMI6

Does anyone know if Sunspel is ever going to get the blue 007 polo in medium. it's been out of stock for awhile."

They just got some more in. I ordered mine on the 9th.

I ordered mine on the 9th...and it arrived on the 14th! They shipped it out for me on the 11th and it took only three days to go from Great Britain to the San Francisco Bay Area. Sunspel has my vote when it comes to fast delivery service.

The shirt is fantastic and fits like it was tailor made for me. Though it's a bit brighter shade of blue than it appears on screen in Casino Royale.

Well worth the price. Now all I need is to figure out what brand khaki jeans Craig wore in the Bahamas scene with the Sunspel. There are rumors they might have been Turnbull & Asser?

I did order the blue sunspel polo got it today and it is fantastic

Just wondering what size I should get in the polo (and the t-shirts as well for that matter). I am 6'2 and weigh about 210, typically I wear a 42L suit (and a 16" collar dress shirt) however in certain styles like Ralph Lauren Black Label I have to go up to a 44R in order for it to fit properly. In Lacoste shirts I believe I take a size 5, should I go for the L or XL as I've never ordered from Sunspel before? Are there any other "must have" Sunspel items that I should look at if I'm placing an order? Lastly does anyone know of any coupon codes or promotional codes (just thought I'd ask before placing my order.

Are there stores/distributors in (or near) Toronto, Ontario, Canada?


I recently received my 007 polo -there was a slight delay getting it to New Zealand, not Sunspel's fault, and Vanessa was most helpful in arranging a replacement to be sent as a back up. As it happened it was not needed as the orginal arrived a couple of days before the replacement! As mentioned Vanessa's service was excellent.
I recommend the shirt 100%.
Matt - you may well be OK with an XL which is the size I got. I am 5'10" and as a comparison I wear a Ralph Lauren dress shirt that is a size 16 1/2. The 007 shirt has shorter sleeves which are slighly different to other polos and the collar sets it apart as well. I suggest you measure your favourite polo, one that fits well and email Sunspel - I am sure they will be most obliging. It depends on if you prefer to have it tucked into jeans or out and if you have any of the "good life" around the front to make allowances for. Again - recommended.
Kia Kaha

Hi, i've just got my order, it only took 9 days to get to Mexico. It's great!!! worth every penny. i agree with Tim: Vanessa's service was excellent

Sunspel's 'Italian' styling was very popular amongst racing drivers in the 1950's - 60's , sky blue the predominant colour.
Today many astute celebraties include this brand in their wardrobe , not just for the styling but for the superb quality also.Lacost is similary priced but Sunspel is the real choice.
Sunspel works well for today's Bond , recapturing the spirit of the timeless casual 60's style as portayed by Connery in Thunderball.
Perhaps it's worth pointing out that Connery at that time ,and Craig today, have physiques that complement Sunspel and similar brands well.If you are less active perhaps you should weight train over the winter and watch your food intake as fat 'Bond's' do not look good !

Hello, Just thought I would like to share this.

I purchased a Blue Sunspel Polo about 10 Months ago, absolutly love it. Recently I noticed that the collar was fading to a purple color while the rest of the shirt remained its faded blue, So, I emailed Sunspel about this, sent them some photos etc etc..and what did Sunspel do?...replaced the shirt free of charge.

If only everyone offered this level of customer service the world would be a better place.

Anyway, thankyou for allowing me to share.

The cost made me hesitant. After all, why spend so much when we've got Gap, Nordstrom, etc? But I placed my order and got my answer: Sunspel just makes BETTER clothing. I'm a muscular 5;11", weighing 199 and these shirts fit like a dream. XL is perfect and looks amazing.

You will NOT regret buying from Sunspel.

The Polo shirt is definitely the most comfortable I have ever worn. Made for people with narrow shoulders. But if you have the money to blow I'd say buy one. It's worth it.

I am 5'11" and about 205. Really muscular. Not sure on what size shirt. Sounds like a few of you guys got XLs but I'm not sure if that's what I need.

Well luke Depending on what type of fit you'd like you could go XL or L But keep in mind that they are cut rather long on the torso.

hello, it appears that this polo shirt has taken on a life of its own and is becomming increasingly popular particularly among bond fans. i am interested to know what people think of the fabric and style as it remains unchanged from something we found in the archives from the 1950's. it was developed by the previous owner of the business as he thought traditional piquet was too hot - particlarly for the italian riviera. what does everyone else think?

Bought the shirt in the recently conculuded sale.

The shirt fit is amazing and so is the material.

BTW, got the sunspel White V Neck as well :-)

Dom of Sunspel,

Great to see your comment on here!

Dom, I and many others on here would LOVE it if you could produce the long sleeve polo in navy, as featured in the recent 007 film(s).

Any chance, sir?


I want to know what about pants that he was wearing at same time with "Sunspel Blue Polo Shirt"...Please, let me know.

I'm another one who really liked the long-sleeved navy polo shirt. I've asked people at Sunspel about it but no one seems able to help.

The closest thing I have been able to find - and I think it is pretty close - is a long-sleeved polo shirt from American Apparel.

However, I don't think they have done it any favours by modelling it on a skinny bloke with a tache.

I found that one of the closest and easiest to find is the Docker 5-pocket classic fit pants. Durable, comfortable and pretty inexpensive.

I was wondering if anyone knows what size i should get for a sunspel bond polo if i want it to fit like it fit bond in the movie, kinda tighter. I am 155-160 pounds and i am 5'8" tall. Thanks guys

Hi Gael

I went for an XL - I am 5'10" and quite broad so the XL did the job fine. I have 2 of the navy shirts - the older one has slightly shorter sleeves while the newer one has slightly roomier sleeves - they are possibly a fraction long in the back which is not needed as they look their best untucked.

I suggest you measure a shirt that fits you the way you like and email the details to the team @ Sunspel. I can't speak highly enough of Vanessa who has provided fantastic customer service in a recent dealing.

The shirts are great - thoroughly recommended - you cant put price on the feel good factor they provide.


hello people, this is one of my opinoins about this product ! i enjoy the style of the shirt, it gives men the style and personality to the one who is wearing it! i love it !

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