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The Bluffer's Guide to Bond

photo © Bluffer's
The Bluffer's Guide to Bond
photo © Bluffer's

The Bluffer's Guide to Bond is a compact pocket book full of basic facts about the James Bond film and bookseries.

Never again confuse SMERSH with SPECTRE, Oddjob with Onatopp, or Plenty O’Toole with Pussy Galore. Bask in the admiration of your fellow James Bond aficionados, pronounce confidently on the finer points of the books, films and the character of the man himself, and hold your own against the most dismissive of doubters. Written in a tongue-in-cheek style but with interesting and true facts about the films and actors, brief summaries for the films and books, trivia and one-liners, compiled by author Mark Mason.

Chapters include "The Man", "The Books vs. The Films", "The Post-Fleming-Era", "Oh, James" (Bond girls), "Essential Miscellany", "Being Bond" and more.

The Bluffer's Guide to Bond is available on as a paperback or audio book or on as a Kindle download.

Dare say: ‘Holly Goodhead is arguably the most suggestively named of all the Bond girls.’

Don’t say: ‘The similarities between scar-faced, Nehru-suit-wearing, cat-stroking Dr Evil in Austin Powers, and Donald Pleasance’s portrayal of Blofeld are purely coincidental’.

The Bluffer’s Guides have more than 88 titles published in over 20 languages with more than 5 million copies sold. The short, humorous guides contain all the facts you need to become an instant expert, helping people hold their own in any situation. The guide has been endorsed by a variety of celebrities and personalities such as Simon Pegg, Jilly Cooper and Marco Pierre White.

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