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Tom Ford Snowdon FT0237

Daniel Craig as James Bond, wearing Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses in SPECTRE, while driving his Aston Martin DB10.
Daniel Craig as James Bond, wearing Tom Ford Snowdon sunglasses in SPECTRE, while driving his Aston Martin DB10.
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, United Artists
photo © Tom Ford
Tom Ford Snowdon, color Havana 52N with standard lenses
photo © Tom Ford

photo © Rankin
On this image we can finally see that the color of the frame is ed Havana.
photo © Rankin

Although the sunglasses seem black, on the official promo photo on the right the sunglasses do look like Red Havana, and not purely black. The lenses are brown.

photo © Bond Lifestyle
The Havana color was nonfirmed at the SPECTRE auction, where one of the pairs was offered, The color code 52N can be read.
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Tom Ford
Tom Ford Snowdon, color Shiny Black 05B
photo © Tom Ford

Tom Ford announced that James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears Tom Ford Snowdon FT0237 sunglasses in SPECTRE.

The sunglasses are worn in the Rome funeral scene.

There has been some debate among fans what is the correct color. The color of the glasses was said by some Tom Ford boutiques to be Shiny Black 05B, but it is actually Havana (sometimes named as "Tortoise" or "Brown") color code 52N (see new image from Rankin's Behind The Scenes book on the left) with the standard grey lenses, which seem slightly brown in real life and on the photos. This was also confirmed by the Christie's Auction in February 2016, where a Hanava pair was offered, size 50, one of four pairs worn by Bond on set in Rome.
Update 2018: Tom Ford mentions now that 52N is "Dark Havana" and a new "52N2" is "Havana", but we assume that the 52N is still the same as the one in the film.

There are two sizes: 50 and 52, Bond is wearing the smaller size 50.

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Other stores that still sell the Snowdon:

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Christie's SPECTRE Auction
One of the sunglasses worn by Bond during the filming in Rome were auctioned by Christie's in February 2016 during the SPECTRE charity auction (see results) or info on

Tom Ford Henry
Bond wears another pair of Tom Ford sunglasses in SPECTRE, the Henry Vintage Wayfarer model.

This is the third movie in which Bond wears Tom Ford sunglasses: see also the Tom Ford FT0108 in Quantum of Solace, which were released in a special James Bond branded case, now sold out, and Tom Ford Marko FT0144 in SkyFall, which are still available.

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It's a beautiful sunglasses, no doubt about it... but I wish Tom Ford had designed something new for the film, instead of trying to boost an old product...
I have these and love them - not least because they suit my face whereas the Marko's really don't. Also they're much better suited to winter (British) climes!
I have the Shiny Black 05B, when the sun reflects on the lenses, it makes them brown. I was suprised by this until I took a selfie. More users with 05B can confirm this. Anyway, it's very possible that they used both colors while shooting the movie.
Eye goodies is offering it with custom brown lenses.
I bought the 05b and it's definitely the one from the movie. The lenses look blue and brown depending on the lighting. And despite the color being labeled as shiny black in reality it's a black coating on a tortoise shell colored frame so it can appear both ways depending on the lighting as well. It's probably this sophisticated color combination that would have drawn Bond into buying these.
I've sent two emails to Tom Ford asking which model of snowdons is presented on the Bond Capsule Collection: and they replied the following: Thank you for your interest. The TOM FORD sunglasses shown are the Snowdon Soft Square Sunglasses, Item No. FT0237 in Dark Havana. They are very popular right now, however, and if you are interested I would urge you to buy them sooner rather than later. The next shipment isn’t for some time, and there are limited quantities available. Kind regards, and the second email: Thank you for your interest. The TOM FORD sunglasses shown are the Snowdon Soft Square Sunglasses, Item No. FT0237 in Shiny Dark Havana/ Green Lenses, color code 52N. cid:3406809416_37000817 CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE | 888-TOM-FORD | WWW.TOMFORD.COM Plus, several optical stores by now confirm the model 52N. After watching the movie, there was no doubt for me about this matter, howerver, there is an official confirmation by Tom Ford reps. Kind Regards, G cid:3406809416_37000817 CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE | 888-TOM-FORD | WWW.TOMFORD.COM
They're TF Snowdon 52N with brown lenses from Snowdon 05J, i own them and they're fantastic, anyway im going to buy the Shiny Black with brown lenses and 05J. If you want picturrs of my Snowdon email me.
I have reviewed all of the info and there is a lot of confusion around something so simple. Has anyone bought any of these sunglasses and they were not fake? Amazon has same but people said they were fake once they got them. So are the ones I want the Snowden FT0237 Shiny black and they have a brown lense or what? Thanks
GUYS LISTEN TO ME (i only buy TF sunglasses and optical frames on TF website, then trust me): TF Snowdon model worn by Bond in Spectre is TF 52N (shiny havana/grey green lenses) and i own them, during Spectre shooting (and Omega factory visit by Daniel Craig last August - photos in this beautiful website - and in some other photos around) he wears Snowdon 52N with custom brown lenses from Snowdon 05J, and i own them too, i want you to know i have all the TF Snowdon frames existing (even 05B with brown lenses worn by Craig at Golden Globes 2013 - photos with Rachel Weisz- and 62J Hollywood Collection). If you trust me, buy Snowdon 52N normal, not with brown lenses. Shiny Black 05B is very cool, but it isn't the one in the movie, anyway it's very very beautiful, much more particular than 52N, a little too traditional. Then the best two TF Snowdon are 05J and 62J, for me, they're very top class.
100% they are the Tom Ford Snowdon black Havana frames (05B) with custom solid brown lenses. The frame has Havana on the edges and back. The Havana shows through on some angles in photos. Beautiful frame in person
I just came from the Tom Ford boutique in New York City, and they seem certain that it was the black frame, color code o5b, with prescription brown lenses put in.
Ok, buy any other pair than TF Snowdon 52N and you won't have the right model worn by Bond in Spectre. I offered my help.
I concur with Gabriele. 52N is the model. The lenses were not "custom replaced".
@LorenzoAnselmo: sure, they're absolutely not custom replaced, that's standard 52N, red havana with grey/green lenses.
Can anybody tell me the difference between Snowden FT0237 and TF237? I've seen the Snowdens listed both ways.
No difference between FT0237 and TF237. One would expect official product numbers to start with "TF", but it the actual sunglasses product numbers of Tom Ford start with "FT". The official name is FT0237.
Dear Sir or Madam am looking for this type of sunglasses ( FT0237 - color 52N (Havana) standard Grey lenses, size 50 ) where can i find one in Dubai UAE. Best regards Nabil Mustafawi
This is a general Tom Ford question, I've bought a pair of Tom Ford Terry sunglasses but the ones I originally wanted are FT0332 but was only able to buy the TF332 the site says that there the same pair.. why would some be listed FT0 and others TF ?? Are they simply the same or what's the reason for this?
Hi Kirk, indeed this can be confusing, but the answer is that the pair is the same model. Each sunglasses brand uses two letters in their model range to identify the brand, for example RB for Ray-Ban, PO for Persol, GG for Gucci... and it would be logical to have TF for Tom Ford, but actually the brand code is FT. So some people assume the code is TF (which would make more sense), while actually the code is FT.
Are these glasses still available. On the official website i can not find the colour way.
Hi all Has anyone purchased a pair of ft0237/52n snowdons from the stockists listed on this page. I have some on order from SmartBuyGlasses and wondered if they were a reputable company. I'm just a bit weary of fakes and how to find out if they are the genuine article or not Andy
Can you really trust that SmartBuyGlasses website? Any experiences?
Yes, SmartBuyGlasses is a trustworthy website.

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