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Bennett Winch SC Holdall

This is how James Bond really likes his eggs

Forget the martinis. Ian Fleming's novels reveal a surprising secret about James Bond: his obsession with eggs. We crack open every reference in the original Ian Fleming James Bond novels to see how 007 likes his.

George Harrison Aston Martin DB5

In the month that the Aston Martin DB5 celebrates its 60-year anniversary, we take a look at musician George Harrison's Aston Martin DB5.


Connolly x 007

James Bond blue swim shorts alternatives

James Bond wears blue swim shorts in the movies Thunderball, Casino Royale and SkyFall, some of which are not available anymore. In this article you can find alternative swim trunk styles.

Michael Lo Sordo about Ana De Armas No Time To Die Dress

Bond Lifestyle spoke to Australian designer Michael Lo Sordo about the silk gown worn by Ana de Armas in No Time To Die.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 and other iconic movie car models

One of the most famous cars in thwe world is the Aston Martin DB5. But there are a few other vehicles that bring back nostalgic memories, including the Delorean from Back to the Future, the Kinght Rider Pontiac, and the Ghostbuster vehicle.

In this article will we take a look at mostly the bigger or otherwise special model cars of these famous movie cars.

Fan-made LEGO Aston Martin DB5 with working gadgets

A Dutch AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) has created a great looking Aston Martin DB5 James Bond edition with working gadgets.

Affordable alternatives to James Bond watches

In this article I'll take a look at some of the most affordable and interesting alternatives to famous watches seen in the James Bond films. And at the end of the article you can find my favourite, and most affordable watch with a Bond look.

Removing the logo and draw string from the Jed North James Bond shorts

In this article you can find out how to make our Jed North Agile gym shorts more similar to the shorts worn by James Bond in the Jamaica sailing/fishing scenes in the movie No Time To Die.

Music in the James Bond movie No Time To DIe

In this article I'll list all the songs that can be heard in the 25th Bond film No Time To Die, including the reggae song in Jamaica and Q's cooking music.

Tissot PR-516 - the unknown watch from Live And Let Die

So much has been written about the watches worn by the various actors who have played James Bond in the many films of the franchise. Some of these watches have become, over the decades, true watch legends.

The Omega Seahorse symbol on the Seamaster case-back explained

If you own an Omega Seamaster (James Bond) watch, chances are you have noticed Omega's Seahorse logo on the case back and wondered what it means. In this article we will take a closer look at this Hippocampus symbol.

The Spy Boys have been creating replicas of James Bond props for over two decades and have just released a new range of products.

The props are created by Bond fan Ed Maggiani, who's been a regular contributor on the AJB007 forum.

Rogue Territory Supply Jacket in films and series

In the movie No Time To Die, James Bond wears a Rogue Territory Waxed Ridgeline Supply Jacket, which is already one of the most popular outfits of the film. We like to think that Bond sets the trends, but he's not the first on-screen character to wear this particular jacket, although the appearance in the Bond WILL be the most iconic.

Unboxing and taking a closer look at the Hamilton PSR

In this video I’m unboxing a Hamilton PSR (Ref. H52414130) wristwatch. The PSR is a modern interpretation of the first all-electronic digital watch, the Pulsar watch from the 1970s.

Barbour Beacon Heritage Sports jacket worn by Michiel Huisman in The Age of Adeline

The Barbour jacket made famous by James Bond in SkyFall (2012) can also be spotted in the 2015 movie The Age of Adeline, worn by actor Michiel Huisman.

A close look at the Drake's Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boots

On 4 October 2019, a day before Global James Bond Day, I visited the London flagship store of fashion brand Drake's, to pick up a pair of Crosby Moc-Toe Chukka Boots.

Visiting 007 x SPYSCAPE: Driven in New York

When you are going to New York City, there's a Bond highlight that must be visited! Interactive spy museum SPYSCAPE has a special James Bond exhibition "007 x SPYSCAPE: Driven".

Affordable alternatives to the James Bond Seiko digital watches

Roger Moore wore several Seiko (digital) watches in his Bond films, most of which are currently sought-after and quite expensive. We'll pick a few of them here and offer affordable alternatives.

Last update: 17 May 2024

Affordable alternatives to the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra

The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M Chronometer with blue guilloche dial was worn by James Bond in SkyFall (ref nr, SPECTRE (the updated Master Co-Axial, ref nr

Stink and Grow Rich - The Wealthy Villains of Bond

Besides the Martinis, girls and guns, one of the coolest features of any Bond novel or film, is the bad guy opposing Bond.

They are often men of wealth and taste, and in this article we shall do a little investigating into the investments, occupations, and maneuvers that made these malicious men rich and powerful, and worthy opponents of 007.

Live And Let Fry - Bond Eats

Now any reader of the Bond novels, any viewer of the movies knows that James Bond maintains a dangerous lifestyle. Bullets, bombs, barracuda, sharks and other creepy crawly monsters under the sea, missiles, poisoned knives, centipedes, and other evil wicked things all conspire to send double o seven to double o heaven.

But one clear and present danger often ignored is what Bond eats.

James Bond's Grooming Set in SkyFall

This is the story of how Bond fans Simon and Jon were able to identify the products from James Bond's grooming set in SkyFall (2012).

Aston Martin DB10 die-cast model cars

The Aston Martin DB10 is a unique car that was exclusively developed for the James Bond film SPECTRE. There were only 10 cars made, all for the use of the film.

Incredibly detailed fanmade Glastron-Carlson CV21 Live And Let Die remote control model

French industrial designer Bertrand Le Bris used his skills to create an incredibly detailed scale model of the black and yellow "Billy Bob" Glastron-Carlson CV21 jet speedboat. And it even works!

Keeping the British End Up - Sir Roger Moore obituary

It is with great sadness that the global James Bond fan community has learned of the death of Sir Roger Moore at his home in Switzerland at the age of 89.