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Filming James Bond in The Bahamas

Visit all your favorite 007 locations in The Bahamas with this new location guide by Simon Firth and On The Tracks of 007.

“The Bahamas was just terrific. Bloody hard work, but terrific”, says Martin Campbell, the director of Casino Royale. Not only did the 2006 James Bond film rejuvenate the franchise, it also marked the return of His Majesty’s most loyal secret agent to The Bahamas.

The Bahamas has seen cinematic James Bond visit no less than 007 times: Thunderball, Never Say Never Again, Casino Royale, and underwater in You Only Live Twice, The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only and The World Is Not Enough; indication enough for The Bahamas to be considered 007’s favourite destination, as this book will prove.

Speaking to more than 30 people on both sides of the Productions, location owners and those who helped prepare the locations for filming, Simon Firth answers every question imaginable.

Illustrated with images from both the archives of On The Tracks Of 007 and those interviewed from the films’ productions, ‘Filming James Bond in The Bahamas’ is the definitive work charting James Bond in film and book as his adventures take you through the beauty and romance of this stunning country.

Available now on Amazon ($42.95 / £38.19). 

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Featuring a Foreword by Casino Royale’s director Martin Campbell and an Afterword by production manager Anthony Waye.

The new book was officially launched during the Evening at the Kiss Kiss Club event at Atlantis Paradise Island, on Thursday June 16, 2022.

Written by Simon Firth
Edited and designed by Martijn Mulder
Cover by Jeffrey Marshall
Full colour - hardcover / dustjacket - 282 pages
ISBN: 9789081329484
Published by: DMD DIGITAL - The Netherlands
Publication date: June 16, 2022

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