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spy gadgets

A selection of spy gadgets that have not appeared in Bond movies or novels, but 007 wishes he had them!

spy gadgets


Connolly 007

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Bennett Winch SC Holdall


Meet Rovio, the modern version of the "Snooper", the remote controlled surveillance machine from Q that can be seen in the Bond movie A View To A Kill.


Channel your inner spy with the James Bond 007 VAIO notebook PC and leather carrying case. In celebration of the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, Sony is commemorating this special occasion with this limited VAIO TT notebook with engraved 007 Gun Logo.


Traditionally the tiny MINOX spy camera stands for a unique and entirely different form of photography, and so does the brand new Digital SpyCam. It can be whipped out of a pocket at any time to capture high quality fleeting candid images inconspicuously: one click and it's gone. SpyCam users suddenly become "Agent M" with their own personal "License to Shoot".


Classic meets digital: Minox has equipped this miniaturized Leica M3 classic camera of the fifties with a digital interior.


The Digital Dream JB1 Digital Spy Camera, a digital camera hidden in a Zippo-style metal case, was released in the year 2003 and is currently a highly sought after collectible. The camera features now outdated digital technology but it still works and comes in a very cool packaging.


Obtain secret information in seconds with the Limited Edition 007 Quantum of Solace 16GB Micro Vault Click USB flash drive.


UPDATE 2012: If you are looking for the Aston Martin DB5 1/8 scale magazine model from 2012-2013, click here.


There are no mysteries to picking locks. Anyone with patience, determination, and a knowledge of the mechanics of locks, can be successful in the Art of Lock Picking. The only Secret to this success is study, then practice, practice, practice.


Watch maker Swatch released a collection of watches in 2008, drawing inspiration from 22 James Bond villains. The watches are each designed to reflect the personality and style of one or more evil characters from some of the most well-known James Bond films.


Italian luxury penmaker Montegrappa has partnered with 007 to create the exclusive 007 Spymaster Duo Pen.

Limited to only 380 pieces worldwide and filled with 007 secrets, this is a true collectible. The number 380 is a reference to James Bond's infamous .380 ACP Walther PPK.


Italian luxury penmaker Montegrappa has partnered with 007 to create the exclusive 007 Spymaster Duo Rollerball Pen.


Connolly x 007