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Calvin Klein 2007

photo © Simon Baylis
Calvin Klein modelnr. 2007 sunglasses
photo © Simon Baylis

photo © Jody Sciuto
Calvin Klein 2007 sunglasses, including special edition box and promotional poster
photo © Jody Sciuto

In the movie The World is Not Enough (1999), James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) wears a pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses, modelnumber 2007, during the ski chase scene with Elektra King (Sophie Marceau). Bond wears an Omega Outdoor Agencies ski suit in the scene.

The Calvin Klein glasses were available in a special box, with the TWINE and 007 logo.

These glasses are now very rare and can therefore be quite expensive if you find them.

In the first scene of the film, in Bilbao, James Bond wears Calvin Klein eyeglasses that act as the detonator of the bomb.

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I have these sunglasses. If anyone is interested in buying them - let me know.

Im very very luky man, I HAVE this sunglasses with original box and standee display :-) How much is the price now??

How much are you asking for these and are they new or used?

i am interested in the ck2007 glasses
contact me at

Please let me know how much you are asking for these at

hi i have a pair of these glaases can i get one of the rubber pieces that fits on the right arm over the ear,it has come loose

If you still have it I know someone who would like to purchase it
If it's possible to change the lenses I'm interested in buying a pair in silver. Edit: I had a quick chat with Bondtoys today. A pair of these in good condition is worth around 800€ nowadays! Lenses can be changed though, the originals aren't glued in.
I would like to purchase it!!!!! Please contact me via my email-

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