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James Bond After Fleming: The Continuation Novels

photo © Mark Edlitz / art by Sean Longmore
James Bond After Fleming: The Continuation Novels by Mark Edlitz
photo © Mark Edlitz / art by Sean Longmore

"James Bond After Fleming: The Continuation Novels" is the first book devoted exclusively to the post-Fleming Bonds. Over 50 years of the literary Bond.

Ian Fleming's James Bond novels are among the most iconic and popular ever written. Despite their cultural importance, they represent just a fraction of the Bond novels. Since Fleming’s death, his estate has authorized the publication of numerous Bond continuation novels and spin-off works. 

In the novels that follow Fleming’s, Bond battles SPECTRE, confronts Ernst Stavro Blofeld's daughter, hunts a serial killer, rescues Miss Moneypenny from kidnappers,  investigates the mystery of who murdered his son, romances Pussy Galore, and visits Euro Disney.

James Bond After Fleming takes the reader through a tour of 27 Bond novels, 1 biography, 1 novella, 9 books about a teenaged Bond, 3 novels about Miss Moneypenny, 1 concerning Bond’s nephew, 1 book about the other agents in the Double O division, 7 movie novelizations, and 8 short stories (5 about the adult Bond, 1 about the teen Bond, and 2 about Moneypenny).

The new book features cover art by Sean Longmore and interior art by Pat Carbajal.

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About the author
Mark Edlitz worked as a writer/producer for ABC News, NBC News, Discovery ID, History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel. Edlitz has written for a number of publications including The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times Hero Complex, Moviefone, Film Threat, and Empire online. 

Mark Edlitz also wrote "The Many Lives of James Bond: How the Creators of 007 Have Decoded the Superspy" which was released in 2019.

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