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James Bond in the 21st Century: why we still need 007


James Bond in the 21st Century: Why We Still Need 007 offers a fun, irreverent look at everyone's favourite spy. The enduring power of the world's most dashing secret agent and the evolution of the James Bond franchise are explored in this smart yet nostalgic collection of essays edited by Glenn Yeffeth. Leading writers discuss the 10 sexiest Bond girls, the best villains and the controversy surrounding the latest actor to play "James Bond". Topics covered range from the playful - how to build a secret lair and avoid the perennial mistakes made by would-be world dominators - to the thought-provoking - such as Bond's place in the modern world, his Oedipal complex and perceived misogyny and the unerring allure of the charming spy.

This paperback book of 256 pages was first published by BenBella Books (ISBN-10: 193377102X, ISBN-13: 978-1933771021) in August 2006. Pick up a new or second hand copy at Amazon (USA, UK) or A downloadable Kindle edition of the book is also made available recently.

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