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Church's Ryder III

Daniel Craig as James Bond wears Church Ryder III chukka boots in Quantum of Solace.
Daniel Craig as James Bond wears Church Ryder III chukka boots in Quantum of Solace.
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM
photo © Church's
Church's Ryder III Brown Suede
photo © Church's

photo © Church's
Church's Ryder III Brown Suede as seen in Quantum of Solace
photo © Church's

In Quantum of Solace (2008) Daniel Craig as James Bond sports the Church Ryder III in dark brown suede with rubber sole. 

The shoes are worn in Port Au Prince (Haiti) scenes where he rides the motorcycle. Bond also wears white Levi's Jeans with this outfit.

Daniel Craig has been seen wearing the lighter coloured Maraca suede in various photo shoots for some magazines.

The Ryder chukka boots are made on rubber sole units, making them ideal for those who are hard on leather soles or need that extra grip under foot. The soles are repairable back at the factory. 

The shoes can be tried on and bought in the Church's store on Jermyn Street, or one of the many other stores that sell Church's shoes (find store locations on the Church's website).

Or find it online at Church's or at Farfetch (worldwide shipping).

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Shoe features:
Dainite Rubber Sole / Rubber Heel
Full Leather lining
Last (the form on which a shoe is constructed): Church 81 Last

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The boots look very very similar to the John White Westbury boot and at half the price. Visit

I purchased a pair of these 6 months ago thinking these might be the boot after seeing the sole in earlier pics.


This is true, we do a 2 eyelet Brown suede chukka boot with a day night rubber sole, the same as the one wore in the new James Bond film available in most good independant footwear retailers at a fantastic price

If these fabulous suede Chukka Boots are a little out your price range, then the Westbury 2 in Brown Suede by John White, stocked by online retailer Walker & Gunn might be just the ticket. The product link is below:

They are also very similar to the Loake Kempton boot. Right down to the circles on the sole.

The kempton also happens to be about half the price.

I bought a pair of Walker & Gunn's version of these boots for my husband last week. They are by English brand John White and have a very similar appearance to the Ryders above. Delivery was quick too.

My husband got his pair delivered for under £100.

Just bought "desert boots" extremely similar to this one at Clarks for 70 bucks.

I bought my pair from Walker and Gun and they arrived two days ago and are wonderful.
Spoke to the Founder and owner Taro who was most helpful.

Very fast and friendly service and a great Company.

Mine also cost under £ 90 including Post and Packaging .

I ordered a similar pair to these from Walker & Gunn for delivery to the States where I live. They arrived yesterday after just 5 days and look great.

For sure the Church boot is the genuine article, but my John White Westbury 2s look fantastic! The ones I got are here:

Hope this helps!

Have had mine a few weeks now. Honestly, the best shoe I've ever owned! I can't say enough about them. Look great, feel great, and well worth the money!

Will be investing in either the Shannon or Philip in the near future.

Having read these reviews, I bought a pair of Westbury 2 in Brown Suede from Walker & Gunn and they look and feel superb.

I've just heard from them that this style will be discontinued very shortly, which I think is a big mistake! Probably look to get a second pair before they do!

Boots came in 3 working days which is acceptable for online purchase. Love the Curch's but a little out my price range.

Unfortunately Walker and Gunn are sold out of the size that I require in the John White Westburry. For anyone interested in a similar alternative, Herring Shoes and theshopforshoes both carry the Loake Kempton in brown suede (a bit lighter than both the Ryder IIIs and Westbury 2s), but utlizes the same Dainite sole. After deciding on the Kempton I've since been detered from purchasing as I am not sure what the custom charges would be for such a purchase (US dweller). So any of you that are stateside chime in with your experiences!

I purchased a pair, but unfortunately they ended up being too small, much to my disappointment because they're so nice. I can't exchange them because they're sold out in other sizes. I'll probably just sell them rather than return them. I'm sure that would be cheaper than shipping them back. So, I too am also looking at other alternatives. The Loakes are a little more than I want to spend.

I ordered the John White Westbury 2s from Walker & Gunn for delivery to the States last month. To answer Michael S.'s query about customs, there were absolutely no problems for me! Walker & Gunn put the correct ticket value on the customs form and because it comes in under $150 it came through without any charges or delays.

Maybe I was just lucky, but even if I was charged a few bucks the're so worth it! The boots after a couple of months are wearing great and I'm well please with the purchase.

The link I used is here:

Thank you very much for the information Andrew. I have another question for all of you who now own the Westbury 2 and any comparable chukka boots. How did you find the sizing? I currently own a pair of Clark desert boots which took a half-size lower from my usual fit, however with some fit issues in the toe box. Did anyone experience a straight US to UK conversion - e.g. 10D US to 9.5F UK, or was it neccessary to take a size (half or full) lower?

I found the Westbury 2 to be a full size difference between UK to US (e.g. 10 US = 9 UK). Hope that helps

Indeed, if you order from walker and gunn, be sure and order one size down. I wear a 12 US normally, and they were out of 11's, so I got a 12 UK (didn't want to go too small) and they were VERY large on me.
However, I bought some gel inserts, and now they fit almost perfectly. They are very nice and I would buy more if they had them in my size.

The model Douglas ref. 21151 from Sebago are very similar or practically the same than this one and the price in euros over 200.

Follow this link to see the shoes.

After looking through these reviews, I decided to get a Walker & Gunn Westbury 2 and I have absolutely no regrets! I was concerned that the sole would be plasticy but they are a good solid rubber / resin mixture that seems robust and comfortable.

I'll let you know how they wear after a few weeks.

I have a pair of Westbury 2 in a 10.5 with 2 months of wear if anyone is intersted. Unfortunately they do not fit as well as I would of liked.

It looks like I've been lucky with the John White chukkas because Walker and Gunn only have a few sizes left in stock. Mine are in a size UK 10 and they fit perfectly, like my other English made size 10 shoes.

According to the John White head office, the Westbury 2s ( are being discontinued which is a shame because they quality and finish is fantastic for the money.

If you are still looking for asimilar product to the ryder chukka by church another nice boot with 2 eyelets would be herring shoes own chukka with the dainite sole or try the saville row company who sell the 2 eyelet with dainite which is slightley lighter in colour.
Incedently sometimes it may be less obvious to completely copy craigs outfits but maybe just wear items that are in the spirit . Therefore why not try grensons leach with a crepe sole.

One other comment regarding Chukka Boots :
I wear a pair of Church's Ryders in Tan with a crepe sole and have found these are best worn with a tight jean or trouser with a 15 to 15 1/2 inch width at the ankle.Also these are slightly shorter in length as not to 'drown' the boot.This is correctly interpretated by Craig in the boat chase scene and the Mathis villa scene in Quantum of Solace,though his jean in the desert scene appears slightly wide and long.
Another interesting point is that my Ryders are very similar to those worn by Steve McQueen in 'Bullit'.I wonder if Craig's current film wardrobe and facial features allow him to be often considered to play McQueen in a biography?
With regards to other authors comments for U.S. shoe sizes,it is correct to assume a size lower for an English shoe.
Also a comment regarding Desert Boots.These are generally less structured than a true Chukka Boot,however you can buy good versions at English makers Loake(Saharah)and Charles Tyrwhitt (Brown Desert Boot)Both have 2 eyelets and retail for 80 pounds sterling.

While I got a later start in searching for a great pair of brown suede chukkas similar to the Church's with the same style sole I found a great substitute here thanks to 'HARVEY's article below:
Searching in the Herring Shoes - Graduate section you will find their Strathclyde with the Dainite sole and very similar in construction. I just ordered them and will post more information once I have received them. They are available in limited sizes as most of the higher quality versions of the brown suede Chukkas are that I have located. Price was $157 with shipping to the US.

Thanks for the assistance in searching from all who have posted below!

About 7 years ago I purchased a pair of John White chukka boots. Needing to replace them this year I let myself get talked into a pair of Church Ryder III. Afterwards I found I was very disappointed. The Church is rather "chunky" or "clumpy" with a snub nose, whereas the older John White boot has a less built up front and appears more elegant. Also, when laced up the two sides of the shoe meet (I guess this is because its a wider fit or the foot hole is deeper).

In short I find the older John White a more elegant shoe. Any idea where to get similar from these days?


Many thanks, much appreciated.

Kiora James
Check out the Walker & Gunn website for details of the John White Chukka boots - they have new stock coming in Autumn '09 - I was keen to purchase myself but left my run a little late and they sold out - I cannot speek more highly of the founder Taro Gibbs - she has been particularly helpful in nailing the correct size - over and above the call of duty, especially as I live in New Zealand. I am going to bide my time and wait for the Autumn delivery and then put an order in.
Kia Kaha

If you're in the UK and looking for a cheap version next have a pretty good one for £45. The soles and stiching are lighter but apart from that they're pretty similar;

Please email me at iceburns288 (at) gmail (dot) com if you know where I can find similar shoes in the US! I want to make sure they fit before I buy them, or at least be able to return them easily if they don't fit, so I'm wary of buying from the UK.

Hi Bond Fans all over the World,

today I received my Order about the Church's Ryder III Brown Suede. WOW!!! I recommend this shoe to everybody. It's a perfect made boot and very comfortable. I know it's a little bit expensive but to be worth it's price!

I thought about the John Whites but my size sold out. In the end I plumped for the Church's and all I can say is that they were well worth the wait. Simply stunning workmanship and very comfortable.

Zappos sells a shoe by Allen-Edmonds that is a dead ringer for this one and it's only $200.

I have long been an admirer of the chukka boots used in QoS and have JBlifestyle to thank for pointing me in the direction of the magnificent Church Ryder III.

After trying Loake's Kempton and Crockett & Jones Chiltern alternatives, product envy took hold with a vengence and compelled me to purchase the genuine article Church's.

All I can advise is, if you want the boots Daniel Craig wears in QoS, buy ONLY the Church Ryders, they are the dogs doo-doos and the best shoes I will ever own !!!

Walker & Gunn have finally re-stocked with John White Westburys! I've called them every month to see when new stock in my size was due, but at long last they've arrived.

I ordered a pair of Westbury back in Jan this year, and they served me extremely well - comfortable and durable (although the suede is looking a bit tatty now because I've literally worn them everyday - best to avoid wearing in wet weather of course).

They're on sale when I last looked at £95. Bargain.


I have been waiting for the new stock to arrive as well - thank you Andy for highlighting the reduced price - I can't recommend the John White's highly enough in terms of quality - even in the packaging and special mention must go to Taro and the team at Walker & Gunn for assisting above and beyond the call of duty when I was making enquiries a year ago - they arrived in New Zealand wihin 5 days and are perfect - absolutely 100% recommended.

Originally ordered a pair of Westbury 2s from Walker & Gunn around a year ago. Just rang them to get a second pair but apparently they've been bought out by a company called Arthur Knight.

The good news is that they still had my size in stock and according to the sales assistant they will be running the style for 2010. Tried John White directly, but they have strangely discontinued the style from their range?

Anyway, good value at under the tonne.

Not doubting that the Ryders are the shoes worn by DC, but the sole isn't unique, isn't it the standard Dainite unit as seen on other shoes eg Loake Kempton?

A Dainite sole is a traditional British country sole available on most english makers from Northampton. It differs from a Commando sole in that it is easier to knock off mud after walking in the countryside. My favourite chukka with the Dainite sole is Grensons 'Parker'as the Ryder is quite 'clumpy'.

At last! Arthur Knight have new stock of the Westbury style which is similar to the Ryder IIIs. The Dainite rubber studded sole has been around for ages as far as I know, and the John White Westbury's have a similar pattern, just made in a different factory.

I've ordered my second pair with them now and managed to get them for £99.95, but they are likely to go back to £124.95 after speaking to the sales staff when things pick up for this type of look in the summer.

Shame they only go up to 12s though... My son could really do with a pair of 13s too! JM

some allen edmund calhouns @ .99 on ebay right now:

Good news! I emailed Arthur Knight shoes and they're getting new stock of the Westbury style!

So pleased, as they were out of stock in my husband's size. I was told they were due next month and ordered a pair on back order.

A big thank you to all of you below for the tip. xx

Wow!!! Arthur Knight now have this boot in three other AMAZING suede colours!

Bought my hubby a pair in what they call forest green size 9 and he loves them :)

Thanks for the fitting advice. He wears Clarks 9s normally, and these fit perfectly. xxxx

I recently received the Westbury 2. They are fantastic but I ordered a size UK 9 and they are too big for my size US 10. On the conversion chart it indicates that UK 9 is a US 9.5 but it is too big for me. I recommend to get half a size smaller than you normally would. I am size US10 but it fits me like it was a size US11. If I had ordered a size 8.5 UK they probably would have fit perfectly. They are amazing though. They are of amazing quality and my family are impressed with them. I am going to keep them because I don't want to pay for shipping. Does anybody have any advice for me should I keep them or return them and get a size smaller?

I just took delivery of a pair of Westbury 2 in brn sde after reading these posts, and I have to say they are superb!

Admittedly I was a little concerned about the fit like a few of you, but I always wear a size UK 8 and these Westbury 8s were bang on!

Saving up for exactly the same pair in Forest green now :)

S McD.

I am selling a new pair of John White Westbury 2 for 180 dollars. They are UK size 9. Arthur Knight is sold out on size 9. If you have any questions let me know.

Luis, I am interested in your UK size 9 Westbury boots if still available. Are they dark brown? If so, you can reach me at Thanks.

I am still selling the Westbury 2 in dark brown. I have dropped the price to 150. The price includes shipping. They are new. They didn't fit me so I have been trying to sell them. If you have any questions leave a message please. They are UK size 9.

Mr. Mejia, I am very interested in your Westbury 2 boots. Please contact me at

I bought a pair of the westbury's from arthur knight after reading these reviews.

Plus they are on sale.

My husband is over the moon with them. Was a bit worried about fittings, but hes always worn M&S 9s and these 9s were perfect. Thanks for the tip! Sonya

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