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Church's Ryder III

Daniel Craig as James Bond wears Church Ryder III chukka boots in Quantum of Solace.
Daniel Craig as James Bond wears Church Ryder III chukka boots in Quantum of Solace.
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM
photo © Church's
Church's Ryder III Brown Suede
photo © Church's

photo © Church's
Church's Ryder III Brown Suede as seen in Quantum of Solace
photo © Church's

In Quantum of Solace (2008) Daniel Craig as James Bond sports the Church Ryder III in dark brown suede with rubber sole. 

The shoes are worn in Port Au Prince (Haiti) scenes where he rides the motorcycle. Bond also wears white Levi's Jeans with this outfit.

Daniel Craig has been seen wearing the lighter coloured Maraca suede in various photo shoots for some magazines.

The Ryder chukka boots are made on rubber sole units, making them ideal for those who are hard on leather soles or need that extra grip under foot. The soles are repairable back at the factory. 

The shoes can be tried on and bought in the Church's store on Jermyn Street, or one of the many other stores that sell Church's shoes (find store locations on the Church's website).

Or find it online at Church's or at Farfetch (worldwide shipping).

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Shoe features:
Dainite Rubber Sole / Rubber Heel
Full Leather lining
Last (the form on which a shoe is constructed): Church 81 Last

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I am selling a new pair of Westburys. They are dark brown suede. I loved them but they didn't fit me. They are a UK 9 which is roughly a US 10 but they seem to only fit a size US 11.00. I am selling them for 120 dollars which would save you a lot of money.

At long last Arthur Knight have new stock of these at £120... I've been on the back order list for over a month, but they were worth the wait!

I see they now have this style in black suede which looks amazing.

No problems with the fit. I'm a UK 9 and the Westbury 9s were perfect. I was surprised they didn't need breaking in too much too! Let's hope they last at least 18 months. R

Well impressed with the rubber soled chukka boots on offer by arthur knight. Got a pair for my boyfriend as a birthday gift. Thanks for the tip. Marion X

Mr. Mejia,
Are the Westbury's you were selling still available? If so I am interested in them. Thanks.


The links posted recently on the Walker & Gunn pages have moved here: I had an email from Arthur Knight saying they had bought out w&g. Just ordered my second pair of Westbury last week and it came quickly exactly as before.
I bought a pair of the Church Ryder IIIs over a year ago, and while I love this style of boot, I can't say they are the most comfortable shoe I've had. I wore these on a trip to Europe where I did a lot of standing and walking, and my feet were killing me at the end of each day. I eventually bought some heel cushion inserts which helped, but overall I found there just isn't enough cushion in these shoes and would cause my feet to swell up. They are a heavy shoe as well...they are quite loud and clunk when you walk and I found the soles to wear fairly quickly.
Allen-Edmonds has an almost identical boot called the Malvern in brown suede. 3 eyelets instead of 2 but similar soles. They are now discontinued, but I picked up a pair online for $209 as some of the outlets still have them.
I really like them but they are crazy expensive.
M&S have just brought out a Ryder III-like suede boot: Not as dark, but similar sole and overall look.
BS, all hype. They are no better than many $100 alternatives and their price is pure hype.
To the discerning eye the Church Ryder has few worthy competitors. I say this as a person who owns Clarks, Loake and Church's boots. $100 to even $300 boots do not come close to craftsmanship of the Church Ryder. To say other wise shows poor understanding proper shoe-making. Sure, they are not a super-soft cushioned athletic shoe with which you can endlessly pound the pavement, but with proper care they will elegantly support your foot indefinitely-indeed long after you have replaced those Clarks and athletic shoes many, many times over.
Hi to all 007 fans, I found Massimo Dutti shoes been a replica of the Church's 3 and cost only 99 euro!
Anyone looking for an inexpensive ($140) chukka boot that looks extremely similar can be purchased from Aldo Men. Called the Fitzpatrick. If you can not purchase the shoe for any reason shoot me an email and I might be able to sell it to you.
I have a pair of church's Ryder 3 in the same colour as bond wears in the film they retailed for 335 there a UK size 9 in good condition, selling them for 150 based in London, call 07572 434604
Just got a pair of these in 11D. Super fast shipping IMHO. I got them in about 7 days delivered to me in the US. Very nice.
To clarify, I bought the Arthur Knight John White Westbury shoes.
I just received a pair of Church’s Ryder 3 today from eBay in great condition and cost $197.99. I got them in the Burgundy, 11D. They fit and feel almost identical to the John White Westbury’s I got back in December of last year. I am glad I got it in the Burgundy as the dark brown color would have pretty much been identical to the Westbury and the same shoe. This makes for an nice alternative to another color. Great shoes. I did put 3/4 shoe inserts in them as I do with all my shoes.

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