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Sanders & Sanders Hi-Top Chukka Boot

photo © Sanders & Sanders
Sanders & Sanders Hi-Top Chukka Boots in Chocolate (Dark Brown) Suede
photo © Sanders & Sanders

Bond's shoes worn in SPECTRE, as seen in between filming near Westminster in April 2015

In the last action scenes of SPECTRE James Bond wears a pair of Sanders & Sanders Hi-Top Chukka Boots.

These shoes come in several colours, and it looks like Bond wears either the Chocolate / Dark Brown Suede, or the lighter Snuff Suede version.

Online stores that offer the Sanders Chukka Boot include Stuart's London (in lots of colours including Snuff Suede, Navy, Green, White, and the brand new Chelsea boot version in both Chocolate and Snuff Suede).

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Steve McQueen
The classic brown suede chukka boot style, also known as "Playboy" boot, was made famous in the 1960's and 1970s by Steve McQueen who wore them regularly, both on and off screen. It is said that McQueen's brown suede chukka boots were from Hutton, not Sanders. Sanders boots are the best suede chukka boot option today, as Hutton (just relaunched in 2016) doesn't make these boots anymore.

Sanders Chelsea bootNew: Chelsea boot
In 2016, Sanders & Sanders released a higher Chelsea boot version of the suede chukka boot, which is now exlusively available at Stuart's London.

Complete the look
In SPECTRE, Bond wears the Sanders shoes in combination with the John Varvatos Suede Racer Jacket and charcoal grey N.Peal Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck sweater and Neil Barret trousers.

Shoe features:
Dark Brown Suede Chukka Boot Leather Upper
Full Leather Lining
Crepe Sole Unit
Shoe Last: JOEL
Fitting Type: F
Product Code: 6480TDS
Made in Northamptonshire, England

Product Code: 


Anyone else having a problem with their Sanders & Sanders "Playboy" Chukka Boot × 1 Snuff Suede -- I received a pair on August 31, 2017 and have only worn them a couple of times. I have not walked any distance at all and the bottom of the soles show rapid deterioration at the toe and heel areas of both shoes. The soles darken strangely and pieces of rubber appear to be coming off. I have not walked more than a few yards in them. I haven't ever experienced this with any other pair of shoes.
I received another pair a couple of weeks later to replace the defective soled pair. Wore them once walked around a big box store and experienced tremendous chafing to the back of my heels because of a defect unique to the replacement pair. I purchased some little pads to place against the offending area and that brought some relief but that took place later, when the back of my heels had mended. If those were the only problems, I would have worn them on my recent trip to Thailand because the look good but the insoles that they have are so hard that it feels like you're wearing wooden shoes. Well, I took my Dr. Martens to Thailand instead and left these behind. I'm not even bothering to return them at this point. I'm not the guy who would rather look good than feel good. Apologies to anyone who likes these but I want both looks and comfort.
Mason & Sons sent me a replacement pair but they have a new problem, the back of the shoes chafe the lower part of my ankles just above the heel. Went to a big box store, walked around for a short time and the skin was raw from all the chafing because of this defect. Never bothered to send this pair back. It's just too much hassle.
My friends and I used to wear the very comfortable playboy 'lo' top shoes in the 1980s, but I can't remember who made them. I have a pair of Church's Ryder tan suede chukka boots with crepe soles which I find very comfortable and are in the spirit of these boots if anybody would prefer an alternative option.
I finally got around to buying the real Sanders & Sanders version of these in chocolate from Mason & Sons. I accidentally ordered the wrong color and a chap named Elliot at Mason & Sons was nice enough to correct my order prior to shipping them. I said: "Well done, Elliot!" What a delight to deal with people who are kind and quick to correct an error on my part. Mind you, they could have simply sent out the order as I had originally made it and then got me to re-purchase the shoes in the right color, but no, Elliot caught the order and fixed it to my satisfaction. I cannot say enough good things about dealing with Mason & Sons. A class operation from the beginning to end. I was so delighted that I ordered a matching belt, though it was a bit too large for me, but was the last one in stock. I will make due and if it's really troubling to me, I'll take it to a shoe repair shop I know and they'll simply remove some extra leather to make it my correct size. Again, if you want to purchase these, I highly recommend Mason & Sons and if you have the opportunity to deal with a gentleman named Elliot, do it. Best to all!
Mason and Sons are great. Elliot is David's son. I got quite a few items from them and they always go out of their way to assist. A revived Hutton appears to be making the Playtime again! This was McQueen's original favourite before they went out of business. £250.00

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