Norelco Spectra 8894XL Electric Razor

photo © Norelco / Philips
Norelco Spectra 8894XL Electric Razor
photo © Norelco / Philips

photo © Marktplaats
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photo © Marktplaats

James Bond's razor choice in Die Another Day (2002), this rechargeable Norelco Spectra 8894XL shaver features a sleek design with 3 individually floating heads adjustable to your skin type.

The selector dial adjusts spring and pressure of floating heads with 9 settings for sensitive to normal skin. A 2-stage cutting action with lift and cut technology uses slots to cut long hairs and holes to shave stubble smooth, while the full-width pop-up trimmer handles the detail work. The integrated LED display shows shaving minutes remaining, plus cleaning and head replacement indicators. A 1-hour full-charge gives you 100 shaving minutes, while the 2-minute power-charge provides a 3-minute shave. When you're done, simply rinse clean. Includes deluxe leather pouch, stand, recharging power cord, cleaning brush and travel pouch. Automatic worldwide voltage adjustment.

- LCD Displays remaining shaving time, battery level and signals when razor needs recharging - Faucet symbol blinks to alert when razor needs to be cleaned - Patented High Speed 13,000 RPM Linear Motor, Adjustable Pivot Action Head - Exquisitely Enhanced Lacquered Finish - High Gloss Champagne - 1 hour Charging Time. 5-Minute Quick Charge , Ultra Silent System.

In some countries this shaver is marketed as Philips Sensotec HQ8894 or Philishave, in stead of Norelco.

Other times we see Bond shave include the movies Goldfinger (Gillette razor) and SkyFall (razor, brush, wooden bowl).

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I owned the newest version of this last year. Honestly, don't waste your money. Unless you're a die hard electric shaver fan, stick to that new Gillette Fusion Power Platiunum Pro Plus Super Shaver. I don't know exactly what it's called, but it's the blue one. Much better and more precise shave and you don't have to bend WalMart employees' arms in order to find replacement blades for your outdated shaving system.

This is by far the best cordless razor I have ever owned. I have used it for over ten years and it still charges to 119 minutes. That is not a mistake, 119 minutes. While I use a safety razor alot, the Norelco is my pal.

How old is this shaver now? 10 years? I have two of them (I got the second when I realized supply was drying up in the marketplace) and they run great. Never did see the movie however ... Norelco has not made a shaver with the heft and weight of this one since.
Bond also shaves in Live and Let Die. Not all that important, but worth mentioning.
"In some countries this shaver is marketed as Philips Sensotec HQ8894 or Philishave, in stead of Norelco." that i know of, it was marketed that way in Panama.
There is/was no "newest version of this." What you own is a different Norelco model all together. This *James Bond* Norelco device was the last shaver that the company made with any heft or durability. After the Spectra 8894 XL each Norelco device became more and more a cheaper, disposable device, which is why these go for a premium on eBay.
The Philips HQ8894 is the best Philips shaver ever,made, and made to last, great quality, a pleasure to use. I also use the HQ1260 which is a great shaver also. But my favorite shaver would be the HQ8894. And to tell you I have been using Philips shavers for 53 years. And have a collection of over 100 Philips shavers. January 2014.
Where can I purchase this razor?

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