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Philips LFH 195 voice recorder

The modified Philips LFH 195 Pocket Memo in For Your Eyes Only
The modified Philips LFH 195 Pocket Memo in For Your Eyes Only
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC
Vintage advertisement for the Philips 195 Pocket Memo voice recorder

Milos Columbo (Chaim Topol), Bond's ally in For Your Eyes Only (1981), uses a Philips LFH 195 Pocket Memo voice recorder to secretly record a conversation between James Bond (Roger Moore) and Aristotle Kristatos (Julian Glover).

The Philips voice recorder is hidden in a candle holder. The candle is replaced by a waiter and brought to Columbo. He rewinds and plays the tape to listen to the conversation.

In a later scene, when James Bond meets Columbo on his yacht, Columbo plays recording from a white plastic portable player with speaker so that Bond can hear the recording. The white portable tape player that Columbo uses is not yet identified.

The Philips LFH 195 dictating machine recorder was slightly modified for the film: the top cover was taken off to show the Philips mini-cassette and the bottom part was reduced to make it fit in the candle holder.

The recorder is also referenced as 195, LFH195, LFH0195. The model seen in the film is marked "195" (white text on black plastic), while some actual machines have the marking "0195". The tape used in the LFH195 machine is a Philips mini-cassette tape.

The voice recorder is not the only Philips device seen in For Your Eyes Only: Philips P330 and Philips P5003 computers are used on the St. Georges spy ship, and Q uses a Philips P430 computer (the "Identigraph") to identify Locque from Bond's description.

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Does anyone have an instruction and or service manual they would care to share?
Many props used in Bond movies are specially made by the props department or they are readily available items taken from the consumer market and modified by the props department. Is this Philips 195 one such item because there is nothing about this tape machine out there, only to be found on this website. The machine which does regularly show up is the LFH-0195. Therefore, was the 195(without the 0) specially made for the Bond movie and the company then released 0195 models for the consumer market(with the 0), or was the 195 an already existing consumer model but none exist?

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