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Philips Philishave Sensotec HQ8894 Electric Razor

photo © Norelco / Philips
Norelco Spectra 8894XL Electric Razor
photo © Norelco / Philips

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC
If you look closely, you will spot a Norelco logo on the packaging in US version of the film, and a Philishave logo in other regions
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC

photo © Marktplaats
Philips advertising display
photo © Marktplaats

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC
In the movie Die Another Day we see two vintage Philishave advertisements in the abandoned tube station where Bond meets M and Q
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC

James Bond's razor choice in Die Another Day (2002) is a rechargeable Philips Philishave Sensotec HQ8894 shaver. In North Ameria this shaver is marketed as the Norelco Spectra 8894XL.

Bond uses the shaver in The Rubyeon Royale Hotel in Hong Kong to shave off the beard he has acquired during his 14-month imprisonment in North-Korea.

In one camera shot of Bond's presidential suite we see a round, transparent packaging with the Philishave logo printed on it, next to a cooler with Bollinger champagne and brand new white and blue Brioni shirts and suits. In the US versions of the film, the packaging features a Norelco logo (see screenshots on the left).

The Philishave / Norelco features a sleek design with 3 individually floating heads adjustable to your skin type.

In the USA, a special James Bond model of the Norelco 8894XL was sold, model number 8895XL, for $249. Find Norelco 8894 on eBay.

In the abanonded tube station in London, where Bond meets M and Q, we can spot two vintage Philishave advertisements on the wall (see screenshots). 

The shaver is not the only Philips device in Die Another Day: in the medical examination room on the ship where MI6 keeps an eye on Bond's health, a Philips Intellivue MP60 Patient Monitor is used to measure Bond's heart rate.

In the end credits, Philips Medical Systems is mentioned as a supplier of products.

Other times we see Bond shave include the movies Goldfinger (Gillette razor), Live and Let Die (Schick razor and cream) and SkyFall (razor, brush, wooden bowl). In the movie A View To A Kill, James Bond (Roger Moore) also uses a Philishave 1335 shaver updated by Q-division as a bug detector in his room in Château de Chantilly.

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I owned the newest version of this last year. Honestly, don't waste your money. Unless you're a die hard electric shaver fan, stick to that new Gillette Fusion Power Platiunum Pro Plus Super Shaver. I don't know exactly what it's called, but it's the blue one. Much better and more precise shave and you don't have to bend WalMart employees' arms in order to find replacement blades for your outdated shaving system.

This is by far the best cordless razor I have ever owned. I have used it for over ten years and it still charges to 119 minutes. That is not a mistake, 119 minutes. While I use a safety razor alot, the Norelco is my pal.

How old is this shaver now? 10 years? I have two of them (I got the second when I realized supply was drying up in the marketplace) and they run great. Never did see the movie however ... Norelco has not made a shaver with the heft and weight of this one since.
Bond also shaves in Live and Let Die. Not all that important, but worth mentioning.
"In some countries this shaver is marketed as Philips Sensotec HQ8894 or Philishave, in stead of Norelco." that i know of, it was marketed that way in Panama.
There is/was no "newest version of this." What you own is a different Norelco model all together. This *James Bond* Norelco device was the last shaver that the company made with any heft or durability. After the Spectra 8894 XL each Norelco device became more and more a cheaper, disposable device, which is why these go for a premium on eBay.
The Philips HQ8894 is the best Philips shaver ever,made, and made to last, great quality, a pleasure to use. I also use the HQ1260 which is a great shaver also. But my favorite shaver would be the HQ8894. And to tell you I have been using Philips shavers for 53 years. And have a collection of over 100 Philips shavers. January 2014.
Where can I purchase this razor?
I have to agree with a few of the comments above. I'm in the USA and own a Norelco 8895XL , which I think it must be the "special James Bond version marketed in the US" stated in the article above (the author of the article above may have meant 8895XL, not 8894XL for the James Bond version). It is blue (not black) and has a "Die Another Day, 007" logo on one of the sides of the razor. I purchased new in late 2002 and it still goes to 128 min when battery is fully charged (battery has not been replaced). I also own a 5885XL, new since 1996, which I do like slightly better since it is lighter than the 8895XL, but I'm on the 3rd set of batteries (I believe 5800 series use Ni-Cd batteries). The Spectra series, at least the higher 8800 series, I think use Li ion batteries which tend to have longer life, in terms of charge/discharge cycles. I also think Phillips oversized the battery pack for these razors, as my 8895XL lasts a month or more before it needs to be recharged. I have not tried any of the newer Phillips/Norelco models, but from my limited experience and comments from above, it just may be the best Phillips shaver ever made.
Mr. Taekema, I just saw you post on this site from a year ago. You above that there are collectors of Philips razors out there. Any organized groups that have web site? Bob
Please contact me re philips shaver collectors. In the Netherlands. I live in Australia.
Hey, can anybody advise on whether the Philishave 8894 is actually rare and collectable. Particularly with its connection to James Bond.
As I have the Philishave model 8894 for many I need to buy it's shaving blades.Please inform me where I can buy in Toronto, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Thanks. C C Leung
I have been using my Philishave HQ8894 , for more than 13 years . It is by far the best shaver I have ever had , unfortunately suddenly it stopped working and the problem was it does not stay switch on and keep turning off , I was thinking it might be because of old battery , and I ordered brand new battery and changed meticulously the died battery with new one . I was expecting it should work well like brand new but tge problem did not solved .I realized the problem was not because of battery , there is some issye with circuit board !!! Now I am looking for extra original curcuit board to fix abd save my hero shaver . I could find some original circuit boards from other models in some on line marketing and stores but could not find HQ 8894 circuit board to buy .I really appreciate if some one who is professional and expert in this field guide me to how can I fix and save my shaver . I realy realy love my shaver as I have very sensitive skin and only this model could give me best shaving without any irritation which is only because of having adjustable personal comfort setting .
I have purchased and used this razor for the past 13 years. Unfortunately, it suddenly stopped working. Battery shows fully charged (118 minutes remaining), but the motor does not move, even if connected to mains. Might be the motor itself, though quite improbable. Anyone encountered this? Would be glad to continue using this machine. Thanks to anyone responding ...
I have the hq8894 from new over 30 years a go and mine charges to 119 minutes it is now 2017 and I am still using it - a brilliant shaver
I've been using Norelco for 55 years. This is easily the best Norelco I have ever had. I use it daily. Everyday, sometimes twice a day for 18 years. Mine charges to over 150 minutes every cycle and then I run it to zero and fully charge it again. . I have replaced the heads about 6 times. Probably medium beard. I never rinse it in water I just brush it out once in awhile. My model is the Spectra 8894 XL. One of the pips in the readout has burned out I can still easily read how much time I have left and how long each shave is. My only issue so far. And I have dropped it a number of times. Each time I worry, is this the end? and each time it keeps on whirring:-) I never respond to these kinds of things yet I've been thinking for the Last 5 Years I would love to tell someone how amazing,faithful friend this razor has been. Now you know.
Cable connector has come loose on the circuit board! A very intricate job to repair, need microscope! I too am looking for a 8994 shaver.
I always owned Philips shavers (for the last 40 years) and HQ8894 was the best shaver I ever owned. Beautiful design and top quality. The battery lasted almost a month with one charge! I bought the recent models in 2019 and 2018 and in no way they could compete with those modes in the past.
The best Philips shaver I ever bought. Still using it. Just hard to source blades. Why on this planet earth do the local shops that sell the shavers don't sell the blades too!!!!!! Stop making people buy new stuff and save the planet by making the accessories and mechanics more accessible.
I purchased my 8894 back in 2002. 20yrs later i am still using it! Lots of head replacements. Never oiled it, always hot water rinses weekly. I dropped it once and broke the top that holds the heads, replaced. It always charged to 149min. The cord perished, replaced. Now it has “cancer”. The rubber seal around the on/off button has perished and water must have seeped in. The digital screen is now a bunch of dots. But it still works and I’ll be using it today as usual. I will miss it when it dies.
Inherited my dad’s 9984 in 2009. Charged it and started using it years later, still works like a charm, lasts me more than a month on a charge. I use it 2-3 times a week for a head shave and beard, replaced the blades once. Every 6 month take it apart and clean it up, never used water though. It does the job but it’s time to move on. 9984 will stay as a back up for shure.
i have norelco 8825 xl but i want 8894 or 8895 norelco
To this day I am still using the 8894 shaver and I remember buying it in 2002 when the James Bond movie Die another day came out in theaters, 21 years later!! Other than a bit of wear and tear and it also still charges perfectly! Thanks Philips!!
I have had many models of Norelco shavers and this one is hands down the best shaver. Bought back in 2002, the shaver works flawlessly and still holds a charge. Any electronics that works 20 years on a daily basis speaks to the quality of the design. The OLED screen cannot light up well during daytime, but you can still read the pixels when there is dim lighting. The finish of the shaver still looks like new. It can carry a full charge, though I do have a lithium battery replacement just in case. I am hoping it lasts a little longer as they don't make them like they used to.

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