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N.Peal 007 Combat Trousers

Daniel Craig as James Bond, wearing the commando outfit on a character poster for the film.
Daniel Craig as James Bond, wearing the commando outfit on a character poster for the film.
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, United Artists
photo © N.Peal
N.Peal 007 Combat Trousers
photo © N.Peal

photo © N.Peal
The N.Peal James Bond trousers were made in collaboration with No Time To Die costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb
photo © N.Peal

photo © Bond Lifestyle
The Bond trousers have a lot of buttons, straps and belts, just like the trousers worn by Bond in the film.
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Bond Lifestyle
Lots of great details on these N.Peal 007 Combat Trousers, including snap buttons, pockets and zippers/buttons on the end of the legs.
photo © Bond Lifestyle

James Bond wears N.Peal combat trousers in the film No Time To Die (2021).

The combat trousers, ref. NPG107715JB, worn by James Bond in No Time To Die were made by N.Peal together with the movie's costume designer Suttirat Anne Larlarb.

For a long time it was said that the trousers were custom made by the costume department, and not an existing pair of combat trousers - many fans had searched high and low to identify the pair. But now we finally know that the trousers were actually made together with N.Peal.

The trousers are a unique item in the collection of N.Peal, the company that normally focuses on cashmere pieces. The trousers look and feel like a real movie costume, with lots of interested details - so many buttons, snap buttons, zippers, pockets and belts. 

N.Peal also created the blue ribbed army sweater (ref. NPG007526) that Bond wears with the same outfit, and even the braces (ref. NPG107744A) that hold up the trousers will be available at N.Peal.

The trousers are available at N.Peal (read size warning below):

 Shop now at N.Peal USA ($345)

 Shop now at N.Peal UK (£245)

 Shop now at N.Peal EU (€295)

Sizing Updates: note that N.Peal has a special sizing chart for these trousers on their site (click on Size Guide on the trousers product page). My personal experience: I'm 6'4" (193cm) tall, I have a Medium, and these are very short trousers for me. All sizes are the same length. On the release day, the size was marked 30" / 70cm - but after my enquiry, N.Peal updated this to 32" / 81cm. N.Peal says they tested the trousers on 5 different men from 6ft to 6ft 3” who would normally wear a 32”-34” length and they were happy with the fit. For me personally (at 6'4" / 193cm) I would still need a 35" or 36" length and these are just too short, but I do have long legs. Also note that the legs are tapered (bigger sizes are less tapered) and the trousers are supposed to be worn low on the hips (so that would make them sits lower on legs as well), so take that into account when looking at the sizing. Also note that if you wear the trousers with the Danner 007 Tanicus boots, you would obviously not notice that they are too short.
Contact me for questions or to stay up to date on this issue. 

N.Peal combat trousers animated

An exact replica of the trousers worn by Bond, these trousers feature an astonishing array of detail at every part: with lots of pockets, zippers, buttons and straps.


npeal bracesN.Peal 007 Braces
The braces/suspenders worn by Bond with the trousers are also made by N.Peal, and match the trousers perfectly. Now available:

 Shop now at N.Peal USA ($65)

 Shop now at N.Peal UK (£45)

 Shop now at N.Peal EU (€55)


Complete the look
With the N.Peal trousers and N.Peal sweater, James Bond wears Mil-Tec touch gloves, a Rag & Bone Henley shirt and Danner 007 Tanicus boots - see the full outfit here.

James Bond first wore an N.Peal sweater in SkyFall (2012), and two other N.Peal sweaters in SPECTRE (the mock turtle neck and cable roll neck sweater). In 2019, N.Peal released a series of Bond inspired pieces for men and women, many of which are still available today.

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NPeal sweater


I like the pants and have ordered them, but I'm definitely not crazy about having 5 buttons in the crotch instead of a zipper. What a hassle that will be when you have to use a public bathroom.
I just bought these pants at the NYC store. I got the large because the medium waist was a tad tight. Now I notice that there is a little extra material in the waist. Do you think these are meant to be let out a bit? Second question is what the heck is the little downward facing flap on the lower right leg for. It has a snap. I can’t figure out the purpose.

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