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SPECTRE teaser poster revealed

17 March, 2015 released new teaser posters for SPECTRE today showing Daniel Craig as James Bond.

spectre teaser james bond ppk

James Bond is holding his trusted Walther PPK, wears an Omega watch with NATO strap and brown leather shoulder holster.

Update: He wears a N.Peal Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck in the color Dark Charcoal Grey, available on the N.Peal website.

In the movie he also wears a John Varvatos jacket with this outfit and Sanders & Sanders chukka books.

james bond teaser image poster

The tight dark outfit brings back the 1960s and 1970s James Bond and Steve McQueen look.

The posters are also available in black and white.

spectre teaser 1 black white

At the SPECTRE announcement in December 2014, a first poster was revealed showing a bullet hole with the subtle shape of the SPECTRE 'Octopus' logo in the cracks of the hole.

spectre teaser poster logo 1

This week the production is heading to Mexico to continue filming. A press conference is planned for later this week.


LIVE AND LET DIE Outfit ?!?!?!? very similar..... This movie is made for the fans , costumes like Thunderball uncle boots and sunglasses, nylon watch strap...... very very cool !!!!!
The sweter is N peal Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck Sweater in French Navy Blue!!!!!!!
if I'm not mistaken that looks very much like a black N.Peal turtle neck sweater that daniel Craig is wearing in the new Spectre poster
Any idea as to the brand of polo neck?
I just lifted this off the N.peal we'd site check out the first line about the NPG-300 , This is definitely the sweater in the spectre poster This is a totally new style to N Peal but we are confident that it will be very popular. It is crafted from a Cashmere and Silk worsted yarn meaning that it is lighter weight and perfect for the move between seasons. Also popular as a layering piece for the outdoors. This is a design lead garment that will fit perfectly into any man's wardrobe. Shown here in Dark Charcoal, a timeless shade that is always flattering and always very popular. 70% Cashmere 30% Silk YOU MAY ALSO LIKE Select colour Dark Charcoal Grey Select size S M L XL Price £199 Size guide Delivery Gift wrap
What about the trousers has anyone got any ideas on those?
It seems not just the outfit is inspired by Live and Let Die ( which incidently is probably my least favorite JB...) as seen in poster:
Anyone now how the sizing runs on N peal?
Does anyone have any ideas on the holster at all??
Does anyone know the make and model of shoulder holster in the poster?
The style in the poster is very similar to Steve mcqueens in bullet
Have the trousers been identified yet in this poster? They look like they are woven black with white flecks to give a similar charcoal effect to the sweater, and seem to have frogmouth pockets. Are they Tom Ford, or something else?
The holster looks a lot like the Triple K Ultra Single rig (, though the leather finish is more of a dark tortoiseshell and appears to have an extra band of stitching.
I made a trip to the N.Peal store in Burlington Arcade yesterday to pick up both pieces of SPECTRE knitwear. The cashmere really is of a superior quality (expected nothing less) and the staff in store were both very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend any Bond fan to grab these two items, I cannot wait to wear them coming into Autumn!
Please let me know if anyone finds out the holster brand!!
Has anyone found out what trousers he's wearing yet?
It seems that the trousers worn in the poster are still a mystery. have looked at other related clothing lines but nothing comes close. Love the N.Peal sweater. These styles seem to have no alternative relatives offering a more modest price.
The trousers are by Neil Barrett.
Please let me know if you're ever going to have another giveaway contest for this. I want one.
Does anyone know what is on "Q's" name tag? We are having a Bond Fest at work and I am dressing as Q, but would love to add the name tag to the outfit. Any help appreciated.

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