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International SPECTRE teaser posters

24 April, 2015

Take a look at the SPECTRE teaser posters from different countries, including Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, Portugal, Hungary and more.

In two countries, Hungary and Brazil, the name of the movie has been slightly changed.

In Hungary, the name of the movie is 007 SPECTRE - A Fantom Visszatér (The Phantom Returns), see the poster below.

spectre teaser poster hungary

Hungarian SPECTRE teaser poster

In Brazil, the movie is called 007 contra SPECTRE (007 against SPECTRE).

Brazilian SPECTRE teaser poster

Brazilian SPECTRE teaser poster

The Russian and Ukrainian posters show the name as СПЕКТР.

Russian SPECTRE teaser poster

Russian SPECTRE teaser poster

Interestingly enough the shadow effect of the title font is reversed for the Ukranian poster, compared to the Russian poster.

Ukranian SPECTRE teaser poster

Ukranian SPECTRE teaser poster

Spanish SPECTRE teaser poster

Spanish SPECTRE teaser poster

Portuguese SPECTRE teaser poster Portugal

Portuguese SPECTRE teaser poster

Italian SPECTRE teaser poster italia

Italian SPECTRE teaser poster

npeal sweater turtle neckDaniel Craig as James Bond is wearing an N.Peal turtleneck sweater in the poster, read more. He also sports an Omega Seamaster on NATO strap, Walther PPK and a vintage looking brown leather shoulder holster. For more clothes in the film, check out the Bond Lifestyle SPECTRE guide.

Thanks to Marcos Kontze for the posters

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