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Bond wears an N.Peal sweater in SPECTRE teaser poster

18 March, 2015

On the recently released teaser posters for SPECTRE, we can see Bond in an N.Peal turtle neck sweater.

N Peal turtle neck sweater dark grey charcoal

The sweater is the N.Peal Fine Gauge Mock Turtle Neck in the color Dark Charcoal Grey. This color is available on the N.Peal website.

Daniel Craig was spotted with another N.Peal sweater, the Oxford in Imperial Blue at the SPECTRE announcement press conference, the same model (but different color) as the sweater seen in SkyFall.

NPeal sweater


What type of pants is he wearing?
As per NPeal's website, orders can be placed online.
What trousers is he wearing???

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