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Building the Aston Martin DB5 1/8 scale die-cast model

20 February, 2013

Currently the Aston Martin DB5 1/8 scale is available in The Netherlands, so I was able to subscribe. In the next 85 weeks, parts of this model will be delivered and put together.

On the Bond Lifestyle Forum (update: Forum is shut down) can stay up to date about the progress. Feel free to add your experiences with building this car, or ask questions about this set.

Aston Martin DB5 model 1:8 scale

Every four weeks, four issues will be delivered. I'm very excited about this one as this is quite a unique model, with not only a large scale but also many working gadgets including lights, engine sound, and the well known modifications like the rotating license plates, bulletproof screen etcetera. Many parts are metal, and no glue is needed since all parts are fixed with screws.

Last week I received my first set of magazines and parts. The box contained a DVD, Magazines 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus parts, and I opted for option to buy the magazine binder as well, so I can store the magazines properly.

Part 1 includes a beautiful front grille, bulletproof shield and Aston Martin badges. Part 2 contains chairs, bumper and a license plate. Part 3 includes the engine bonnet. Part 4 has some nice parts for the engine. Just feeling the weight of these parts I can only image how heavy the final car will be. According to the official website of the car, it will weigh 20 pounds (9 kilo)!

All parts look very nice so far. In the next shipment I should receive some more tools and screws so maybe then the first assembly can take place. Stay tuned!

For more info, some great photos and videos of this car, visit the official website (update 2017: or the Eaglemoss UK or Eaglemoss USA websites).

The model is only available in a select number of countries, for example:
The Netherlands
South Africa
New Zealand

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Dear Editor, Have seen your post on the Eaglemoss collection with surprise since I've been trying to buy the package or start a subscription for the collection since months with UK and Germany but their reply so far has been that the collection is no longer available... Would you be so kind to share with me the contact details of the Netherlands branch you got in touch with. Many thanks in advance Sergio Cozzi
More contact info on the Dutch Aston Martin DB5 1:8 scale in The Netherlands can be found on
I have this already and completed and here's my model
Will the DB-5 ever be offered in the United States ?
is it possible to buy missed copies of the magazine as i started to collect it but only upto part 20 ?
is there anyway of getting this now? i'm gutted i didn't see this when it first came out in the UK. So anyway of getting this in the UK?
I have been talking to the people who deal with the James bond magazines they told me as I am not a subscriber I can no longer get the back issues I need to finish the model I am building I am totally discussed I have now got a half built car and can not finish it can anybody please help
if you join this forum there are many people building in Germany and Holland (I think), and we are a friendly bunch so some one would be able to provide the parts you require
i got up to issue 61 and i was subscribing every time i phone to complain or ask for my money back they send me bits and no magazines if i cant get them what chance have you got
just started building the model , only realised now that i did not recieve part # 32B in the packages . does someone have a spare #32B part for me in
Can I get it in the USA
I have just started building the 007db5 and my issue no23 got the wrong parts in, insted of one upper and one lower stearing cover i have got two upper covers. The problem is the model have end in south africa is there somone that can help Thanks
i.wonder if it`s still possible to obtain parts for db5 aston martin model I`m looking for I `m looking for car front body which was in issue number 77 thankyou.
There are whole cars and specific parts regularly available on E-bay.
Hi. I have the complete DB5 kit and only recently started building it due to moving house and other commitments. I have now noticed that the front part will not fit onto the chassis properly. While trying to make the front fit into place it has snapped the chrome windscreen fitting. I have since found out that some models have a twisted chassis which causes this problem. I have tried contacting the makers through the official website and phone number but the number is now dead and the Help page is down. Does anyone else have this problem and how did you solve it? Thanks Roy
Have missed issue number 77, is it still possible to get a copy with part?
My husband bought this and has just started to put it together after moving house for earthquake repairs in Christchurch, New Zealand. As he is of work for three months after cancer surgery he has just opened up the packs to find that the pieces do not actually fit together as they appear to be warped. He noticed this with the drivers front seat pieces we shall see how the rest goes. He has been looking forward to having a nice car to display so we hope the other parts are ok.
Three quarters built Aston Martin model - need help with remaining issues - grateful for any assistance - I reside in Dublin ireland
I had similar problem and realised when you put the front guards on it has to slot into a male/female type fitting where the screws hold it together. I found there was too much paint around those tight fitting bits and filed the paint off. It then clipped in nice and easy. I hope this helps as I have heard a lot of complaints there.
Hi its it possible to get back issues as I have 15 issues and need to collect the rest to build my model, please could you reply, thanks
Hi just wondering if u still needed issues. I have. 1 to 40 .if interested .
Do u still have issues two buy as i have numbers from 1 to 20 and would like to get the reast please. Can u email me please to work out something or some way off getting the reast.Thank u for ur time.
Hi Team I am in the process of building the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 which has been under construction for almost 2yrs. I reached the stage where the bullet proof shield needs to be installed but for what ever reason I don't have magazine & parts NO 59. Where can I purchase my missing parts please? I was hoping to complete for my grandson's 13th birthday 21st July. Can you please help?? Kind regards Ron Benson JP
i have ALL issues of the magazine for the DB5 aston martin 1.8 scale plus the completed car. for sale at right price. offers please
I want to sell my James Bond Aston Martin db5 -18-scale. Only issue 40 short and 23A (steering wheel) is damaged. Prize R4500 South Africa. Contact me at+27823602045.
i have finished this car it is very nice and very heavy unfortunately my lights or engine noise did noy work after i finished building it.dont fancy taking it apart again bit disopointing but it looks fantastic when finished and so heavy and i saw someone on ebay selling his for £1500 on ebay.
I am looking for issue 71 with the rear wing, if anyone has this, I would like to buy please.
I have some james bond parts available on ebay if anyone is missing any. I personally found eaglemoss a nightmare, - i received some parts but not others. I found the whole thing very stressful.
I have the complete model every issue model half built if someone would like a half finished project or even spares, plus every magazine please get in touch thanks
Hi not sure if you are still looking for missing issues , I have every issue including magazines my model is half built so was wondering if I could be of help to you as I have a half finished model which I can,t complete due to illness
Hi Tony - I've just tried putting the model together and appear to be having a similar problem to someone else in the the front end of the car will not affix properly to the chassis, hence won't wrap round the windscreen properly on the passenger side and the passenger door will therefore not fit either (drivers side ok). Very frustrating as everything else just goes (still with some issues). Do you happen to know if this would be a problem with the front end or the chassis - would be interested in advice or sourcing some alternative parts.
hi i am a few issues missingcould you help the issues missing are issues28. hope you help on this would be gratefull. c crowder.
Finally got around to assembling my db5 and I've got to say I was extremely disappointed by the experience. First of all a number of parts were almost impossible to fit - tweezers, magnifying glass and a second pair of hands were required on multiple occasions. However when the car was eventually completed it was not worth the effort (or indeed the purchase price). In a nutshell the ejector seat doesn't work, most of the lights don't work and the rear screen doesn't come up. I could probably have lived with all those faults (I am not going to play with it after all) but when I stood back and looked at the - finally - finished car I realised the there were THREE different shades of silver on the body - doors were light, body mid and the bonnet was darker. If models at a fraction of the price can get this right .... I won't be buying another model from this company.
Hi,I started building the kit now retired and Ißm missing the part 32-B ,if by chance you could help I would be very gratefull*
Just started putting my db5 together but noticed im missing parts 60 62 63 64 66 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 any help on how to get these issues is gratfully received
I have almost completed my model db5 and although it's not for the amateur model maker it's an amazing model and I have really enjoyed making it and if there is anyone who has bought the kit and does not want to or cannot complete it for any reason I would be willing to complete for a small labour charge
I have the full EAGLEMOSS JAMES BOND ASTONMARTIN Db5 COLLECTION 0F 85 MAGAZINES & MODEL PARTS 5 of the magazine packs have been opened , the rest are all still sealed and UNOPENED FOR SALE I am in the UK & will ship anywhere i am open to offers over £500. sterling
Hi if people still have parts to sell must be new with magazine in the UK, and are willing to post please email me as I need quite a few to finish mine Email: Kind regards David
Hi. We have every part and magazine all brand new never been opened. Like to sell as job lot if anyone would like to make an offer. We're in England, happy to ship but costs will need to be covered
Hi David, I would like to purchase your collection please my e-mail is:
David Toland, I would like to purchase your connection
Hi, Anyone still looking for parts? I have some available. UK
Hi. I have for sale complete parts for an eaglemoss 1/8 scale Goldfinger DB5. Some parts have already been constructed, wheels (x2), seat, steering column, engine bay (part) and engine. There is an incomplete set of magazines but a complete set of instructions and parts list. PM me for photos. £500 I am based in south London and would prefer collation in person. Cheers
I have the whole set still in packaging. Unopened. Unassembled If anyone is interested I can post photos. Will sell but not separate.
I bought the model from the beginning and I have every issue unopened and for sale
I have two complete models one unopened and undamaged,one half built I will sell the unopened one,if anyone is interested
I have complete set 1to 86 with magazines and 007 tool box for sale if anyone want to buy.
Hi guys , after a recent house move noticed i have some missing parts , I have parts 1-59 , 61-64 , so need parts 60 and 65 to 86 ... if this is too costly i'm willing to sell what i have ... feel free to get intouch , located in Scotland
I am looking for issue 85 is any knows of one for sale, part with magazine preferred.
How much for the set? Thank you. Ray G

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