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2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007

2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007
2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007
photo © Ford
photo © Ford
2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007
photo © Ford

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC
The car driven by Halle Berry in the film doesn't have a white top but a Coral colored top
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC

photo © Ford
Die Another Day related promotional material for the 007 Thunderbird
photo © Ford

photo © Ford
Promotional material for the 007 Thunderbird
photo © Ford

A 2002 Thunderbird was driven in the Bond film Die Another Day by Bond girl Halle Berry (Jinx). 

In the spring of 2003, Ford offered 700 limited edition 007 Ford Thunderbirds to commemorate the first appearance of a Thunderbird in the 40-year history of the James Bond film franchise (although, as pointed out below in the comments by Thomas, a Thunderbird was also seen in Goldfinger, driven by Felix Leiter in Kentucky).

The Coral paint, similar to the Sunset Coral hue offered on the 1956 Thunderbird, matches the Eres bikini Berry wears in her role as Jinx. The car in the movie had a coral hard-top instead of the white top offered with the special edition and was a 2002 model, not the 2003 that the 007 edition comes as.

The Limited Edition 007 Thunderbird features unique coral paint, 21-spoke chrome wheels, performance white seats and interior accents, with an understated "007" badge placed on the instrument panel. Each vehicle also will feature a numbered, commemorative plaque mounted on the inside of the glove box.

Apparently 694 cars were actually sold, and 6 only used for show.

Price in 2003: $43,995 (although some brochures mention $65,610).

Looking to buy or sell a 007 Thunderbird?

Send a message to Bond Lifestyle or scroll down to see the visitor comments below, as there's an active community here looking for these cars.

In September 2022, Michael G. Wilson's Ford Thunderbird was auctioned for charity, read more.

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I have the 2003 James Bond Thunderbird, approximately 4000 miles. Having issues starting the car, headlights flashing on/off, turn signal very sluggish blinking... When I finally get it started, drive it a while just fine, pull into my garage at home, turn off the ignition, won't start again. Makes me afraid to drive it due to not being sure it will start whenever I am out on the road somewhere. Has to be one of the numerous electronic modules, but not sure which one. Ford dealer in my area is useless; no help at all! Can you advise me?
I have a 2003 T-bird for sale in the Quad City area in Illinois area. 12,000 miles and always been in a heated garage. James Bond edition, Coal color. Interested email me back.
What are you asking and location. Thanks,
I have 2004 mint hard top T-bird limited edition. Anniversary model V-8. 2100 miles.
Gail, If this 007 car was the one located in MA in 2012 (# 92) I know where it is. Please call me. I would like to speak with you about this car. I am not a salesman. But it is important that I speak with you. My phone # is (480) 225-6973. Thank you.
Please call me 501-269-7272, thank you. I bought mine in 2015
I have a 007 t-bird for sale. Original owner, 25k. Asking $22k. Contact me for details, thanks
I have a 2003 James Brown special edition black convertible what’s your OfferUp app on numbers 203-739-5919 thank you
To Josh and anyone else I am interested in buying a T Bird. What color is the nside and out and the hardtop. Where are you located? Some owners seen to have had lots of problems with electronic components. How many miles on yours. Any body imperfections? Mike
Send me some details Thanks Mike
J ai la t-bird 007 2003 à 69K utilisé l été seulement entreposer de octobre à Mai maintenance fait chez le concessonnaire à tous les printemps et automne . J habite au Québec et les 007 sont plutot rare . Très satisfait de cette voiture magnifique
Hi Josh, Do you still have this car for sale? Thanks.
Karen: yes it’s still available. It’s posted on auto trader if you want more info
I have a 2003 james bond edition thunderbird with 69,000 miles I am looking to sell. Serious Inquiries only please email or call 413-427-7947
2003 Ford Thunderbird, Limited Edition #565 of 700 made! Soft & Hard top convertible, hard top stand included. 2nd owner, garage kept, Beautiful car! Call Vanessa or Jay @ 410-708-7221
Karen I have one for sale 69K miles if you are interested.
2003 007 Limited Edition, For Sale. Call 4107087221
2003 Ford Thunderbird, James Bond 007 Edition #197 of 700 made. Soft and Hardtop with top Stand included. 2nd owner, garage kept Call Tony at (407)832-4313
I currently am selling my 2003 James Bond 007 Edition, I am the second owner and have kept it garaged, covered and in great shape, rarely driving it beyond my hometown. I also have the Hard Top holder. It is number 095 out of 700. I live in Ohio. Will discuss further with a serious buyer!
Ditto, live in Indiana and looking for a coral 007 edition, Anybody selling one?
I have a 007 bird for sale, always garage kept with 1000 miles you can reach me via email
My father is selling his 03 007 coral with 44k on it. You can call 614-871-0024. Jerry
Do you still have the car? You may contact me at the email above or cell #850-393-0057. I also accept text messages. I live between Florida and Arkansas.
Please tell me about mechanical issues.
Have you purchased one yet?
I have an 03 James Bond 007 Thunderbird Special Edition #553 with white removable hard top and stand and custom cover. It was used as one of the promo cars for the movie and I bought it in July of 2003 with 300 miles on it. It has 44K miles and has been garaged. The car is located in North Florida. Looking for an owner who will take great care of this beautiful car! Serious buyers only please email me at
I am selling my 2003 James Bond Special Edition Thunderbird with 44K miles. It was one of the promo cars for the movie that I bought in July 2003 with 300 miles on it. White removable hard top with stand and custom car cover. Garage kept and in good condition with minor wear and tear. Serious buyers can email me at
hi a long shot but do you still have that james bond sled for sale ???
By any chance does anyone on here have one of the 2003 James Bond Special Edition Thunderbirds for sale? If so, you can email me at Thank you
I am selling: 2003 Ford Thunderbird, James Bond 007 Edition #197 of 700. 38,000 miles, Soft and Hardtop with top Stand included. 2nd owner, garage kept. Pensacola, FL Call Tony at (407)832-4313
We have the 2003 special edition
Michael, I own a double 007 also, like yours mine is in mint condition. I am thinking of offering mine for sale and have been trying to find out todays valuation and since you were considering selling yours you might be able to help me in finding this car should sell for now. look forward to your early response. thank. Ken
I guess your 007 T-Bird is long gone ????
We just bought #004,007,I'm interested in hearing from other owners of low production number 007s
I'm looking for a 2003 Bond Edition Thunderbird for sale near the Villages, FL. I have a 2019 Mustang Premium EcoBoost, orange fury, with all options including Ford Safety and Blind Spot detection. I'm interested in either a trade or to purchase. Thanks!
I just reread my previous email, and I think it's a bit confusing. I am looking to purchase a Bond edition T-Bird, one that would be for sale within about a hundred miles of The Villages, Florida. Thanks!
Hallo Madam, Sir, I want to sell my James Bond Limited Edition Thunderbird. Small problem.I live in the Netherlands . Car has 108 k miles. Perfect condition. Number 189/700. For sale on the internet Regards Gerard Mulder
Hello, Gerard, Thank you so much for getting back to me, but I"m looking to purchase a Bond edition near where I live, so I can have see it and have a mechanic check it over. Good luck with your car. It seems that you've had a lot of happy miles with it. Again, thank you, Frank
I have a 2003 James Bond with only 560 miles. Mint condition. Purchased new for my husband.
That's a beautiful car, Annetta, but I just purchased a car. I don't think you'll have any problem selling yours. Ask a good price for it. This is a seller's market now. Good luck!
I have a 2003 James Bond car #10 with 38k miles I want to sell Car is in Southern California . 1 owner original california car
Mr. Eaton, I regret that I am four months past your original post. Have you already sold your 2003 James Bond car? Kelly D.
No i have not I went through everything I could find to fix Replaced the ECM , Mirror switch , battery , coil packs and resealed both valve covers I sent it to paint and redid the bumpers and then had the interior cleaned and touched up The car is in excellent condition
Kelly, Still looking for one? Shoot me an email: and I can provide more info
I am the original owner of a 007 t bird. Excellent condition and only 18k mile, always garage kept, remote hard top hoist included. Never been in a wreck.borla exhaust. Asking 35k obo located in Beaumont, texas. 7134178969
is the 2003 still availablel????
Selling a 2002 ford thunderbird with 66,440 miles for 20,000
Is this a 007 model .
2003 007 4,400 miles asking 32,000$ 714 812 8681 Phila. Pennsylvania

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