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2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007

2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007
2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007
photo © Ford
photo © Ford
2003 Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007
photo © Ford

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC
The car driven by Halle Berry in the film doesn't have a white top but a Coral colored top
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC

photo © Ford
Die Another Day related promotional material for the 007 Thunderbird
photo © Ford

photo © Ford
Promotional material for the 007 Thunderbird
photo © Ford

A 2002 Thunderbird was driven in the Bond film Die Another Day by Bond girl Halle Berry (Jinx). 

In the spring of 2003, Ford offered 700 limited edition 007 Ford Thunderbirds to commemorate the first appearance of a Thunderbird in the 40-year history of the James Bond film franchise (although, as pointed out below in the comments by Thomas, a Thunderbird was also seen in Goldfinger, driven by Felix Leiter in Kentucky).

The Coral paint, similar to the Sunset Coral hue offered on the 1956 Thunderbird, matches the Eres bikini Berry wears in her role as Jinx. The car in the movie had a coral hard-top instead of the white top offered with the special edition and was a 2002 model, not the 2003 that the 007 edition comes as.

The Limited Edition 007 Thunderbird features unique coral paint, 21-spoke chrome wheels, performance white seats and interior accents, with an understated "007" badge placed on the instrument panel. Each vehicle also will feature a numbered, commemorative plaque mounted on the inside of the glove box.

Apparently 694 cars were actually sold, and 6 only used for show.

Price in 2003: $43,995 (although some brochures mention $65,610).

Looking to buy or sell a 007 Thunderbird?

Send a message to Bond Lifestyle or scroll down to see the visitor comments below, as there's an active community here looking for these cars.

In September 2022, Michael G. Wilson's Ford Thunderbird was auctioned for charity, read more.

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Worth a tiny bit over 20K right now with 5K miles in perfect condition.

I have this tbird 5000 miles. Perfect condition. What is it worth now? Anybody know?

I purchased my 007 t-bird brand new in nov 2003. I keep it in a garage and covered. it now has 1900 miles. It looks like the day it came out of the factory. I believe it will be worth a lot of money in the future.

Does anyone remember the Cover Girl advertisements that Halle Berry was in that offered a shade of lipstick in the same color as this car? That was always interesting to me.

I currently own one of the 700 limited edition, James Bond 40th anniversary, 2003 Ford Thunderbird convertibles.

As an avid Bond fan, my car has been garage-protected and taken out on few special trips or the occasional drive to simply keep the engine humming smoothly.

My car has only 2,800 miles on it, and I did have the hard-top custom painted to the coral back in 2003 to match its look in the movie. However, since I have a broader desire to meticulously protect this car rather than enjoy the fun of drivng it, I'm considering selling it.

If I do, I really want to ensure ensure it goes to the right owner who can really appreciate the unique aspect of the collectible and showing it off on the road.

If you know anyone that might be interested in this car, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

I own one of these and wonder if there is a club for all the owners of this particular model?

i have a 2003 james bond lim" special james bond 600 ho ski doo snowmobile zero miles never used or in snow has been stores, in heated warehouse what is the value of this now,

I own an '03, 007 limited edition T-Bird and I am proud to say that I have 88,000 miles on it. I have enjoyed driving this car every day since I purchased it new in 2003. I will say, however, that it has had many, many mechanical problems, and has been in and out of the shop. Still, with all the problems it's had, I absolutely love this car and really enjoy driving it. If anyone is curious about the mechanical problems, please feel free to contact me. Wishing you safe driving!

Want to own the ORIGINAL Ford Thunderbird driven by Halle Barry in the movie Die Another Day? Get your chance to bid at the JDRF Pixar Toy Story 3 Gala! Details at:

A Thunderbird was featured in "Goldfinger" as the vehicle of choice in Kentucky for Felix Leiter. So, Thunderbird is starring in its second film.

I have one of these and I simply LOVE it. I have never been a 'car buff' before but this convertible takes the cake. It drives like a dream all the time and just makes you feel great. I baby it (of course!) and always garage it. I lived in Florida and it is made for FL or CA. I moved to Alaska and took it with me (of course!). It's really a head turner. Can't imagine ever selling it.

Sandy......interested in knowing about the mechanical problems you have had with your 007. Thinking about buying one with 1600 miles. THANKS for your response!!!!
Hello everyone.....I have enjoyed reading your comments.....I am looking at a 2003 007 with 1663 miles. Can anyone out there give me some idea about the advantages of a low mileage car as well as the problems anticipated. ALSO>....most importantly....what is your suggested pricing. I thank you for any quick responses anyone with expertise can offer.....THANKS Gail
Hello.....any idea about RETAIL on a 2003 007 .......
bought one new in 03. use for july and august each year, great car, great ride, gets a lot of great comments. 30,000 miles. had to replace one brake rotor for inspection. otherwise troublefree. it seems like 3 different cars; soft top black, hard top white, convertible. considering selling; in garage on blocks rest of the year. we love the car but after 10 years wonder what it is worth??
I have a 57, looking for a bond series get back to me. thanks socal ford fan
a Ford Thuderbird (1971) also appeared in Diamonds are Forever, driven by Messrs Wint and Kidd. that would make 3 appearances of the Ford T-Bird.
The second appearance of a Thunderbird in a Bond Film is just after the title sequence in 1965's Thunderball. Emilio Largo arrives at the Center for the Assistance of Displaced Persons in Paris (a front for Spectre) and parks his 1965 Ford Thunderbird convertible (white with black convertible top) illegally. He is accosted by a French Gendarme who immediately apologizes when he recognizes the man in the eye patch and comes under his glare.
still have the 007 tbird? for sale? al
Yes...I have a 007 for sale. number194 with 32000 miles I am in Wildwood close to the Villages in Florida If anybody interested please respond
Do you have the Thunder 007 yet? Do you want to sale it? Thanks
Alejandro ... I have a 007 Edition that I am considering selling. It has a little more than 5000 miles... mint condition ... always garaged ... give me a call 760-685-3023.
I have a 007 in FL for sale 21k miles - beautiful condition - garaged smoke-free beauty. Call 954-547-7221. Talk to Dona
I have the 2003 007 edition t bird...#005 of condition, less than 14k miles...thinking about selling it...what do u all think it would go for?
I have a gorgeous 2003 007 in Excellent condition. 20k miles. For sale by dealer. Call Brandon at 952. 995. 6699. More pics here:
I could be interested in your #5 007 T-Bird. What are you asking? Where are you located, to transport?
thinking of buying ... what problems have you had...
We own #663 of 700. Garaged, smoke-free, 16,000 miles, a real beauty. Can you suggest a price range for private party? Will be moving out-of-state soon and cannot trust the dealership. Thanks!
Just sold ours to a guy in AZ about a month ago ... we got $28,000.... ~5,000 miles, always garages....
Mine has 48000 miles on it and have had very little trouble and a lot of attention .
I have a 03 007 thunderbird in Illinois with 38000 miles. Great shape one owner. Looking to sell if interested. 3093976276
I have #18 of 700 that I'm selling. 48K miles in very good condition. Service records as well.
Karen, Is this a 007 Edition? Where are you located? Thanks, Patrick
Seth, What are you asking for it? Thanks, Pat
Have #582 007, excellent condition. 89,000 miles. Make offer. Phone # 253-720-3017 Will accept highest offer over 25,000.00
Just purchased #127 of 700, 2003 007 Limited Edition T-Bird. 1,800 miles. Collector bought it for his wife who virtually never drove it. Always garaged. Showroom new. Ford dealer bought it back and tried for over a year to sell at $35,000. I offered $30,000. and the dealer agreed to my offer.
I am interested in the problems that you have had with your T-Bird. I own a 2003 red T-Bird which I purchased 4 years ago. It has about 111,000 miles on it. The problems that I have had are that the cooling system broke down on one of the hottest of summer days and the top's mechanism screwed up. That's about all the problems I have had with it. It came from Florida and I am in the Toronto, Ca nada area. Thanks.
I'd say about 18k,but could it could not be worth a lot more if you hang on to it.
Have a 2003 Thunderbird James Bond limited edition #16 of 700 for sale in northern KY, near Cincinnati, Ohio. Has 38,337 miles in like new condition. Asking $29,000 - call Rick at 859-308-7083. Can email pics of car.
Looking to buy a 2003. 007 edition tbird.. Huck Venters 910.389.1672
New lower asking price $25,000 or best offer for my 2003 Thunderbird James Bond limited edition #16 of 700 located in Northern KY, near Cincinnati, OH. Has 38,337 miles in like new condition. Always garage kept - Wife wants it out of the garage! Call Rick at 859-308-7083. Can email pics of car.
We are looking for 007, is this car still available? If so please send pictures. Thanks, John
If you still have t bird let me know please 678-316-4732 Joe Steinmetz
Looking for a 2005 Thunderbird 50th Anniversary model with low miles close to Kentucky. Please call Larry at 606-571-2704.
Hi Sandy I just came across your post mentioning the many problems you had with your 2003 Thunderbird and I also own a 2003 it's not a bond addition but I've had issues while driving the car all of the lights come on on the dash cluster like traction control off breaks engine problems, everything comes on, the speedometer quit working in the car appears to jump into limp mode it barely runs to get me home then it just turns back off and it runs fine the dealership knows absolutely Nothing
I have a 2003 Thunderbird #555 out of 700 in mint condition with 12,000 miles, never been out in the winter and kept in heater garage. Asking $23,000. I live on the Illinois - Iowa border. If interested call 309.792.8284.
Hi I have 2003 Thunderbird only had 35000 miles .Black in Black is a beauty All way garage...if you interest give a call 702-348-6291 Only asking 16000.;).
I am looking to purchase one and would like to know what the pitfalls are. Thanks for any advise.
Am looking to find one of the 2003 007 Thunderbird versions. Anyone have one they might be willing to sell? (Preferably located in the Midwest region. I live in Indiana.) Look forward to hearing from someone.

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