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Sony Ericsson T68i

photo © Bond Lifestyle
The Sony Ericsson T68i in white and blue was used by Jinx (Halle Berry) in Die Another Day
photo © Bond Lifestyle

The Sony Ericsson T68i (the white and blue version) was used by Jinx (Hale Berry) in Die Another Day (2002) and can briefly be seen, right before she uses the phone as a bomb.

Sony Ericsson partnered with MGM and EON for Die Another Day and several Sony Ericsson products were selected to appear in the movie, and they also starred in a special co-promotional campaign, that offered limited edition product packages and premium content for phones.

In Die Another Day, Sony Ericsson's T68i and the imaging capabilities of the P800 smartphone (the villain's phone) were featured. The T68i, which in those days featured the latest in mobile technology MMS and Bluetooth, had picked up a variety of awards for its great usability, imaging capabilities and sleek design. Taking advantage of the movie tie-in, Sony Ericsson launched a series of promotional campaigns focusing on the T68i.

Update 2021: For a while you could pick up a second hand T68i for around $20 on eBay but now prices have increased.

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