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Blue Tinted Black Framed Sunglasses

Blue Tinted Black Framed Sunglasses

James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) wears a special pair of Q-branch sunglasses with X-Ray features in the casino of Valentin Zukovski in The World Is Not Enough (1999).

These blue X-Ray specs from The World Is Not Enough are one of the most sought-after accessories by Bond fans. The brand of the pair in the movie was not of any known brand, but in December 2013, a visitor of this site posted in a comment on this page (see below) that Pierce Brosnan's famous James Bond blue X-ray glasses were actually off the shelf from Scrivens Opticians. The frames were a design just for Scrivens but the blue lenses were a change to the design. The website reported in 2000, that the wardrobe supervisor for The World Is Not Enough said that the glasses were bought off the shelf at a High Street optician's shop. The normal lenses just didn't look fit for Bond, so they replaced them with the famous light blue lenses. That website reorted that the company that made the glasses is called Blue and the model number is: MOD No.9048 ANT BLUE 50X19.

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I hold a deep seeded desire to puchase those blue replica xray glasses!! please tell we where to go to purchase them!

I realize that Blue doesn't manufacture this model anymore, however I was wondering if anyone has made a repilca, or if you have information on a company that makes a similar product.

Thank you,

I haven't found any place that makes a replica anymore of these shades... I think the ones that did looked a little cheap. You'd probably get more mileage out of trying to find a quality pair of glasses that strongly resemble the Blue shades. I'd certainly be interested!

So how I can puchase this

Hi. I wanted to know if anyone knows where I can buy these (or similar) sunglasses online. I checked the website "As Seen On TV", but they are no longer available. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

totally agree with the last review from accesorize. got my two pair of glasses and I am very happy with them and the service they provided, i.e. good communication for an easy transaction.

I am very pleased with everything. The sunglass is exact, I brought both silver and black but the black is the better for my face. The glasses themselves are great and UV400. Shipping was quick and so was the communication with the seller. Oh the case and micro fabric they come with are worth the money themselves!

You can purchase this item with me. Please log on the like Bond Classifieds and get hold of me when intrested.

are the x ray glasse's vision the same or similar and please give me that link to the seller again. sorry

The glasses we sell are original in design in that they are our brand. We used stills and the movie images to recreate them from scratch. They are exact in size and color and we include a hard case and polishing cloth with every pair. Everyone who has ordered them has been very pleased. Our ad is in the classified section under \'Clothing, Shoes and Accessories\'.

Ordered pen and glasses. Came quickly. Accesoriez rocks!

Got the Accesoriez ones for my husband. He is very happy with them.

Accesoriez is selling these in the ads section. I just got them. They sent me two pairs. One has black frames and the other has silver. Both have the same lenses. The glasses look great and I got them quickly.

Got mine from accesoriez too. Came today. Two pairs just like they said. I had to look twice at first. I thought the pictures looked the same at first. But they're not because they literally look the same as the originals.

The Puma 55017-135 col 67 is a close match to the Bond X-ray specs, the lens have to be changed to blue from the original green.

Warm regards....

I would have to look at JPG (Jean Paul Gaultier) sunglasses as the blue lenses are specific to the brand. Will search and report.

We are a specialty lens and eyewear company that have produced movie prop replica products as part of our product line from time to time. The most popular of these are the Cyclops Ruby Quartz lens seen in the X-Men series. We are currently working with a company that is trying to replicate the Spiderman movie prop replicas, but we don't see much demand there.

We are interested in producing a replica of the Bond x-ray glasses replica if the enthusiasm and demand is there. It should work nicely with our new distribution center in the UK. :o)

If anyone's interested, please drop a note to us.


Hi everybody! I found a replica of this one in the site above.

I have found some very similar glasses at this website

i want those glasses.... does anybody knows whjere i can get it now??

If you scroll down to JB-23 at you'll find what you're looking for
Pierce Brosnan's famous James Bond blue X-ray glasses were actually off the shelf from Scrivens Opticians. The frames were a design just for Scrivens but the blue lenses were a change to the design. How do I know? Because it was my wife Ros who did it. She is an optician and worked for Scrivens at the time. She also advised on the next Bond film, 'Tomorrow Never Dies' but her best? ... It all started because before either of these she had been asked by a patient (a film producer) to advise on the film 'Notting Hill' and she came up with Hugh Grant's prescription diving mask he wore in the cinema with Julia Roberts.
I want to purchase this xray specs
blue X-ray glasses is GIORGIO ARMANI product.

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