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Building the Aston Martin DB5 1/8 scale die-cast model

20 February, 2013

Currently the Aston Martin DB5 1/8 scale is available in The Netherlands, so I was able to subscribe. In the next 85 weeks, parts of this model will be delivered and put together.

On the Bond Lifestyle Forum (update: Forum is shut down) can stay up to date about the progress. Feel free to add your experiences with building this car, or ask questions about this set.

Aston Martin DB5 model 1:8 scale

Every four weeks, four issues will be delivered. I'm very excited about this one as this is quite a unique model, with not only a large scale but also many working gadgets including lights, engine sound, and the well known modifications like the rotating license plates, bulletproof screen etcetera. Many parts are metal, and no glue is needed since all parts are fixed with screws.

Last week I received my first set of magazines and parts. The box contained a DVD, Magazines 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus parts, and I opted for option to buy the magazine binder as well, so I can store the magazines properly.

Part 1 includes a beautiful front grille, bulletproof shield and Aston Martin badges. Part 2 contains chairs, bumper and a license plate. Part 3 includes the engine bonnet. Part 4 has some nice parts for the engine. Just feeling the weight of these parts I can only image how heavy the final car will be. According to the official website of the car, it will weigh 20 pounds (9 kilo)!

All parts look very nice so far. In the next shipment I should receive some more tools and screws so maybe then the first assembly can take place. Stay tuned!

For more info, some great photos and videos of this car, visit the official website (update 2017: or the Eaglemoss UK or Eaglemoss USA websites).

The model is only available in a select number of countries, for example:
The Netherlands
South Africa
New Zealand

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Hallo I am from South Africa. I have a DB5 set but short about 6 parts, where can I get it? Thanks.
I subscribed to the JAMES BOND DB5 model when it first became available in 2011 (I think) but have only just started to put it together. When I got part 43 which covers the right hand arm rest, right door panel and trim and window frame I found that the perspex window panel was missing. is there still a replacement for this item available? And Oblige, Mike McEwing
I have the car built to a fantastic standard with all magazines etc for sale. Need to sell and not find cheaper Please email me
I know this is a long shot. But I may be able to help you if you still need the parts
@michael Mcewing, there is no window there I tjink. Its not in the instructions and i didnt have one last night aswel. @Michael Coles, im missing a few. I might have 4 of the 11, ill know in 2 days. After that, if uou have them please hrlp me out!
Hi I have a few copies missing from my DB5 model. Is it still possible to get back issues thanking you
Hi building my DB5 got everything magazine’s etc but missing parts that come with issue 51 how can I get hold of these parts please.
I am missing part number 5, do you have this for sale?
Hi Did you manage to get the parts, I have some and also looking for some.Cape Town.
Hi there Do you still have extra parts on the DB5
Bonjour, je recherche la partie 77 de l’Aston Martin DB5 1/8…merci par avance de vos retours
I have some James bond db5 1.8 scale model parts if you are interested in completing your car.
Hi, I am looking for spare parts for the Aston Martin 007 car my husband built it but there is a couple of parts that have broken. Can you tell me how I get in touch with somebody to get the spare parts please thank you
Hi, I need some spare parts for the James Bond car please as I have accidentally broken some. Thank you
i requirecomplete issue 73 83 85 and magazines53 64 70 86 . i have quite a few extra parts available for sale or swop 6 12 30 37 63 69 and most magazines. In South Africa +27828594114
i have available 0828594114
I’m having trouble figuring out which screws are which with no reference I need a chart and can’t find it does anybody have one or can tell me where to look in which book I’d prefer a color chart for comparison, trying to figure it out is a PITA?
Hello I'm looking for replacement of a part on my model 007DB5 it's the book number is 73 I'm looking for a new rear bumper to replace the broken one I got can you help me please.

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