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La Perla "Grigioperla" blue swimming trunks

photo © La Perla
La Perla Grigioperla Lodato
photo © La Perla

photo © 2006 Sony Pictures
Daniel Craig wearing the blue La Perla Grigio Perla swimming trunks
photo © 2006 Sony Pictures

photo © La Perla
Screenshot of the La Perla website, showing the La Perla trunks and bikini
photo © La Perla

Most women will still remember the scene from Casino Royale where James Bond emerges from the sea in his blue trunks. Daniel Craig's famous blue swimsuit from Casino Royale is a La Perla Grigioperla Lodato from the Spring/Summer 2006 collection.

The trunks have been flying off the shelves since the first publicity shots from Casino Royale showing a toned Craig emerging from the sea wearing a pair received wide publicity.

These famous trunks are not available anymore online or in stores, except sometimes on eBay.

La Perla later released the similar Alberti and Maurilio models, but those are currently also impossible to find.


You can find affordable alternatives, for example these Coofandy Swim Trunks available on Amazon for $19.99.

These shorts are less tight than the La Perlas, but still quite short. It has zipper pockets and a draw string. I just purchased a pair myself. They are made in China, from a light polyester and spandex, but for this price you have a very decent pair of swim shorts similar to Bond's briefs that is also easier to wear (not as 'revealing').

coofandy swim trunks elastic la perla alternativesAnother model from Coofandy are these elastic swim briefs in Sky Blue and Navy Classic ($19.98) that are just as tight fitting as the La Perlas and have similar dark blue lines on the sides, check it out here. (I don't have these myself yet so can't comment on the quality).

magnoli clothiers replicaMagnoli Clothiers has created an accurate replica of the LaPerla shorts, which are available on eBay for $43.



In the same film, Solange (Caterina Murino) wears a green La Perla bikini.

About La Perla
Sophisticated, luxurious and expensive, La Perla's beautiful lingerie has been worn by actresses and celebrities. The company's pieces have even become highly prized as collectables. La Perla currently sells mostly women's lingerie. Visit the website and online store on

Other James Bond swim shorts
The Orlebar Brown Setter swimshorts worn by James Bond in SkyFall (2012) have a similar color, Sky blue, to the La Perla swimshorts, and have been popular ever since the release of the film, even though they only appear in the main promotion photo and briefly in the film itself.

The blue color might be inspired by the original Jantzen swim shorts worn by Bond in the early Bond films.

In 2013, Sunspel released a pair of light blue swim shorts directly inspired by the Jantzen shorts, also in the light blue color, and designed in collaboration with costume designer Lindy Hemming, who was also responsible for the costume design in Casino Royale.


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Hello fellow Bond fans, Selling a pair of mint condition, never worn, pair of these trunks. Have been in storage for years. Let me know if anyone would like these before I put them on EBay. Size is small, and fits a 30-32 inch waist perfectly.
Looking for an authentic pair of these that will fit a 34/35" waste please. Let me know. Thanks!
Hi, cbrezssa what is your email ?
Looking for a pair of these trunks. Waist size 30. Probably a small from what I’ve heard. Let me know if you have seen them anywhere.
Do you still have them? Do let me know.
I have a pair of size small (30-32), brand new with tags. Never worn. Shoot me an email at if you’re interested
Hello, looking to purchase a pair of the La Perla Bond Casino Royale swim trunks in small or medium (32 waist). Would prefer new with tags. Please email me if you have a pair for sale preferably a pair that is screen accurate without blue circle logo on left front leg.
Hi Guys, I have a genuine XL from back in the days. Never worn. No tags and no package but PERFECT condition. I'm in Singapore and I can consider sending abroad if needed. You can contact me through the ad: Morgan
I want the medium in the la perla bond style trunks if available still my waist is 32. Thanks Ian
Hey, I'm looking for a size small (30 waist)! Please let me know at if you're selling.
Looking to see if anyone has a pair of these iconic trunks in medium or large available. Contact me at if you are selling. Thank you kindly!

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