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La Perla "Grigioperla" blue swimming trunks

photo © La Perla
La Perla Grigioperla Lodato
photo © La Perla

photo © 2006 Sony Pictures
Daniel Craig wearing the blue La Perla Grigio Perla swimming trunks
photo © 2006 Sony Pictures

photo © La Perla
Screenshot of the La Perla website, showing the La Perla trunks and bikini
photo © La Perla

Most women will still remember the scene from Casino Royale where James Bond emerges from the sea in his blue trunks. Daniel Craig's famous blue swimsuit from Casino Royale is a La Perla Grigioperla Lodato from the Spring/Summer 2006 collection.

The trunks have been flying off the shelves since the first publicity shots from Casino Royale showing a toned Craig emerging from the sea wearing a pair received wide publicity.

These famous trunks are not available anymore online or in stores, except sometimes on eBay.

La Perla later released the similar Alberti and Maurilio models, but those are currently also impossible to find.


You can find affordable alternatives, for example these Coofandy Swim Trunks available on Amazon for $19.99.

These shorts are less tight than the La Perlas, but still quite short. It has zipper pockets and a draw string. I just purchased a pair myself. They are made in China, from a light polyester and spandex, but for this price you have a very decent pair of swim shorts similar to Bond's briefs that is also easier to wear (not as 'revealing').

coofandy swim trunks elastic la perla alternativesAnother model from Coofandy are these elastic swim briefs in Sky Blue and Navy Classic ($19.98) that are just as tight fitting as the La Perlas and have similar dark blue lines on the sides, check it out here. (I don't have these myself yet so can't comment on the quality).

magnoli clothiers replicaMagnoli Clothiers has created an accurate replica of the LaPerla shorts, which are available on eBay for $43.



In the same film, Solange (Caterina Murino) wears a green La Perla bikini.

About La Perla
Sophisticated, luxurious and expensive, La Perla's beautiful lingerie has been worn by actresses and celebrities. The company's pieces have even become highly prized as collectables. La Perla currently sells mostly women's lingerie. Visit the website and online store on

Other James Bond swim shorts
The Orlebar Brown Setter swimshorts worn by James Bond in SkyFall (2012) have a similar color, Sky blue, to the La Perla swimshorts, and have been popular ever since the release of the film, even though they only appear in the main promotion photo and briefly in the film itself.

The blue color might be inspired by the original Jantzen swim shorts worn by Bond in the early Bond films.

In 2013, Sunspel released a pair of light blue swim shorts directly inspired by the Jantzen shorts, also in the light blue color, and designed in collaboration with costume designer Lindy Hemming, who was also responsible for the costume design in Casino Royale.


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They are excellent!

Bond also wore another Grigoperla swimsuit, kind of bordeaux/brown color (when hanging out with Vesper). Does anyone have more info which model it is and where I can buy it?

GrigioPerla just started shipping the 2008 model of this swimsuit.

It is called the Alberti and absolutely amazing.

Check it out and more GrigioPerla swimwear at the link above.

I just bought a pair of these swimtrunks Fri from LaPerla. on the US site, they have them again by the way for 122.00 USD. They shipped them in 3 days just in time for spring break. I thought these shorts would be kinda tight and uncomfortable but I was wrong, they feel wonderful. I just wish they would bring back the black pair as well on the website.

I bought a pair of these from someone off eBay. I paid massively over the odds at around £90 but who cares :)) they really do feel fabulous and look superb. I never buy fakes anyway and also bought the T&A shirt ensemble direct from T&A online, which is nothing less than exquisite and a serious collectors piece (as is the swimwear) and since 2002, I've been wearing a genuine Rolex Seadweller. Basically a better version of the submariner :P Oh yes, I almost forgot, I also bought the Albert Thurston white braces direct from Albert Thurston, which is the best way to get them as they're slightly cheaper that way. Fantastic site! :)


Im from the netherlands. does anyone know were and how i can buy this one?

What type/style/brand of underware did Bond wear in Casino Royale? I am serious. Can you find out for us. Thanks

I just want to know if it's possible to get a pair of the blue swimming trunks delivered to me in New Zealand at all - or if anyone can tell me best way to do this

I managed to get a pair prior to christmas. They are excellent. The pictures here don't do them justice, they are designed to be worn tight and not everyone can pull them off, but if your physique is lard free you'll look great.

Does anyone know what brand he wears at the end of the film? They are slightly longer short black with white down the sides? Anyone know?

The photos of myself wearing the LaPela Grigioperla swim trunk. I had put them all in one "SET", so they are easy to find. If you would like to see them, use the link above! Thank you!

Next in the UK are selling a very similar design to this. I saw them several days ago and they cost 12 pound a pair. I have Le Perlas and the colour is much the same except the dark blue lines at the front are narrower and its pale blue on the back, not dark.

I am starting to post photos of myself wearing the LaPela Grigioperla swim trunk on my page. If you are interested, click my website and take a look! I just have a few uploaded right now. I will upload more photos one day at a time. There should be a total of around 20 photos. [img][/img]

I bought these (from the L.A.) Store. size large...AWESOME shorts...unfortunately since I have really really skinny legs, they dont fit me properly! I can't return them because of their policy and I cant exchange since theres no other sizes!. I'm looking to ofcourse get them off my hands...willing to part with them for $100 (thats not more more than the original 87 dollar price) email me if interested. Thanks in advance.

Alright, I have received several e-mails in reference to where I purchased the bathing suit. Unfortunately I don't think the store has anymore left to sell, so with that said, I guess you have to rely on the store that is in California charging $129.00, which is ridiculous, considering La Perla never charged that.

does anyone know when glame on web will be re stocking please tell

Isak, I got the ebay ones AND the la perla ones off this site. I tried them on one after another. The La Perlas are definitely much better (I sure hope so for 100 bucks more over the ebay ones). The ebay ones are the EXACT same design in LOOK, but are not as nicely durable. They ARE darker as you mentioned to which doesn't look as nice as the dark la perla ones. the draw string on the la perlas is fantastic and it is very cheesy like a bow tie on the ebay ones. the ebay ones are great for the price. but if you got the money to spend, you'll be happy with the la perlas by far.

Isak, on the real La Perla the "rope" actually functions, and is made of durable material. It is made to tighten the surrounding strap which is around your waist.

Thanks for the information. In that case there are some major flaws on the replica.
And I will definately buy the real la perla once I have the money.

You get what you pay for, it's just that simple ;)

I just received my La Perla swim trunk today. It is very light weight and the fabric is very soft.

I plan to go to a local beach next week and take some photos. So I can share it with you guys!

I just purchased two pairs of this bathing suit from a store that is still selling them for $87. I already have one. If you want to know where I purchased it please e-mail me.

I got a pair from the ebay store mentioned below. It is decent quality. Good fit, and seems solid.

However, the color is a little off(too dark) and the tightning rope is poorly made(and non functioning, though I believe it is just for show on the real La Perla too)

For the price, they are ok, but I think I'm gonna buy a real pair when I can afford them :p

Thank you for the information! I just made an order of the swim trunk with Le Bra for $129 plus $10 shipping. Size L 32"-34" waist. Will post a few photos on the internet when I get it in 3 to 5 days!

I know of the place in California that is charing a hefty amount for the bathing suit. I found a place that is still charging the $87.

Ignore my last post. I just bid and won these...the seller claims they are exactly the same minus the la perla logo due to copy write infringement. either way, they do look identical.

I will let you know what they are like, and yes NJhunkguy be sure to post some pics, i'd really like to see and get some sort of comparison going as to how mine compare to your authentics!

apparently the store in Hollywood is the only one that carries them and they aren't getting anymore because they are discontinued now!! Damnit that sux. They still have larges (size 32-34 waste) but i needed more medium she said...that suxxxxxxx I wanted these bad

I think you are wrong in the size. XL is for 33-34

I think your right Michael, I ordered the large anyways and am hoping for a good fit when they arrive. I saw them as well here but they are replica...they definitely don't look quite as nice as these, but for the price, they look pretty decent

does anyone know where i can find a pair of these james bond short. please email me

Has anyone had a chance to come across a vendor for the black trunks? Particularly in the States?

I just purchased a pair today from LeBra Lingerie in California. Regrettably, as these trunks are increasingly ard to find, the price has escalated a good deal since the $89 figure was listed. I was quoted $129 plus $10 shipping. Nonetheless, I regard it as coin well spent and I'm quite looking forward to their arrival.

These killer trunks are again available! Check out your local store or order them directly from the LA PERLA homepage!

I just ordered and got the swim trunks from La Bra in West Hollywood. I spoke to Jason on the phone ( don't email he is getting way too many ). He was pleasant and gave me the correct size. He shipped them that day and I got them 3 days later. These are totally worth the price!!! Almost too nice to swim in! But tthe motivation factor to get in shape just went up 1000%. High Quality for sure.

I've bought mine from Glamonweb (link is posted above) and they were very fast: It took less than 5 days from Bologna/Italy to Germany. They are still being sold. Glamonweb also have the black and white trunks Bond wears on the Italian Beach. The company ships both items all over Europe.

I don't see the black ones on this site -- can you provide any more info on the black shorts?

I was wrong!
I remember that I saw the black ones on an Italian website and I PRESUME (now) they were from the La Perla 2006 collection, but now I cannot find them anymore. They were almost exactly like the blue ones but all around black with a white stripe on the side. I offer my apologies for this rash information and beg the pardon of everyone whom I deceived into false hopes...

if your after getting a pair of genuine grigio perla trunks i have them for sale in most sizes please email me for more details be quick there going fast

GrigioPerla just started shipping this style in a range of colors for the new season. It is called the Adrien and absolutely amazing.

Check it out and more GrigioPerla swimwear at the link above.

hey there...

can anyone verify that ligitimacy of the international jock alberti and adrien lines? i don't understand how they are the only store in the world that has them. i can't even find them on la perla's website.


GrigioPerla is only cutting the new swimwear line to order. The James Bond style in this season's colors is "Adrien".

You may contact La Perla in the US at (212) 459-2775 to verify legitimacy.

Careful when shopping for the real thing.

I have a pair I bought two years ago and look exactly as the photos shown here.

They must have the GP logo on front. The back is dark blue, NOT black as shown.

The link below is pure BS. Look for the real thing

Has anyone called La Perla in New York to find out what the deal is? I called a local La Perla store but they were sold out of all the new styles.


je voudrai savoir si ce maillot de bain et toujour disponible,et livrable en suisse


Hi Guys,

There is a guy in France, selling a brand new original in XL and he can speak english.

Hi Guys,

There is a guy in France, selling a brand new original in XL and he can speak english.

Here is the link:


Hi Guys,

There is a guy in France, selling a brand new original in XL and he can speak english.

Here is the link:

how can i contact this french guy? do you know how much he wants i can't read french but i've been looking for these shorts everywhere thanks

i have genuine grigio perla trunks for sale in medium new with tags the same as in casino royale if your interested email

anyone want to sell a paor of these? email me. size medim. about a 31 waist.

There are a pair in size medium on ebay at the moment

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