James Bond's Grooming Set in SkyFall

05 February, 2018

This is the story of how Bond fans Simon and Jon were able to identify the products from James Bond's grooming set in SkyFall (2012).

Some parts of the shaving kit are seen in the movie, when Moneypenny shaves Bond the old fashioned way in the hotel in Macao. We first see Bond putting soap from a wooden bowl on a shaving brush when Moneypenny knocks on the door. Moneypenny then gives Bond a shave using a straight razor.

But it was not until a very recent James Bond prop display at the Omega Boutique on Regent Street in London, that the details of the grooming set could clearly be spotted. Jon went down to the shop to take lots of photos of the props and then the hunt began.

Grooming Set SkyFall James Bond shaving kit omega store display prop

The original grooming set on display at the Omega Boutique on Regent Street in London
Photo by Jon

As an idea for the 50th birthday of David Zaritsky from The Bond Experience, Simon and Jon decided they would find all the items of the box and make it an ultimate Bond style gift. Simon joined Jon in London in December to revisit the Omega store display before heading to Jermyn Street, a street famous for many Bond related shops including Turnbull & Asser, Church's, Crockett & Jones, Floris andDunhill.

Grooming Box

They first found the Mock Croc Box at Taylor of Old Bond Street, on 74 Jermyn Street. The Mock Croc is sold as part of a kit, "Luxury Men's Grooming Box in Black Mock-Croc". The grooming box itself is not seen in SkyFall.

taylor of bond mock croc grooming box

A black version of the box pictured above is the box used in the set

Taylor of Old Bond Street Luxury Men's Grooming Box in Black Mock-Croc with Beige Interior
Code: J20301-Black
Box dimensions: L: 21.5cm x W: 13cm x D: 8cm.
The box contains a Victorian Mach3 Razor, Imitation Ivory Comb, Pure Badger Travel Shaving Brush, Sandalwood Aftershave Lotion (30ml), Pre-Shave Gel (30ml), Styptic Pencil & Sandalwood Shave Cream Tube (50ml), but none of these items is in the movie set.
Prince: £275
Available at Taylor of Old Bond Street


The aftershave bottle in the box seen at the Omega display matched a bottle from Taylor of Old Bond Street as well, either from the Jermyn Street collection or the Sandalwood (Simon and Jon prefer and recommend the Jermyn Street version). The aftershave itself is not seen in SkyFall.

Taylor of old Bond Jermyn Street Collection Alcohol Free Aftershave 30ml

Taylor of Old Bond Street Jermyn Street Collection Alcohol Free Aftershave 30ml
Code: J06006
Price: £16.95 (30ml)
Available at Taylor of Old Bond Street
Available at Amazon.co.uk

After the box and aftershave were identified, the hunt went on for the shaving bowl, the brush, comb and blade.

Shaving Soap Bowl

First the shaving bowl and brush. It's actually a black wooden bowl, of which we at Bond Lifestyle thought it was either Floris, Taylor of Old Bond Street or Geo. F. Trumper, but Simon and Jon came to the conclusion that it is a black Geo. F. Trumper bowl, with the Eucris scent, but with the top label removed. This could be a deliberate nod to Ian Fleming as the brand is mentioned in the novels as well (read more). The bowl and brush can be spotted in SkyFall when Bond puts soap on the brush in his hotel room.

Geo F Trumper - Eucris Hard Shaving Soap Wooden bowl 80g

The bowl in the film had the white Geo. F. Trumper Eucris label removed.

Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Hard Shaving Soap
Wooden Bowl 80g
Price: £22.00
Available at Geo. F. Trumper
Available at Amazon.com
Available at Amazon.co.uk
Available at Amazon.de

Shaving Brush

The brush seen in the prop display is a badger hair brush, and supposedly also from Geo. F. Trumper. It has a black handle and the brand name Geo F Trumper in large letters, although currently Geo F Trumper doesn't seem to offer any brush with the logo in that kind of text or font. There are very similar current brushes from Geo. F. Trumper that have a current Geo. F. Trumper logo on the brush.

Geo F Trumper Shaving Brush SkyFall james Bond

Close-up of the shaving brush, where a Geo. F. Trumper text is clearly visible
Photo by Jon

Geo. F. Trumper Badger Hair Brush
Price: £90
SImilar brush only available in the Geo. F. Trumper stores in London.

Straight Razor

The razor blade was another item that we really wanted to identify, and the research based on the Omega store display reveals that it is from Dovo Solingen. The razor handle is Buffalo Horn, mostly black and since Dovo offers a lot of razor with only small differences, it was hard to find the exact same model, but it looks like the Dovo 41 Stainless Steel Straight Razor with Buffalo Horn. The razor can be seen when Bond wants to start shaving and after when Moneypenny actually shaves him.

Dovo Solingen 41 5855 Razor Buffolo Horn Stainless Steel

Dovo Solingen 41 5855 Buffalo Horn Stainless Steel Straight Razor
This razor can still be found at many stores and online for example at Excalibur Cutlery and Amazon.com.


The hardest item to identify was the comb. Just like the box and the aftershave, the comb is not actually seen in the film. Jon and Simon had two stores going through their entire stock of combs to find a match and the closest they could find was a Geo. F. Trumper comb, but they gave no further details. The comb is also not seen in SkyFall.

grooming set skyfall replica james bond

Final result of the research: a replica of the grooming box with the same items as in SkyFall
photo by Simon Ruzgar

After completing the set, Simon and Jon flew thousands of miles to surprise David at his home, and presented him the gift, see the Bond Experience video here.

A big thanks to Simon and Jon for their research and the Bond Experience for the video.

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