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James Bond 007 Fragrance Seven

photo © 007 Fragrance
James Bond 007 Fragrance Seven 50 ml
photo © 007 Fragrance

photo © 007 Fragrance
Seven Deodorant and Shower Gel
photo © 007 Fragrance

photo © 007 Fragrance
James Bond 007 Fragrance Seven 75ml Intense
photo © 007 Fragrance

007 Fragrances launches SEVEN, the next instalment in its collection of male scents inspired by the world of James Bond.

SEVEN draws inspiration from powerful elements within the world of 007 that continually captivate Bond fans. SEVEN is the new premium addition to the 007 Fragrances range. A fragrance with carefully selected ingredients and a bold, sleek appearance.

The fragrance is available in the UK at The Fragrance ShopHouse of Fraser or and

In the USA the fragrance can be found at Kohls or online at

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The fragrance
The top notes of this scent have a striking citrus quality, led by sweet Tangerine and followed by sharp Bergamot and crisp Apple. The heart of the fragrance rapidly unfolds with a domination of spices; Cinnamon, Saffron and White Pepper to ignite the senses. Smooth Amber, Vanilla and Musk combine with Caramel at the base of this fragrance. These ingredients are enriched by Leather, dark Mahogany, Cedarwood and Sandalwood.

The bottle
Presented in black, the flacon’s sharp-edged profile offers an additional diagonal contour to create the shape of the number seven, giving the bottle a multifaceted dimension akin to the juice inside.

The campaign
The TV-campaign was shot by renowned photographer Greg Williams. A bullet strikes the SEVEN bottle and though the shot is invisible to the human eye, it causes a thousand shards of glass to fly apart so that the liquid fragrance inside it disperses. As the shards of the flacon fly through the air, the speed and velocity is beautiful, and unpredictable. The finale draws the flying fragments of the bottle back together.

Greg Williams, 007 Fragrances campaign director comments: ‘‘We wanted to evoke a sense of the excitement and intensity synonymous with 007 title sequences. We used a Phantom camera which shoots 2,500 frames a second, so the moment when the bullet strikes the bottle is incredibly evocative."

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