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James Bond blue swim shorts alternatives

13 March, 2023

James Bond wears blue swim shorts in the movies Thunderball, Casino Royale and SkyFall, some of which are not available anymore. In this article you can find alternative swim trunk styles.

james bond blue swim shorts alternatives movie film daniel craig

Let's first take a quick look at the original James Bond swim shorts before we get into the alternatives.

Jantzen shorts

Status: not produced anymore
Find vintage Jantzen shorts on eBay

James Bond Jantzen swim shorts Thunderball Sean Connery

In Thunderball (1965), Bond wears several different swim trunks, all from the brand Jantzen. Sean Connery as James Bond wears a white, pink and a sky blue pair.

The Jantzen brand still exists but currently only makes women's clothes.

Read more about the Jantzen shorts here


La Perla Grigioperla Lodato swim shorts

Status: not produced anymore
Find La Perla Grigioperla shorts on eBay

In one of the most famous scenes from the movie Casino Royale (2006), Daniel Craig as James Bond wears La Perla Grigioperla Lodato swim short when he gets out of the ocean water in the Bahamas.

La Perla Grigioperla Lodato swim shorts blue james bond casino royale daniel craig

These La Perla Grigioperla swim shorts with sky blue and dark blue lines were an immediate hit in 2006, but sold out almost instantly.
Read more about these La Parla shorts.


Orlebar Brown Setter Sky shorts

Status: still available
Buy Orlebar Brown Setter Sky shorts ($295)

In SkyFall (2012), James Bond once again wears sky blue shorts, which are only briefly seen when he takes a dip in a pool in Shanghai. These blue swim shorts were made by Orlebar Brown, and started a strong relationship between Bond and Orlebar Brown which lasts to this day.

orlebar brown setter sky blue swim shorts james bond daniel craig

The Orlebar Brown Setter Sky shorts are the only Bond shorts still available, although the color has slightly changed and is now only available in the color "Riviera II".

Buy Orlebar Brown Setter Sky shorts ($275)

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Jed North shorts worn in No Time To Die

Status: still available
Buy now at Amazon ($25.95, best deal)

Another pair of blue shorts, although a darker blue and not swim shorts, are the Jed North Agile shorts worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in No Time To Die (2021).

jed north agile shorts blue james bond

You can make the shorts screen accurate by removing the logo and replacing the drawstring, read this tutorial on how to do that.

These Jed North fitted workout shorts are still available and already so cheap that no alternatives are needed.

Get the Jed North Agile on Amazon ($25.95)

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Orlebar Brown 007 Thunderball shorts

A great quality pair of shorts, inspired by the Jantzen shorts in Thunderball, but unfortunately these shorts are currently (2023) not available anymore in the light blue color, only in a dark blue as pictured here on the right.

Orlebar Brown Thunderball Swimshort 007 Navy Cadet Blue Shorter Length Swim Short

These shorts have a dark blue waistband, but it's not a real belt like the original Thunderball shorts.

Buy Orlebar Brown 007 Thunderball shorts ($375)

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Magnoli Clothiers

magnoli replica swim shortsMagnoli Clothiers has created an accurate replica of the LaPerla shorts, which are available on eBay for $43.

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Most affordable: COOFANDY Men's Swim Trunk

A very affordable pair of alternative shorts for the Thunderball and La Perla shorts are these Coofandy Swim Trunks available for $20.99 on Amazon.

coofandy blue swim shorts

The color combination is reminiscent of the Thunderball shorts as well as the La Perla shorts.

The light blue is very similar to the La Perla blue, and while the elastic band is black, it still gives that same look as the La Perla shorts or the Thunderball shorts.

The sizing is almost identical to the Orlebar Brown Setter, but with the elastic band and drawstring these Coofandy shorts are quite flexible.

coofandy blue shorts zipper pockts drawstring

These shorts have practical zipper pockets and a draw string.

I purchased a pair myself and although these are perhaps not the same quality as the high-end brands (they are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex), but they look and fit well. I will try them and see if they will hold up well over time.

coofandy blue swim shortsFor this price you have a very decent pair of swim shorts similar to Bond's briefs, that is also easier to wear than the La Perla shorts (not as 'revealing'). 

You could replace the blue drawstring with a very light blue drawstring to make it a bit more accurate to the La Perla shorts.

Buy at Coofandy ($19.99)

Buy at Amazon ($20.99 - more sizes available)

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COOFANDY Square Leg Swim Brief

Another model from Coofandy are these elastic swim briefs in Sky Blue and Navy Classic ($18.98) that are just as tight-fitting as the La Perlas and have similar dark blue lines on the sides.

coofandy square leg swim briefs blue

I don't have these myself yet (I ordered them but haven't received them yet) so can't comment on the quality or fit, but to get tight swim shorts in the style of the James Bond La Perla Grigioperla shorts, you could try these for less than $20.

Buy at Amazon ($18.98)

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Rhone 7" Mako Tech Workout Shorts Unlined

If you're looking for workout shorts, then these Rhone Mako Tech Short in Sky Blue with contrasting dark blue waist band are a good option.

rhone mako tech shorts unlined

The Rhone Mako moisture wicking training shorts are meant for the gym, not for swimming. And note that these are quite long with 7", but the shorter 5" version is not available in the color Sky Blue.

Available at Nordstrom ($68) UPDATE: SOLD OUT




Remember the Sunspel special vintage shorts released in 2014 that were inspired by shorts worn by Sean Connery? Those turned out not to be worn in a Bond film, but by Sean Connery in the 1964 film Woman of Straw (read more here).

Sunspel Blue Swim Shorts

Even though they didn't appear in a Bond film, these Sunspel swim shorts are a great 1960s style trunks from a Bond brand. The shorts have a small front pocket, branded press studs and adjustable side tabs.

They are still available at Sunspel, now in an upcycled marine plastic from Seaqual, made from waste plastic recovered from the oceans.

Available for £175 / $250 at Sunspel

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Speedo Vintage Volley 14" shorts

A great alternative for the shorts mentioned above are these Speedo Vintage Volley 14" shorts in the color Azure Blue.

speedo vintage volley shorts

The blue Speedo shorts have the vintage button closing tab and the little front pocket with button closing, very similar to the shorts worn by Sean Connery.

Available at UPDATE: This color is SOLD OUT - now only available in a darker blue.


MR MARVIS The Swims Avenues (light blue men's swim shorts)

Another good alternative for sky blue swim shorts are the MR MARVIS The Swims Avenues light blue men's swim shorts.

mr marvis blue swim shorts

The MR MARVIS shorts have a drawstring, partly elastic waistband, metal MR MARVIS logo and side pockets. All MR MARVIS shorts come with a hidden zippered pocket.

The shorts from this new Dutch clothing brand are designed in Amsterdam and made in Portugal.

Available at MR MARVIS for $109 (free shipping)

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Banana Republic Retromarine 6" swim shorts

The Banana Republic Retromarine 6" swim shorts are simple but decent looking blue swim shorts, with a zip fly and snap closure, side seam pockets and retromarine's signature fabric, boasting UPF 50 protection.

The Banana Republic shorts are tailored for a slim fit.

Available at Banana Republic (UPDATE: this color has SOLD OUT)




If you have another suggestion for a great looking blue pair of swim shorts, send me a message!

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