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Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket

photo © Barbour
Barbour X To Ki To Sports Jacket from the Beacon Heritage collection (original product image from 2012)
photo © Barbour

photo © Barbour
Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket
photo © Barbour

photo © Greg Williams
Bond on Set: Filming SkyFall cover, showing Bond in his Barbour sports jacket
photo © Greg Williams

photo © Aspecto
This new model, the Barbour Dept. B Commander / Beacon Sports jacket launched in 2013 is almost identical to the X To Ki To
photo © Aspecto

photo © END Clothing
The jacket is now called "Beacon Sports Jacket" (not Commander anymore), with model nr MWX0007OL71
photo © END Clothing

James Bond (Daniel Craig) wears a Barbour X To Ki To Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket in the movie SkyFall (2012).

The jacket can be spotted on the cover photo of Bond on Set: Filming SkyFall and very briefly in the SkyFall trailer. Bond wears the jacket in the Scotland scenes, where it fits well in the environment, especially together with his Anderson Wheeler double rifle and Aston Martin DB5. Director Sam Mendes said that he wanted a 1960s feel in those scenes, and the Barbour jacket adds to this look.

With the Barbour jacket, James Bond wears Crockett & Jones Islay boots, N.Peal blue wave cashmere sweater and All Saints Corduane Iggy pants. The scarf by Tom Ford completes Bond's Scotland outfit.

Update May 2024: the jacket is currently not easily available online anymore.
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The Barbour tailored sports jacket made from 6oz Sylkoil wax with the classic Barbour tarten lining. The jacket has a single welted chest pocket with two lower bellowed pockets, and two lower back poacher pockets. Other features include a removable articulated hood which Bond seems to have removed. This jacket is only available in Olive color, product code MWX0364OL71.

The jacket is part of the Beacon Heritage collection, a collaboration between Barbour and Japanese designer Tokihito Yoshida. The collection is inspired by Barbour’s sporting, motorcycling and military past and offers a range of jackets, knitwear and shirts.

There seem to be two versions, with a small difference in button placement: the jacket as seen in the film has the two buttons near the stomach area placed closer together, but some jackets have all buttons placed at even distances.

The production of this jacket is limited and it has sold out fast everywhere. The jacket has become one of the most sought after pieces of Bond clothing.

Barbour Dept-B Commander / Beacon Heritage Sports
In July 2013, Barbour launched a new jacket, which is almost identical to the Limited Edition X To Ki To, but it's called the Dept. B Commander jacket (a clear reference to Commander Bond). This new jacket has "Barbour Dept B" written on the left pocket and it doesn't come with the removable hood or storm flap. The jacket is still available as the Beacon Sports jacket, modelnr MWX0007OL71, read comparison with original jacket here. After 2014, the same jacket is called "Beacon Heritage Sports Jacket", with the same model nr MWX0007OL71.

Barbour 125th Anniversary
In 2019, a slightly different Barbour 125th Anniversary Icons version of the jacket was availabke, which has some minor changes including a different lining and extra pockets on the left arm and above the left front pocket.
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Barbour Gold Standard Supa Commander
In 2020, Barbour launched a high spec version of the jacket, the Supa Commander as part of their Gold Standard collection. This jacket DOES have the hood and stormflap, but differences with the original are the leather pockets and leather shoulder pads.
Read more about this jacket (still available)

Where to buy the Commander /  Beacon Sports
If you have an official Barbour store nearby, I would recommend paying it a visit and fit the jacket. In 2013 I bought my Barbour Dept B Commander jacket at End Clothing (USA and UK/EU). Great service and fast delivery. I have heard positive feedback from fans in the USA, Canada, Denmark, Belgium and the UK. In 2020 I bought a Barbour Beacon Heritage Sports jacket at Aphrodite Clothing.

End Clothing includes import duties, but please note that you might have to pay custom taxes when the jacket is ordered from international websites, but many people have received the jacket without having to pay anything extra.

UPDATED 2020: Read a comparison between the Commander / Beacon Heritage Sports and the original To Ki To jacket plus the new 125th anniversary jacket and Supa Commander.

Barbour jacket compare ultimate guide

On eBay there are sometimes a few original X To Ki To jackets on offer, usually for more than the original retail price.

The official, original Barbour price of this jacket was £399 (approx. $630 or €485), which amazingly hasn't changed over the years for the new releases.

Update December 2019: the Barbour Beacon Sports jacket is also worn by actor Michiel Huisman in The Age of Adeline (2015).

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Surprised no one has mentioned the Barbour Lutz jacket. Very similar, not limited, and many sellers are drawing the comparison in their ads
I have a medium for sale in perfect shape for around $1000. Email me at khajiitwares (at) protonmail . com if interested and will gladly provide any pics/info. Also wouldn't mind trading for a large.

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