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Barbour x Engineered Garments Graham Jacket

photo © End Clothing
Barbour x Engineered Garments Graham Jacket, waxed, MCA0596NY71
photo © End Clothing

photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, Eon Productions, United Artists, Universal Pictures.
James Bond and Paloma (Ana de Armas) in No Time To Die
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, Eon Productions, United Artists, Universal Pictures.

photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, Eon Productions, United Artists, Universal Pictures.
A better shot in the 2nd trailer for No Time To Die confirms this is the unwashed waxed Graham jacket
photo © Danjaq LLC, MGM, Eon Productions, United Artists, Universal Pictures.

photo © End Clothing
The button on the collar of the Barbour x Engineered Garments Graham Jacket is used to close the wind flap, see picture below
photo © End Clothing

photo © Barbour
This is how the wind flap closes on the jacket
photo © Barbour

James Bond (Daniel Craig) is probably wearing a Barbour x Engineered Garments Graham Jacket in navy waxed cotton in No Time To Die (2020).

Bond wears the jacket when he is Cuba, walking to and entering a bar where Paloma is drinking a cherry cola. He wears the jacket over the same casual outfit that he wears in Jamaica (the Tom Ford Jeans, Tommy Bahama shirt and Sperry shoes, see the full outfit here).

It's not 100% confirmed, but the jacket worn in the Cuba bar scenes looks like the blue 'waxed', unwashed version, modelnumber MCA0596NY71, it has two buttons on the collar for a wind flap (see photos).

Unfortunately this exact Graham jacket is not produced anymore (now only sometimes available on eBay) but Barbour has released the very similar 'Covert' model, read more below.

Best alternative / remake:
Barbour x Engineered Garments Covert jacket

In 2020 or 2021, Barbour released the Barbour x Engineered Garments 'Covert' jacket (model nr MCA0749NY71), which is very similar as well, but also missing the button on the collar and two buttons on outside of the back collar. It was availably briefly, sold out fast (read more about this jacket on the AJB forum) although it is now (30 September 2021, premiere date of No Time To Die) back in the Barbour store and at End Clothing.

The Covert jacket is still available at:

 Shop now at End Clothing USA ($295)

 Shop now at End Clothing UK (£249)

There are a few jackets available on eBay.


Barbour White Label x Engineered Garments Waxed-Cotton Jacket
This waxed cotton jacket is similar to the Covert, but with a different name (and perhaps more differences that are not clear from the online description).

 Shop now at Mr Porter USA ($500)

 Shop now at Mr Porter UK (£250)


Note that the Barbour Graham (and similar alternatives) fits very wide and big, some have suggested sizing 1 or even 2 sizes down for it to fit, or have it heavily tailored to make it fit, see for example the video review of the jacket by The Bond Experience for a closer look and the alterations.

The Graham jacket is part of a special collaboration between Barbour and Engineered Garments designer, Daiki Suzuki. This 2019 collection re-works designs from the Barbour archive, incorporating the military inspired features and practical details the New York based brand Engineered Garments has become known for. 

The Barbour x Engineered Garments Graham Jacket MCA0596NY71 is based upon the design of the iconic Barbour Beaufort. The unlined Graham utilises a lightweight hydrocarbon coated cotton construction for protection against the elements giving the piece a slightly waxy feel. Deep cut raglan sleeves give the piece added function by allowing for enhanced mobility the jacket comes detailed with a two-way front zip and stud-close placket whilst other stand out features include the garments two hand pockets to the front and zipped pockets to the side seams.


There are two other similar variations available: a 'washed wax' version model nr MCA0668NY71 in the same color blue. That one is still available, for example at END Clothing (on sale at £205 / $245), but that one has a slightly different washed wax cotton fabric and is missing the button on the collar.

And there is also a black Waxed version with Corduroy collar (MWX1436BK11), which does have the button on the collar but the collar itself is a black corduroy.


James Bond famously wore a Barbour jacket in SkyFall (2012), which became very popular and the Beacon Heritage remake of that jacket is still available.

Another jacket worn by James Bond in No Time To Die is the Rogue Territory wax jacket, which is still available.

With thanks to the AJB007 forum and W for the ID

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Desperate for a Large!
The Barbour Covert Jacket is a great alternative.
Hello, do you know, if the Graham jacket will be available again? A Barbour staff member said, they have only changed the name of the jacket. But I wouldn't buy the Covert jacket, if they will relaunch the Graham jacket. Kind regards Felix
Currently no indication that the original Graham will be released again. The Covert is the closest thing we can get.
I bought one online from a forum and It cost me a lung and a hand but it is mine haha
Any other details for the white label version? I know everyone is saying the covert is the closest version, but the graham was waxed which the white label is too. The covert is not. I feel like we need more details. Mr Porter also specifically calls out that this is the jacket from No Time To Die.
I just bought the covert jacket for £125 in the Uk. It isn’t overly large and is actually a close fit on my shoulders and back. I wouldn’t get a size up though as the arms overhang as it is, which is the style and looks fine, but I wouldn’t want them any longer.
I bought one last week for £125 in sales. Nice jacket, I wouldn’t have paid £250 though.

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