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Algerian Love Knot by Sophie Harley

Eva Green as Vesper wears Sophie Harley's Algerian Love Knot in Casino Royale

photo © Sophie Harley
The Algerian Love Knot necklace handmade exclusively in Sophie's London studio
photo © Sophie Harley

Eva Green as Vesper wears Sophie Harley leaf earrings

photo © Sophie Harley
Sophie Harley leaf earrings
photo © Sophie Harley

Jewellery designer Sophie Harley's Love Knot has a starring role in the James Bond film Casino Royale (2006) and features again briefly in the sequel Quantum of Solace (2008).

The Algerian Love Knot is intriguing and slightly mysterious. Worn on the neck with a triple strand chain which drops down from the knot (see details), it compliments Eva Green's enigmatic and seductive beauty and perfectly taps into this Autumn's red-lipped, femme fatale look.

As seen on the beautiful Eva Green. Casino Royale features a sentimental sub plot involving 'Vesper Lynd' & her Algerian Love Knot Necklace, worn throughout the movie. This special piece of jewellery steals the show. Created from twisted gold and silver rings, multi layered chains, and featuring Sophie's signature winged heart clasp, the necklace bears the hallmarks of Sophie's inspiration. Ancient symbols & motifs allude to mysterious mythology & storytelling and is thus perfect for the mix of action, intrigue and romantic subplots...

Algerian Love Knot necklace: £2520

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Eva's earrings, seen in Casino Royale, are also still available. Made in oxidised silver with 18 carat gold plated detailing, and semi precious black and red garnet stone drop briolettes, these earrings complete the Eva Green set.

Leaf earrings: £572

To order call Sophie's studio directly on +44 (0) 207 430 2070, visit the website or send an email.

Sophie Harley studio
122 Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10 5JJ (nearest tube Westbourne Park/Ladbroke Grove)
Tel: +44 (0) 207 430 2070

An Algerian Love Knot worn by Eva Green in Casino Royale was auctioned at 50 Years of James Bond - The Auction at Christie's which took place online between Friday 28 September and Monday 8 October 2012. Estimated price at this charity auction was £2,000–3,000 but the necklace eventually sold for £54,000 ($86,832 / €66,852).

In Quantum of Solace, Bond carries the necklace with him and in the final scene we see Corrine (played by Stana Katic), a Canadian agent, wearing an Algerian Loveknot. The shot of Vesper's necklace in the snow is the last shot of the film.

Read the article about Bond Lifestyle's visit to Sophie's studio.

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very very beautiful algerian love

Algerian Love Knots Necklace

The Algerian Love Knot is an eloquent and curvaceous piece of decoration that is worn around the neck very high on a female chest. Its origination and inventor(s) are not well known in modern age. A symbol of completeness and stability, the Algerian Love Knot is considered a celebration of connection between two.

Looks beautiful and charming !

Just bought one of these for my special someone and it's very nice, she really likes it. They give you a lot of length in the chain so that it can be ajusted, although I'd recommend having a jeweler do it because the chains seem delicate. The actual pendant is larger than you might imagine and looks somewhat unproportional one a smaller figured girl. All in all, the color of the silver mixed with the color of the gold is much more attractive than any other piece of jewelry you could pick up at your local jewelry store and looks very nice with any outfit she decides to wear.

From the moment I saw this beautiful piece, I fell in love with it! I hope to own it! What a sincerely intriguing and magical piece of art!

I agree 100%!!! This is such a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry!! I've loved it from the very first time I saw it on lovely Eva in Casino Royale James Bond movie. I have set my goal on treating myself to one of these for my birthday or Christmas this year. As a single woman I refuse to wait for an acceptable gentleman to enter my life and grace me with this lovely work of art. I shall treat myself and I'm sure I shall be very happy wearing it every day! :-)
Yes, I agree very much with Vesper Spencer. If at all possible, don't wait for an 'acceptable gentlemen' to buy this beautiful necklace for you, but rather keep an eye out for the one who recognises it when you wear it, perhaps? It's stunning, has an ancient/symbolic look about it, and a lovely weighty feel of quality when worn. Perfect for everyday, as well as special occasion, wear too, it has to be said...
Is it just me, or is the spiral pattern vaguely reminiscent of the gun barrel logo?

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