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Spirit Yachts 'Spirit 54'

Bond and Vesper sailing into Venice with a Spirit 54 yacht in Casino Royale
Bond and Vesper sailing into Venice with a Spirit 54 yacht in Casino Royale
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia
photo © Spirit Yachts
Spirit 54 yacht
photo © Spirit Yachts

photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia
Bond sitting on the Spirit 54 yacht in Casino Royale
photo © United Artists, Danjaq LLC, Columbia

photo © Spirit Yachts
Interior of the Spirit 54 yacht
photo © Spirit Yachts

In the movie Casino Royale (2006), James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) sail from Montenegro to Venice in style: a brand new Spirit 54 sailing yacht, made by Spirit Yachts.

Bond casually steers this majestic and luxurious ship throught the canals, while Vesper is enjoying the view and taking pictures with her Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-T50 Digital Camera.

James Bond is wearing a grey Sunspel t-shirt and Persol sunglasses.

The Spirit 54 is seen once more at the end of the movie when Bond, sitting on the deck, speaks on the phone to 'M'. Then he is wearing a black cardigan, white Sunspel v-neck shirt and khaki chinos.

Handcrafted by Spirit Yachts in Suffolk, Spirit has the clean lines synonymous with Spirit Yachts’ design as well as the iconic mahogany topsides, teak decks and modern rig. Down below she has two double cabins with ensuites and a spacious living area, complete with mahogany dining table and well-equipped galley.

Following the build in Suffolk, Spirit was shipped to the Bahamas before the Spirit Yachts team sailed her to Puerto Rico and through the British Virgin Islands to Tortola Harbour, before she was shipped to Croatia and then sailed to Venice.

After being de-masted to fit under the various bridges (the rig came in and out a total of 10 times!), 54-foot Spirit was the first sailing yacht to go up the Grand Canal in 300 years.

LOA 54'9" 16.7m
LWL 39'8" 12.1m
Beam 10'10" 3.3m
Draft 7'6" 2.3m
Displ. 7.8 tonnes
Ballast Ratio 40%
Sail Area 1140 sq. ft.

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Packing my meat?

Oh's a shame that Lake Como and an obviously charmed lifestyle haven't afforded you any class or subtlety.....

I fear the somewhat onanistic Mr Tadler below is pulling several legs as well as himeslf with his self-pleasuring tales (focused about unlikely sourcing of prime James Bond Ephemera.)
You would not get your hairy hand on a Spirit 54 for love nor indeed, a lot of money as a charter or hire boat - rather you need 550 Grand in a numbered Swiss account or, to have performed a valuable service for MI6 and her Brittanic majesty - Doubtful for such a shameless, self - proclaimed (if not eloquent and ambitious) tosser in either case.

Sunseeker and Spirit Yachts craft some beautiful vessels but it's unfortunate that movie, The Island, yanked the rights to use Wallypower vessels, specifically the Wallypower 118. My god that 118 gave me goosebumps when I looked it up and found it's not just some movie prop and it's actually in production.

The Spirit 54 is what my fiancée and I hope to be sailing one day they are such amazing crafts, but until that day comes we will be happy with our 1967 37' Islander.
i absolutely love this boat it is a dream that one day i wish to have one also.

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