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Casting call for 007's Road To A Million Season 2

14 September, 2023

Before the first season of 007’s Road To A Million has premiered on Amazon Prime Video, the casting for Season 2 is already open.

007 road to a million amazon

007: Road To A Million is a global adventure competition show where contestants have the chance to win up to one million pounds. The first series debuts on Amazon Prime Video soon and includes destinations such as the Scottish Highlands, Venice and Jamaica.

The British production company 72 Films is now searching for more dynamic duos to jet set across the globe using their wits and general knowledge to answer questions hidden around the world.

Filming is due to take place throughout 2024 and you will be away from home, possibly out of the UK, for short periods.

You have to live in the UK to be able to participate. To apply, you have to fill in an initial application to register your interest and record a short selfie video of the two of you together.

It adds: “Filming is due to take place throughout 2024 and you will be away from home, possibly out of the UK, for short periods.

brian cox 007 road to a million

007’s Road To A Million season 1 is hosted by Brian Cox (Succession) and takes contestants to iconic Bond cinema-related locations.

The show is produced by 72 Films, EON Productions (Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson) and MGM Alternative.

If you’re interested in the casting, click here for the Application Form (UK residents only).

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Well A Game Show based on a Film Franchise Fantastic I have been interested in James Bond for awhile and I am Fit as possible Is there.Age Limit or can almost any one Take part ? Thank you
Where do I sign up for this show
Will do what it takes to survive and succeed!!!! Never give up!!!
Well there be a casting call for individuals living in America? My wife and I would love to participate. We're both 59, (but we look 40-50), married for 36 years and lost our only child in 2005. Our story is heart filled and painful at the same time.
Of course being the BIGGEST FAN EVER of The James Bond’s Series since its inception, I am distraught that you would only allow UK Residents to apply for the show. After all James Bond’s character is known World Wide. Of course you probably want to eliminate the competition outside of the UK. Since an American such as me would most likely have the necessary skills to complete all of the Cox mission assignments…That would indeed Tarnish the British Reputation. Yes I Understand! Michael Crist
Wow is all I can say about this game show. The most entertaining series I've watched in a very long time. I would love to be apart of this game show so much. .Please can I have more information on how to apply . Many Thanks
I would really like to apply for next series please
I would love to take part in this show wow what an experience of a life time I think me Anthony Newman and my wife Louise newman would be a great team and I reckon we could go all the way
Recently watched and completed first season of this amazing excellent produced show. Brian Cox is the right person for host. Devious smiles and all. Better than the US shows like Amazing Race which I’m a big fan. Keep UK contestants only. I hope I see a couple get the million. Season 2 cannot come fast enough. Thank you for this entertaining show.
Why must you live in the UK to participate? This should be extended to US residents.
I may be a bit old for the contestants, but I would just love to be part of the crew in some part. I love to travel, so if possible please let me join you..Thankyou..Graham.
I would love to get the chance to go the show I’m 33 and I broke my back in 2012 I have had surgery I havnt been able to work since so I have no money and I have child on the way due on January 14th 2024 the money from this show would change my life.
How can we get this going in the US? I would love to apply and compete.
I would love to be given a chance for this kind of adventure.
I enjoyed this reality series, but it is really about couples racing from one point to another, working as a team, and answering difficult questions, yes with a Bond theme and amazing cinematography, but it is not a James Bond series. Yes, we need an American version of this for sure. Where do I sign?
I was all ready to apply with my best friend after watching but it's only open to UK residents. Are you going to offer something similar in the US???
Is there any talk of creating a spin off of this series with US residents participating?
All I have to say is dam and blast that people outside the UK cannot participate. I didn't get where I am today without participating in a Bond reality TV show. I'll not return to brushing up on a little Danish. I've always enjoyed studying a new tongue. I live in Hawaii, which the British once had, does that count? Oh, right. We killed Cook. Never mind.
We need one where it's also open to US contestants as well p
I've been a fan of Mr bond James bond for my entire life. I'm a south African can , do I Stand a chance to join!?
I would love to be on the show with me wife I think we got what it takes to take you on so hit me up and I’ll be there anytime

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