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La Perla "Grigioperla" blue swimming trunks

photo © La Perla
La Perla Grigioperla Lodato
photo © La Perla

photo © 2006 Sony Pictures
Daniel Craig wearing the blue La Perla Grigio Perla swimming trunks
photo © 2006 Sony Pictures

photo © La Perla
Screenshot of the La Perla website, showing the La Perla trunks and bikini
photo © La Perla

Most women will still remember the scene from Casino Royale where James Bond emerges from the sea in his blue trunks. Daniel Craig's famous blue swimsuit from Casino Royale is a La Perla Grigioperla Lodato from the Spring/Summer 2006 collection.

The trunks have been flying off the shelves since the first publicity shots from Casino Royale showing a toned Craig emerging from the sea wearing a pair received wide publicity.

These famous trunks are not available anymore online or in stores, except sometimes on eBay.

In the same film, Solange (Caterina Murino) wears a green La Perla bikini.

About La Perla
Sophisticated, luxurious and expensive, La Perla's beautiful lingerie has been worn by actresses and celebrities. The company's pieces have even become highly prized as collectables. La Perla currently sells mostly women's lingerie. Visit the website and online store on

Other James Bond swim shorts
The Orlebar Brown Setter swimshorts worn by James Bond in SkyFall (2012) have a similar color, Sky blue, to the La Perla swimshorts, and have been popular ever since the release of the film, even though they only appear in the main promotion photo and briefly in the film itself.

The blue color might be inspired by the original Jantzen swim shorts worn by Bond in the early Bond films.

sunspel swim trunksIn 2013, Sunspel released a pair of light blue swim shorts directly inspired by the Jantzen shorts, also in the light blue color, and designed in collaboration with costume designer Lindy Hemming, who was also responsible for the costume design in Casino Royale.

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Orlebar Brown


hi there im selling a brand new pair of la perla trunks with tags and zipped pouch they came in medium never worn.anyone interested email me at extremly hard to come by now especialy brand new with tags turning into rare item

my email address is
i missed the ones on ebay! i am looking for a medium. 262 210 2976 is my cell also. thanks

I got a pair of XL trunks, same as in the movie. Sadly they are too lrage for me. I got 33 inch waist.
I think they would be perfect for someone with 34-36 in waist.

I'd love to get a hold of medium size.

I can sell mine if you want them, wore only twice.

Forgot to mention my e-mail :

I'm very interested in a pair of these! I'm going on a cruise early next year, and would love to have a pair of these along with me. I have a size 31" waist, so if anyone is selling a pair, please let me know! Much appreciated,

I have one pair of medium unworn genuine la perla bond shorts, still with tags and bag!

Would fit a 30-32 waist

rossdicarlo at

looking for a size large myself

I would love to buy a pair of these if anyone has a pair of new ones size 32 waist.

I would love to buy for chrismas a pair of these pair of new ones size 28 or 29 waist.


its just a very cool,great swimsuit, if it was $50 i would get one.if you run a special please let me know.

james thomas phillips

ross, if you've got any more details, I might be interested in buying them off you... How much? How come you're selling?

hello im selling a pair of la perla swim shorts large they would fit waist between 31 to 34inch they are brand new with tags and original package they are rare item im looking for 300pound for them but will consider other offers email me at

I have a pair in large im looking to sell- only worn a hand full of times but never really my cup of tea. Exact shorts- can send pics easily.
Contact me if you're interested

GrigioPerla just started shipping this style in a range of colors for the new season. It is called "Maurilio" and absolutely amazing.

For the first time since the Lodato, they are offering the Baby Blue/Navy Blue color combination again.

Check it out and more GrigioPerla swimwear at the link above.

Just got a pair of the Maurilio's from International Jock, and they look almost idenitical to the Lodato's. I'm a 31-inch waist and got them in size L (32-24). They fit perfectly!

They are available on ebay now! Size XL.

Can somebody tell me how long the legs measure on your model (small and large sizes)? Not the length of the trunks but the perimeter AROUND the leg

You know what's so annoying, I've been looking high and low for these (small) since the film came out and I know there are loads of guys out there with a pair. There just sitting there on a mannequin in their fucking James Bond collection and THEY DONT EVEN WEAR THEM! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Full inventory for this style in a range of colors for the new season. It is called "Maurilio" and absolutely amazing.

For the first time since the Lodato, they are offering the Baby Blue/Navy Blue color combination again.

Check it out and more GrigioPerla swimwear at the link above.

Hi! I want to buy a swimming blue la perla grigiolaperla size P.
How a can buy?
From Brazil

When I first saw this in the movies,..I had to have it. I love the fit of this!

Can anyone give me some sizing help for the maurilio? I have exactly a 32 inch waist (or slightly below waist, where I would wear them). What size would be better medium or large

GrigioPerla just started shipping this style in a range of colors for the new season. It is called "Parigamba" and absolutely amazing.

Check it out and more GrigioPerla swimwear at the link above.

Does anyone know of these international jocks are selling the real thing or are they imitation of la perla ? The swimsuits are not exactly the same

International jocks selling the real thing, except it's slightly different from what Daniel Graig wore in the movie.
The original ones were out of production for a while and now they are making this style.

I still have a pair of XL from long time ago when I was able to snatch the original ones.

Hi chaps. I've listed a pair of these on ebay (UK). Size L BNWT. Finishes Sunday 4th Dec. Hopefully will go to someone who will appreciate them...

Great looking swimsuit. Sophisticated yet sexy.
I have some of these shorts I want to sell, where is the best place to sell them?
Jeez, I didn't know they were still quite popular... I bought 2 pairs a few years ago whilst in Italy from a GLP store - Medium and Large... (because I was in too much of a hurry to try them on) I've worn the large several times, but the Medium is still in a bag with the original tags... Worth selling then?! lol
I have a used pair (size M - 32) up on eBay, they were worn once in the Atlantic Ocean and are in excellent condition. Since these are discontinued, this might be an excellent opportunity for any collectors out there to add a missing piece!
I have a pair size M. They never were worn. Brand new with receipt and tags still attached. You can contact me at
what is the waist, and the price, where are you located. E
I'm interested. I'm here in the USA. contact me at
Are you still selling them? I am interested!
Hi Are the shorts still available ?
Anyone interested In selling or know where some are being sold?
Hey all, I'm toying with selling my large pair now... (will fit a 32-33 perfectly, maybe even a small 34) I was a size 32-33 and the medium had no hope in hell of fitting - but now that I've lost 14kgs in the last 3 months its coming into Spring in WA and they are just too big now that I am a 29-30 :'( They are authentic and I'm happy to provide any pictures that are requested. (of logo's labels etc) They have been worn a few times to the beach (not for swimming, on account that I'm incredible allergic to Sharks) and are still in great condition - not 'new' condition obviously, bud really good... just to manage expectations ;D I sold a pair of brand new mediums via the site/ebay back in November 2012 they were both purchased at the same time back in about 2007 Let me know if any questions - Cheers
Hi there I am looking for a medium or small of the Grigioperla Blue swimming trunks I don't mind whether it is used or new Email me with the price on Cheers
Good day fellow Bond enthusiasts! I would love to locate an authentic pair of the Casino Royale, Bond, blue Grigioperla swimming shorts, size XL. If aware of any for sale, please contact me via email: Thank you!
Hi Guys . Iam looking for offers if anybody out there interested in the light blue Swim Shorts worn by Danial Craig in the Casino Royale beach scene . I have a pair size large . They are La Perla Grigiopela Blue Swim Shorts Made in Italy .
Hi there I am interested if you still have the trunks available. Please get in touch with me!
are they still available
Still available? anyone? Looking for L

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