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Affordable alternatives to the James Bond Seiko watches

30 April, 2019

Roger Moore wore several Seiko (digital) watches in his Bond films, most of which are currently sought-after and quite expensive. We'll pick a few of them here and offer affordable alternatives.

Last update: 17 May 2024

Seiko G757 Sports 100

The Seiko G757 Sports 100 watch is used by James Bond (Roger Moore) in Octopussy (1983). The Seiko is equipped with a tracking device to locate the Fabergé egg, and is clearly visible several times in the movie: first in Q's lab (Bond is already wearing the watch before Q explains what it can actually do), and later it is used to track the Fabergé egg.

There are a few variations of this model. For more details on the exact Seiko model seen it the film, read this article.

Since the Seiko G757 Sports 100 is currently hard to find and quite expensive if you do find it, it's worth looking at affordable alternatives for this watch. If you want a Seiko, look for other vintage Seiko G757 models on eBay and you'll find similar models, without the black 'horseshoe', at reasonable prices.

'Casio Royale' Casio AE1200WHD-1A

If you want to have something much more affordable with a similar look, check out the Casio AE1200WHD-1A with silver coloured case and stainless steel band. The watch doesn't have a Fabergé egg tracking option, but does looks quite cool and spy-like with the digital Word Map and round clock on the top.

Seiko G757 5020 affordable alternative budget Casio

Seiko G757 Sports 100 (left) and Casio AE1200WH (right)

It features World Time, Stop Watch, Alarm, LED Light with Afterglow. It always shows your local time in the 'analog' round part (top left of the watch face) and can display a second time the main part.

The watch has already gained a cult status online because of its resemblance to the Bond Seiko and the amazing value for money that this watch offers. The Casio is sometimes even reffered to online as the 'Casio Royale' and pictures are posted on instagram under hashtag #casioroyale.

The Casio AE1200WH is available on Amazon for $22 (USA), eBay or (£29.99 UK), or (Germany).


Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA 

A retro inspired watch released by Timex in 2020 this Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA TW2U72400ZV is perhaps not exactly the same as the Octopussy Seiko but it really captures the same retro feeling. And we can pretend that large Q on the watch adds another subtle Bond link fro Q Branch.

Seiko G757 TImex Q Reissue Digital LCA

The watch does share many design elements with the Seiko, including the band, the cirecular digi/analog display on the top left and similar location of the digital time and date. Also the Timex has a stainless steel just like the Seiko (in contrast to the Casio AE1200 which has a cheap plastic case). The yellow lettering and black plastic details also hint at the Seiko G757.

The Timex Q Reissue Digital watch is available at Timex for $159 or available at Amazon for $159 (best deal)

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Seiko Wired Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain 5 AGAM601

I want to quickly mention a Limited Edition watch that was clearly inspired by the Octopussy Seiko: in 2015, Seiko, Wired and video game developer Kojima Productions collaborated to make the Seiko Wired Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain 5 AGAM601, a 1980s retro watch based on the one that the character Big Boss wears in the video game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The watch was a limited edition of 2,500 pieces and has become a collector's item.

Seiko Wired AGAM601

While the Wired AGAM601 originally cost $375 / €340, it now fetches anywhere between $1,500 - $5,000 on eBay. Note that the watch case is quite big.

Find on eBay


Seiko Wired AGAM403

Seiko Wired AGAM403 More recently, in 2018, a more affordable, non-limited edition of the Wired watch was released. This model has a slightly different design, more inspired by the Seiko G757-4010 (a variation of the Octopussy Seiko, source), but it does have the same digital display / W865 movement.

This Seiko Wired AGAM403 can be picked up on eBay for around $330. Note that there are 4 differents versions: metal (AGAM401), gold/black (AGAM402), metal/black (AGAM403) and all black (AGAM404).

Find on eBay

Seiko Wired Agam401 Agam402 Agam403 Agam404


Seiko H357 5040

Just like the Seiko G757 Sports 100, the Seiko H357 as seen in For Your Eyes Only is currently very hard to find and quite expensive if you do find it. If you want a Seiko, look for other vintage Seiko H357 models on eBay models on eBay and you'll find similar models, with different colours or a slightly different case, but for lower prices (although still expect to pay hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros).

Casio AQ-230A-1DMQYES

If you want something quite stylish and functional, with an analogue and digital display, then the Casio AQ-230A-1DMQYES is a nice budget option. It's not exactly the same as for example the digital screen is at the bottom instead of on top, and it doesn't have the 'screws' and 'dark grey bezel'.

Seiko H357 affordable alternative casio

Seiko H357 (left) and the Casio AQ-230A-1DMQYES (right)

This Casio watch is small, the case measuring 38,8mm long x 27,8mm x 8,1mm high, but not that much smaller than the Seiko H357 which is slightly wider and higher, but not much longer.

As you can expect from Casio, it's loaded with features including Alarm, Stopwatch, Second time zone, Calendar and 12/24-hour timekeeping. The analog time needs to be set bu pushing the right button, it doesn't have a turning crown like the Seiko.

The Casio is a remake from the AQ-320 or AQ-222 fro the 1980s, which you can find on eBay.

The modern Casio AQ-230A-1DMQYES is available at ($30), (£20) (€30) or


Casio Analogue-Digital Quartz Watch AQ-800E-1AEF

Another Casio model that looks like a great 80s ana-digi watch is the Casio AQ-800E. it comes in gold, and with a white dial but the most Bond-style one is the Casio AQ-800E-1AEF with grey dial as pictured here.

seiko james bond ana digi alternative watch

Seiko H357 (left) and the Casio AQ-800E-1AEF (right)

Get this analogue-digital Casio on Amazon for $79.


Armitron The Ridgemont Silver

A new option (added in 2020) is the Armitron The Ridgemont Silver, a watch part of Armitron's retro series (which also includes a nice LED inspired watch that could be an alternative for the Pulsar P2 from Live and Let Die).

Seiko H357 alternative Armitron The Ridgemont Silver

Just like the Casio mentioned above, this Armitron The Ridgemont also has the digital screen underneat the analog dial unfortunately. And the dial is blue, instead of grey/black, but it still gives that vintage 1980s vibe.

The Armitron also has an extra button, on the right, for Light (a feature that both the Seiko and Casio don't have). It's easier to set than the Casio as it has a crown just like to Seiko to set the analog time.

The Armitron Ridgemont is bigger than the original Seiko or the Casio - but know that those are very small, so if you want a bigger watch, the Armitron is a good option.

Available for $75 currently only on the Armitron website, but check Amazon where it might be offered for a lower price soon.

Timex V Cell Digital and Analog Watch

Another good option, but just as hard to find as the original Seiko, is a Timex V Cell Digital and Analog Watch (find it on eBay) from the 1980s or 1990s.

Seiko H357 Timex V Cell dual display digital analog watch

Compare the Seiko H357 (left) and the Timex V Cell (right)
Photo Seiko: Worthpoint / Photo Timex: Alex @newdwf

It has the digital screen on top, just like the Seiko and a dark grey dial with hour numbers next to the hour markers. The Timex has an alarm, stopwatch and date function. There are other vintage dual display Timex watches, but this is the most similar to the Seiko H357. Find it on eBay.

Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA

I already mentioned this watch as an alternative for the Seiko G757, but this retro inspired Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA is also a good alternative for the Seiko H357.

Seiko H357 TImex Q Reissue Digital LCA

The band of the Timex is very similar to the Seiko band. The Timex has a stainless steel just like the Seiko. Overall this Timex is a good 1980s Bond watch alternative, without being an exact copy.

The Timex Q Reissue Digital watch is available at Amazon for $159.



Seiko 0674 LC

The Seiko watch is seen in The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) when James Bond (Roger Moore) receives a ticker tape message printed on the watch, a classic Bond gadget feature in the film.

This is a tricky watch to replace with an affordable alternative. The design with the two buttons on the front of the case is quite unique, and the most similar products are other Seiko Quartz LC watches from the same era, but those are also worth a lot now, even though they didn't feature in the James Bond films. 

You can find similar vintage Seiko Quartz LC digital watches on eBay, try the following search terms: Seiko LC Quartz, 0439-5007A021-50000634-5019, 0624-5009M159-5028.

Seiko M354

James Bond (Roger Moore) uses explosives hidden in a Seiko M354 watch in Moonraker (1979). The watch features a Memory-Bank Calendar, basically allowing the owner to put in a short text entry on a specific date. You can still find it on eBay for a few hundred dollars - the price really depends on the condition of the watch.

Casio A168WA-1
The Casio A168WA-1 (or A168W-1) is a very popular and classic digital watch that features a similar vintage digital watch look as the M354, with white, yellow blue and red text on the black dial surrounding the digital screen. 

Seiko M354 vs Casio A168 comparison

Seiko M354 (left) and the Casio A168WA-1 (right)

Major differences include that the Casio A168 doesn't feature a Memory Bank Calendar, and the Casio case is resin while the Seiko M354 has a stainless steel case. But then the Casio costs only around €24 / £20 / $20 on,, eBay or or you can easily find this watch in shops around the world.

Trivia: the A168 watch also featured in the movie Wanted, where it was worn by James McAvoy.

For the same price you can also check out the slightly smaller and different Casio A158WA (,, eBay) or Casio A159WA (,, eBay) case.

Casio DB-380-1 and DB-520-1
If you want a Databank function on your watch, then the Casio DB-380-1 (Illuminator, Multilingual Databank with 30 telememo pages) or Casio DB-520-1 (50 Telememo pages) might be an option.

Seiko M354 vs Casio DB-380-1 and Casio DB-520-1

Seiko M354 (left), Casio DB-380-1 (middle), Casio DB-520-1 (right)

These Casio Data Bank models still have a vintage vibe, although more 1980s than 1970s. The Casio cases are made of resin (compared to the more sturdy stainless steel case of the Seiko). Very cool is that you can create and see a (scrolling) text in the top part of the screen of the DB-520, that's quite a fun Bond-style gadget.

The Casio DB-520-1 is available on or eBay for around $25 - $30 (although vintage models from the 1980s can go for around $90). The Casio DB-380-1 can be found on or eBay for around $40.

Casio A500WEA-1EF
The last affordable option for the Seiko M354 is once again a Casio, the A500WEA-1EF model.

Seiko M354 vs Casio A500WEA-1EF

Seiko M354 (left) and Casio A500WEA-1EF (right)

The screen is quite different but the World map which shows the location of the World Time feature is a nice addition to the screen and makes it fun to look at.

This Casio watch is widely available, and online for example at,, eBay.


Seiko 7A28 7020 Quartz Chronograph

Another popular Bond Seiko watch, but not a digital one, is worn by James Bond (Roger Moore) in A View To A Kill (1985). A Seiko 7A28-7020 Quartz Chronograph watch can be briefly spotted in the pre-title sequence when Bond is getting comfortable in the submarine. The watch has a white dial with three subdials, a stainless steel case and bracelet, chronometer and tachymeter indicators. It doesn't have a date, although a similar model from Seiko was available with date window.

This watch is, like all Bond Seiko's, quite rare and prices are usually 500 € / £ / $ and up depending on the condition. 

It's not that easy to find a good affordable alternative for this watch. Obviously there are many chronograph watches with white dial out there, but to find a watch that captures the same style is quite difficult.


Naval Watch Co FRXC002

The best option might be the Naval Watch Co FRXC002 chronograph watch, which has a very similar look, although it's a much ticker watch than the orginal whch is a bit smaller and more flat.

naval watch co seiko watch alternative james bond

A great looking watch with the military inspired logo.

Available on Uncrate for $275.


Seiko SSB025

Another good alternative comes from Seiko itself: the Seiko SSB025.

Seiko 7A28 7020 alternative Seiko SSB025

The Seiko 7A28-7020 (left) and the Seiko SSB025 (right)

The Seiko SSB025 has the white dial, three subdials, and Tachymeter indicators. The case measures 44mm, so it's bigger than the Seiko 7A28. It's not produced anymore so getting harder to find, but it's still available at for $135, for £130-158 or on eBay starting at $119 or at for €199.

Seiko SSB297P1

Another option from Seiko is the Seiko SSB297P1. It features a white dial, chronometer and tachymeter. At 44mm the case is significantly bigger than the case of the 7A28.

Seiko 7A28 7020 alternative watch from Seiko SSB297P1

The Seiko 7A28-7020 (left) and the Seiko SSB297P1 (right)

The Seiko SSB297P1 is still widely available, for example at for $151, or in the UK at for £121 or in Germany/EU at for €151.

Bulova Marine Star Quartz 96B255

An alternative option from a different brand is the Bulova Marine Star Quartz 96B255. This six hand calendar chronograph watch in stainless steel has a nice silver-tone finish and white dial, with three subdials.

Seiko 7A28-7020 Alternative Bulova

The Seiko 7A28-7020 (left) and the Bulova Marine Star Quartz 96B255 (right)

It is actually more meant to look like a diver's style watch instead of a sporty dress watch, and therefor doesn't have the Tachymeter indicators that the Seiko 7A28 has. It is not suitable for diving but only swimming and snorkelling. The 'Helium Valve' (top left of the case) doesn't work as a Helium Valve. With a case diameter of 43mm it's bigger than the Seiko, which measures 37mm excl crown.

The Bulova is not cheap with a suggested retail price of $450, but you can find it on Amazon for $198, fo £187 or on eBay for $250 and up.


Seiko 7549-7009 Golden Tuna

James Bond (Roger Moore) wears a Seiko 7549-7009 'Golden Tuna' 600m Professional Quartz Diver in For Your Eyes Only, during the dive in the yellow submarine to the St. Georges wreck, where he and Melina Havelock (Carole Bouquet) retrieve the A.T.A.C. machine.

You might not have noticed the watch before, but it is actually seen quite frequently during the long scene, because Bond wears it on the outside of his yellow diving suit. Unfortunately the watch doesn't get a good close-up shot in the movie.

Interestingly enough, Roger Moore also wears a gold Seiko Tuna in the 1980 movie North Sea Hijack, released as ffolkes, where it actually can be seen in a close-up shot.

The watch is currently quite expensive, so it's worth looking at an affordable alternative, which luckily is available from Seiko itself!

Seiko Golden Tuna Affordable Alternative Seiko SNE498

Seiko Prospex SNE498 Solar Tuna

The most affordable and similar alternative currently on the market is the 2019 Seiko Prospex SNE498 Solar Tuna, with a smaller case, solar powered quartz movement, and many other different design details. There are many differences between the orginal Golden Tuna watch and the new Solar Tuna, but it's a great alternative watch from the same brand. The construction of the case is less impressive with a plastic shroud compared to the original ceramic-coated steel shroud and titanium body, but the watch is actually very nice and well made. The bezel for example looks great, sharp lines, and the lume is very strong.

The dial features a square Date window at the 4 o'clock position compared to a much larger Day-Date at the 3 o'clock position of the original Tuna.

The new watch is much lighter and more practical to wear than the original.

The lugs are actually more far apart on the new model compared to the original Tuna, due to a new case design. The watch CAN be worn on a NATO strap, if you prefer a more comfortable strap than the rubber strap.

The watch is currently still in Seiko's collection with a suggested retail price of $450 / €420, but you can find the Seiko SNE498 for around $240 - $350 in the USA on eBay (international shipping), Amazon USA

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The watch is actually based on the 2016 Limited Edition Seiko Prospex SBDN028 LOWERCASE, read more below.

Seiko Prospex SBDN028 LOWERCASE Limited Edition
You can also look for the 2016 model, the Seiko Prospex SBDN028 LOWERCASE Limited Edition (find on eBay), which is similar, but it's currently more expensive than the newer SNE498 mentioned above.

Seiko Golden Tuna Alternative SBDN028 Lowercase Limited Edition

Original Golden Tune (left) and the Seiko Prospex SBDN028 Solar Limited Edition (right)

Just to be complete, check the differences between the two Affordable Alternatives, the 2016 Seiko Prospex SBDN028 Solar Limited Edition (left) and the 2019 Seiko Prospex SNE498 Solar (right):

Seiko Prospex SBDN028 LOWERCASE Limited Edition Seiko SNE498

Compare the 2016 Seiko Prospex SBDN028 Solar Limited Edition (left) and the 2019 Seiko Prospex SNE498 Solar (right).

Note the difference on the dial: the SBDN028 has gold hands, gold logos, gold minute markers and Submariner style hour markers. The bezel is also different, note the shape of the top triangle and the shape of the bezel edge.


If you have any suggestions for better alternatives, please post a message below or contact Bond Lifestyle.

All copyrights for products, logos, images etc are held by their respective owners. Bond Lifestyle is not responsible for these articles, please take any queries up with the author.

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I would like to recommend the Casio AMW330-7AV chronograph as a substitute for four Bond watches. This watch has a white dial with three subdials and a date window, tachymeter scale and black elapsed time bezel. It sells for $109.95. With a stainless steel bracelet (20 mm.) it resembles the Rolex 6238 of OHMSS, the Seiko chronograph of A View to a Kill, the Breitling chronograph in the novel Carte Blance and with a striped NATO strap the Omega Commander.

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