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Fan-made LEGO Aston Martin DB5 with working gadgets

15 January, 2023

A Dutch AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) has created a great looking Aston Martin DB5 James Bond edition with working gadgets.

Fan-made Aston Martin DB5 LEGO model Nard Verbong front

Fan-made Aston Martin DB5 LEGO model by Nard Verbong

LEGO has offered two officially licensed DB5 models recently, the large Creator Expert and the smaller Speed Champions model. But fans across the world have created their own Bond inspired cars for years, and one that stands out is this recent Aston Martin DB5 model by Nard Verbong.

Fan-made Aston Martin DB5 LEGO model Nard Verbong pieces gadgets

The fan made DB5 not only looks good, but includes several gadgets and add-ons and a base plate

The LEGO model is an 8 stud wide DB5 , the same width as the official Speed Champions model.

Fan-made Aston Martin DB5 LEGO model Nard Verbong ejector seat

The ejector seat and bumpers actually work (see a video on Instagram for what that looks like)

Nard Verbong was able to work in several actual gadgets in this model. Some of those are simply add-on functions but this creation also has 3 built-in functions: a working ejector seat, moving bullet-proof shield and extendable bumpers.

Fan-made Aston Martin DB5 LEGO model Nard Verbong bullet screen

Oil spray and a retractable bulletproof screen

Add-on functions include machine guns above the front bumper, gatling guns in the headlights (as seen in No Time To Die), interchangeable number plates, tyre slashers, oil spray, and ejector seat roof panel.

Fan-made Aston Martin DB5 LEGO model Nard Verbong front guns plates

The NTTD Gatling guns as an add-on and a sticker set includes 6 pairs of numberplates

To complete the look of this model, a sticker sheet is available at the brickstickershop. The stickers provide 6 pairs of numberplates: the 3 shown in Goldfinger, the numberplates from GoldenEye and No Time To Die. And also the classic “JB 007” number plate.

Fan-made Aston Martin DB5 LEGO model Nard Verbong plate gadgets addons pieces

Add-on gadgets can be stored in the display plate

Included in the parts list and instructions is a display base. You can store all add-on functions on the underside of the base, so you won’t lose them.

bmw z8 and aston martin dbs LEGO

Other Bond inspired creations, the BMW Z8 and 1968 Aston Martin DBS

For more cars (including a BMW Z8 and 1968 Aston Martin DBS), building instructions and to buy parts, visit the page of Nard Verbon at or follow Nard on Instagram.

All photos by Nard Verbong

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