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S.T. Dupont 5244 Casino Royale Cufflinks

photo © S.T. Dupont
S.T. Dupont 5244 Casino Royale Cufflinks
photo © S.T. Dupont

photo © Sony Pictures
Bond wears the S.T. Dupont cufflinks in the casino scenes in the movie Casino Royale
photo © Sony Pictures

photo © Bond Lifestyle
Complete packaging of the S.T. Dupont 5244 cufflinks
photo © Bond Lifestyle

S.T. Dupont has created a pair of exclusive palladium cufflinks in a very distinctive and forceful shape, worn by James Bond in Casino Royale (2006). These exclusive cufflinks come with a certificate which states that they are the exact reproduction of the cufflinks from the movie.

The design of S.T. Dupont Bond accessories are inspired from the design of the Tuxedo he wears in the movie.

The cufflinks are part of the 2006 James Bond Casino Royale collection, which includes pens, lighters, cigar cutter and more. Another pair of cufflinks (palladium with a big onyx stone modelnr. 5245) is also part of that collection, although they are not used in the movie as far as we know.

The original price was around $300, but the cufflinks have become extremely rare and valuable, and can fetch sometimes even more than $1000.

Update 2023: a pair is offered on eBay for €2999.

The cufflinks were also part of a large S.T. Dupont Collector's set including lighters, cigar cutter, pen, which can be found as well on Amazon or eBay for exorbitant prices.

Another pair of cufflinks, modelnr. 5172, seen in Casino Royale as well as Quantum of Solace, is still available, read more about those here.

Complete the look
Bond wears a white Turnbull & Asser dress shirt, black Brioni tuxedo, John Lobb shoes and Albert Thurson braces with this outfit.

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Sind die noch bei Ihnen erh‰ltlich? ac014

hello? I'm leave in russia? in Sankt-Petersburg Can I'm bay it's item??? Best regards Evgeny

Does anyone know the brands of the cufflinks worn by Pierce Brosnan in his James Bond movies, specially the ones in The World Is Not Enough, i have seen a replica pair on ebay but i prefer to purchase the originals, if anyone has a clue please post it.


Those were Dunhill cufflinks, I will post those on the site soon.

Where can I buy these cufflinks?

so are the replicas that we buy made of palladium too? or stainless steel?

I wanted to wait till I got them beofre posting just incase I jinxed myself! I ordered a pair of these from AIRLINE INTERNATIONAL for $240 which is $200 less than elighters.

They are stunning ;-)

These links are aweful.

They look like coffins.

Wearing silver cufflinks with a tux is a big FAUX PAS.

Tux implies golded studs and links.

It is crazy to see that some people buy something just because an actor in a movie wore them.

i just called Airline International and they are selling them for $1000.

I got a relpica set from

$80 including shipping. They look great.

They look dashing! Are there any proper replicas being sold anywhere? Maybe someone sells a less expensive steel version without the 007-Logo? If so, please keep me posted!

You can purchase a replica of the cufflinks on eBay for less than $40 at the following link:

They are platinum plated and very similar to the originals. However, they do not feature the 007 logo and the clasp is slightly different. But then, so is the price.

My fiance just got me an original pair of these cufflinks to complete our James Bond wedding and go along with other items like my Omega Seamaster. They are a bit high in price, but for a true bond fan, they are priceless. The only place she was able to find them, after months of research, was
Emil, the owner of Dupont Collector is a nice guy to work with. They might look like little coffins, but they are still Bond!

I have a mint pair of them, which I am selling far below the mentioned US$ 2.100,--

Anyone no where you can get these cufflinks

I have 3 pairs of these cufflinks that i am selling each pair for $3,500 if anyone is interested.

I bought those replica cufflinks from whatever website was advertising them, might have been Magnolia. They are very good replicas. The downfall is they're not palladium, they're sterling plated stainless steel. They also have a weird shape...not exactly the same as the real ones. They do have a different clasp too, but I'm just fine with that since that 007 logo is a bit...well you know what I mean. From all the pictures I've seen of these, they appear to have a subtle brushed finish, mine don't but that's also just fine. Whomever can afford geniune Duponts, please get in touch with me and tell me what line of work you're in in order to be able to afford a $3,000 set of small forged pieces of metal. Thanks.

Have a pair of the 5244 cufflinks in mint condition. Complete. Includes the original box cover, the hard box, the plastic guarantee card, the plastic authenticity card and the info booklet. Have some sentimental value being a gift since 2006. I had it on only a couple of times. I will consider serious offers to sell it if for around $3,500. Reply if interested.
Hi If they still are available,Could you send some photos to Thanks
I have a pair of these cufflinks in mint condition, complete with box, white box cover, all the paperwork and guarantee card still to stamp. Never worn. I'm selling it for 3500$. Reply to: if interested
Have a pair of the 5244 cufflinks in new a condition. Complete. Includes the original box cover, the hard box, the plastic guarantee card, the plastic authenticity card and the info booklet and the original bill. I would sell it if for 2000€. if someone interested, please send me a message.
I have my pair up on ebay for £999, happy to discount by 10% for sale on here
Have a pair of the 5244 cufflinks never worn in box complete with original box cover and the hard box + the plastic guarantee card. i am seller at 2500 euros only its collectible and almost impossible to find actually. if interested contact me by email. regards
I will be auctioning a pair of ST Dupont casino Royale 5244 and 5245 cufflinks in addition to versailles collection cufflinks by ST on ebay.
There is a couple of pairs on ebay a 5244 and 5245
I am selling a pair of 5244 with original box and 007 cards. See my auction on eBay Regards

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