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Philips D6645 Skyrunner

Philips D6645 Skyrunner walkman
Philips D6645 Skyrunner walkman
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © United Artists, MGM, Danjaq LLC
Necros with the Philips D6645 Skyrunner in The Living Daylights
photo © United Artists, MGM, Danjaq LLC

In the movie The Living Daylights (1987), Soviet assassin Necros (played by Andreas Wisniewski) impersonates a jogger and a Unigate Dairies milkman to infiltrate Bladen's safe house. He is wearing a Philips D6645 Skyrunner walkman, and uses it as a weapon, strangling his victims with the headphones cord.

First Necros kills the real milkman with the cord and takes over the milk delivery van. When entering the Bladen's compound, the security guard checks Necros for weapons but doesn't realise the milk bottles and Philips walkman are the real weapons. In the safe house, Necros is able to kill one of cooks in the kitchen with the cord.

The song that is playing on the walkman when Necros kills the milkman and when he enters the compound is Where has everybody gone? The song is performed by the Pretenders and was written by Chrissie Hynde and John Barry (who composed the soundtracks for 11 of the James Bond films between 1963 and 1987). The song appears on The Living Daylights soundtrack and on Best of Bond...James Bond (50th Anniversary Collection). The same song, and an instrumental version of it, is played a few more times later in the film whenever Necros appears.

The Philips D6645 Skyrunner is a walkman which plays compact cassette tapes, features Play, Stop, Fast Forward, AutoReverse, a volume wheel and a switch to change the play direction. It runs on two AA batteries or DC3V power input.

This walkman is now quite difficult to find, you can try eBay or other second hand (online) shops.

UPDATE April 2021: there is a Philips D6645 Skyrunner for sale on eBay at the moment

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