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Philips D8734 Boombox

Close up of the Philips D8734 Boombox in A View To A Kill

In A View To A Kill (1985), James Bond and Pola Ivanova listen to a Philips UF-I 90 cassette tape on a Philips D8734 Boombox stereo system or ghettoblaster in the Nippon Relaxation Spa in San Francisco.

After listening to the tape on the stereo system, Bond switches the tape so that when Pola, a KGB agent sent by Gogol to spy on Zorin, steals the tape, she has the wrong tape. This is a similar trick as seen in Diamonds Are Forever, when the Philips satellite control tape is switched for a tape with relaxation music.

The tape contains a recording of a conversation of Zorin in his oil pumping station in San Francisco, and was recorded by Pola Ivanova (Fiona Fullerton). She uses a yellow Sony WM-F5 Sports Walkman converted to a spy audio recorder as a recording device.

The Philips D8734 ghettoblaster features a double cassette deck, equalizers, FM/AM radio and two speakers which can be attached/detached from the main stereo system. In the film, the two speakers are not attached to the main body.

You can still find this D8734 ghettoblaster sometimes on eBay.

There are many other Philips items in A View To A Kill: Bond uses a Philishave electric shaver which doubles as a bug detector; Bond uses a Philips 660 voice recorder; Zorin uses a Philips computer with Philips LDH6200 14" Color Monitor; Q uses the same model monitor.

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Philips D8734

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