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Converse Jack Purcell OTR

photo © Converse
Converse Jack Purcell OTR ankle boot in Chocolate and Paprika colors
photo © Converse

The shoes that Bond wears during the Casino Royale Madagaskar chase scene, are Converse Jack Purcell OTR (On The Road). Color: Chocolate and Paprika. For the film, it seems like the costume designer has removed or covered the orange marks on the front and back of the shoe.

These shoes can still be found on eBay and

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I just ordered the last pair of size 10's from American Athletics, it took a while to find a pair, but from what I've read they'll be worth it.

I think that these are a very comfitable boot/shoe and find them up to the task for every thing I have put them though so far. The only thing that I did find was, that I was diffcult to get them in my size as I have smaller then normal feet.

I recently got a pair of these off e-bay for about $65. I believe the seller is out of sizes above an 8. Just search for "converse otr" in ebay to find them.

A couple of comments on this after wearing these shoes twice outdoors:

Don't expect a hiking shoe. There is no tread and you can feel the road with every step. It's designed for flat terrain, not the woods.

Like most Converse brands, there is no arch support. If you're prone to foot discomfort, this is not the shoe for you.

Additionally the toe box is not very wide making it uncomfortable for people with wide feet.

Sizes run small, so I would get 1/2 to a full size bigger than what you're used to for the extra toe room.

Since the shoe only comes in sizes up to 11, there will be a lot of men who just won't get a good fit.

Overall, I am dissatisfied with the shoe because it does not fit my outdoors lifestyle.

I'm probably going to get rid of my pair (10.5).

I just got my hands on a pair of these through ebay. Great shoes! Comfortable and functional, they will be great for my travels this summer. If you can get your hands on a pair, go for it! You won't be disappointed.

I just got a pair of these off Amazon as well; they come shipped from American Athletics. Arrived quickly, and exactly as expected. A couple of notes though:

-Realize this is much more the marriage of a boot and a shoe than a sneaker. They're a bit warm for the summer (Craig must have been dying in his scenes) and require a bit of breaking in. I have gotten a couple of "nice hiking boot" comments, which I corrected quickly.

-Some people (read some of the reviews on Zappos) find the tongue arrangement uncomfortable. Like many hiking boots, the tongue is not a separate flap (think sneakers) but is instead connected with extra flaps of leather to right underneath the eyelets; in boots this feature is to ensure that water cannot drain directly into the boot. I similarly found this uncomfortable at the start (it tends to bunch up when you put your shoes on) but a combination of manually straightening the leather and simply breaking in the boots has alleviated the problem

-There's no tread- it's simply flat. No big deal; surprisingly good purchase on most surfaces and good to drive in, but I would be a bit worried with these on the snow or sand.

-Extremely hydrophilic. I recommend treating them as soon as you get them.

Those notes aside, I am very pleased with the purchase. Comfortable shoe, looks great, and recommended to others.

I bought a pair off, and I really like them. I am going to Asia for over a month, and these will be my primary shoes. I am looking forward to breaking these in as I travel around. Very recommended, very comfortable.

I bought a pair of these runners from a seller on ebay and I am incredibly impressed with the quality of them. Comfortable to wear and can be passed off as a pair of runners or shoes depending on the occasion.

Very comfy. Got mine from American Athletics. Well worth the money, I've gotten several compliments on them.

I ordered these from American Athletics. They sent the wrong size but quickly replaced them with correct size.

These are more like shoes than sneakers. Excellent quality ... can be worn with khakis no problem better lether than most.

Really great shoes. Had to get from US but certainly worth the money.

Very, very comfortable shoes. Not easy to find in Germany and not really cheap, but I didn't regret, that I bought them.

Mine were delivered this morning. Very comfortable and feel extremely well made.

In every other brand I'm a US8, and order the same in these and they fit perfectly. I've seen a few comments on here saying go 1/2 a size up, personally I'd go with the size you are.


I'm from Germany...i have this found...look here:

One pair on ebay size 9UK only though. Ebay item 150327132442, anybody got any idea's where I'd find a size 10uk

Hi. I've have bought one pair on amazon but they're too small: 7M/8.5W/ 40Eur. I am selling them on ebay. They're new and in box. If anyone is interested, here is the item reference 270351845553 .

I just bought a pair of these boots and I have to say they look really cool, I've only worn them twice and I've gotten quite a few compliments on them already. The making and quality of the materials is awesome.

There are a couple "inconveniences" though... lengthwise they're true to size, but they definetly are kind of narrow in the front, I don't have wide feet but they do feel kind of tight, I suppose it's just a matter of breaking them in, or you can do what I did, I went to a shoe repair shop and had them put shoe stretchers to break them in and now they feel much more comfortable. The other thing is that they have no arch support whatsoever, but since the insole is removable you can always buy insoles that do have arch support and wear those instead of the original flat ones.

Overall I think that these shoes are definetly worth buying, I totally recommend them.

These shoes suck; real operators wear Merril's and the like. They are close enough in look and very functional.



I just bought a pair of these boots and agree with all the previous comments - very comfortable and great to wear - they are a little narrow in the front but with some breaking in or as one of the previous reviewers suggests, placing them in a shoe stretcher would speed up the process.
I got them in black as they were out of the chocolate / paprika ones - if anyone has has a pair in this colour size US 8.5 or 9 mens that aren't up to their expectations I would be keen to consider buying them.
Overall recommended highly - its a shame the manufacturers arn't producing them anymore as they are obviously very popular and the current replacement style just doesn't look as good.

I had these for about two years. Pretty solid construction but I must say these are kind of style over function. There is hardly any traction on the bottom so on ice or loose gravel you are kind of out of luck.
I did have a problem with the rubber on the side of the shoe detach itself...Final verdict, solid shoes just don't go on anything too extreme with them.

Hi Bill
What colour & size did you get & where did you get them from? Also how much did you pay for them?

Just curious to see if there are any of paprika color in bigger sizes in the boot style are still around.


Got my pair the other day after an agonisingly long wait, they came via parcel force so no suprises there!
I am very pleased with my shoes and look forward to many years of use out of them!

Hi Tim
i got the chocolate and paprika coloured ones. i got them from Ebay for around $55 dollars, around £40 odd quid including postage.
I had to get the biggest pair they had which when i looked was a size 7 US/6 UK.
these shoes are still available, but as they are out of production they are inreasingly difficult to get hold of, and a decent fit is hard to come by.
i understand a site called american athletics stocks them but i am unaware as to what sizes they stock.
i hope this is of use to you.

Cheers Bill - thanks for the info - only smaller sizes seem to be left - managed to get a US 8.5 in the boot in the black (not sure where the port is!) & the lower cut in paprika size 9 so that will be good enough for me.

Appreciate the update.

Kind regards

Why very hard to find

Are there currently any of these in any color in sizes 9-10 left?

These are very comfortable shoes. I wore out one pair of all black leather OTR mids. Now I can't find another pair or size 10 1/2 anywhere. They have stopped making this model.

I'm deaf. Just want to see in the store. Also, shoes in 9 1/2.. Please give me name company store and adres.
Thank you.

I like these a lot. They remind me of Frye brand sneakers if anyone is looking for the clean leather/functional sneaker look.

do you know where you can get size 10 - 11. I have searched high and low.

It's very hard to find this exact model of shoe, but you can find the shape. On certain site, I believe even the converse's own site, you can custom specify the colour... maybe get them in brown?

Oh and pressing the eBay link on this page brings up a few on eBay

ANd by the way if you just change the .com in the eBay search page to or .de or .fr it will give you the shoes from your own country...

I really like this shoe, but it's hard to find in a size 12 or 13. Do you guys have any recommendations for models similar to this that may have my size? Thanks
Looking for a brand new pair of size 12 USA boots will pay ££500 for a new boxed pair. Thanks

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