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James Bond will wear Crockett & Jones shoes in SPECTRE

14 September, 2015

Crockett & Jones confirmed today that it has supplied James Bond with a selection of styles for 24th Bond film SPECTRE.

Crockett & Jones SPECTRE shoes

The shoes include the Camberley in black calf, Alex in black calf, Northcote in black wax calf, Norwich in black calf, Radnor in black calf and Swansea in dark brown suede. 

Crockett & Jones Camberley SPECTRE shoes James Bond

Crockett & Jones Camberley

James Bond will wear the black Camberley in the Rome scenes in the movie, as part of his funeral outfit.

Crockett & Jones Alex James Bond SPECTRE

Crockett & Jones Alex

Bond will probably wear the Alex style with his tuxedo outfit (the white Tom Ford dinner jacket and black trousers seen in the new posters) although this is not yet confirmed. In SkyFall, Bond wears the Alex model with his black tuxedo.

Crockett & Jones Norwich James Bond SPECTRE

Crockett & Jones Norwich

The Norwich style is most likely the shoe worn by Bond in the Bond / Tanner boat scene on the Thames, a street scene in London and in the Mexico opening sequence.

It is not yet certain if the Northcote, Radnor and Swansea will be visible in SPECTRE and who wears them, but keep an eye out for these styles in the film.

Crockett & Jones Swansea James Bond SPECTRE

Crockett & Jones Swansea

Crockett & Jones Northcote James Bond SPECTRE

Crockett & Jones Northcote

Crockett & Jones Radnor James Bond SPECTRE

Crockett & Jones Radnor

All styles are available from Crockett & Jones retail shops in London, Birmingham, New York, Paris and Brussels.

For those unable to visit the Crockett & Jones shops, they offer a comprehensive mail order service for purchasing Crockett & Jones shoes, belts and accessories. Through this service you may also return shoes to Crockett & Jones for a full repair at the factory.

UK Mail Order Service
please click here to contact the Royal Exchange shop in the City of London for further details and prices or phone 0044 (0)207 929 2111.

USA Mail Order Service
please click here to contact the shop in New York for further details and prices or phone 001 212 582 3800.

FRANCE Mail Order Service
please click here to contact the Chauveau-Lagarde shop in Paris for further details and prices or phone 0033 144 940 174. Click here for French Mail Order policies.

Visit the Crocket & Jones website

Crockett & Jones also supplied several shoes for SkyFall: in that movie Bond wears the brown leather Islay boot and black Highbury, Alex and Tetbury models.

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