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Getting the Anthony Sinclair three-piece suit from Goldfinger

08 January, 2014

One of the most famous James Bond suits is the three-piece grey suit worn by Sean Connery in the film Goldfinger (1964), recently even chosen as the second greatest suit in film history by Esquire (just after Cary Grant's suit in North by Northwest). The London tailor Anthony Sinclair still offers this suit today and getting one is a unique experience. I decided to get my own bespoke Goldfinger suit for a very special occasion and headed for London.

David Mason
Anthony Sinclair is currently run by the affable British designer David Mason. His career began as a shirtmaker in his native home of Manchester from where, in the early 1990's, he was making regular trips to London, Paris and New York, furnishing private clients with handmade bespoke shirts and neckties. David entered the inner sanctum of Savile Row, working alongside Anthony Sinclair's former apprentice, Richard W Paine, who had taken over the business when Anthony retired in 1982. David is now the creative director of the company with a commitment to preserve the founder's philosophy, maintain his standards and continue to produce timeless, classic clothing for a new generation of modern men.

Anthony Sinclair David Mason Remmert van Braam Montagu Square

David Mason (left) and Remmert van Braam in front of 34 Montagu Square

34 Montagu Square
I had met David Mason on a few occasions, first in 2012 when I visited his Savile Row boutique, but since then he has moved to another location with at least as much interesting history. The new Sinclair premises, accessible by appointment only, is located at 34 Montagu Square, Marleybone, London W1. John Lennon Blue PlaqueThis first floor and basement became famous when Beatles member Ringo Starr started to rent it in the mid 1960s. Ringo lived here, and fellow-Beatle Paul McCartney set up a studio in the basement where he recorded demos and worked on a few compositions. When Ringo moved out, he sublet the place to Jimi Hendrix who wrote the song “The Wind Cries Mary” in the apartment after a row with his girlfriend. In 1968, Ringo sublet the apartment to John Lennon and Yoko Ono. The couple lived here for a year and shot the famous naked album cover in the bedroom. In the same year the apartment was raided by the police in search for drugs. In 1969, Ringo decided to sell the lease. In 2010, Yoko Ono revealed a Blue Plaque that commemorates the history of the building.

As a Bond and Beatles fan, to enter this place so full of history is a treat in itself, but to get the Goldfinger suit measured here is beyond what I could have dreamed.

Anthony Sinclair David Mason Remmert van Braam fitting

The first fitting in a historic room

Creating the Bond suit
Having a bespoke suit made is a very special experience: the process involves taking detailed measurements to produce a unique paper pattern which is used as a template to cut the cloth. The pattern is held on permanent record and used for future orders. Every details of the suit can be customised completely to the wishes of the customer.

Anthony Sinclair Remmert van Braam Goldfinger SuitIn the Montagu Square apartment, David and I discuss the details of the suit and he writes down my requirements in a small notebook. Since I have already indicated that I would like the bespoke Goldfinger three-piece suit, some things are already set, like the grey fabric with Prince of Wales pattern and of course Sinclair's signature Conduit Cut with its distinctive 'hourglass' shape.

For the trousers I decide to go without pleats (Connery has front-pleats, but this is a bit too old-fashioned for my taste) and straight bottoms (Connery also wears straight bottoms in Goldfinger, but turn-ups are an option of course). For practicality I decide to go for a zipper fly instead of buttons, two back pockets and side belt-fasteners. The waistcoat gets lapels, just like in the movie, and two small front pockets. The back of the waistcoat and the inside of the jacket will get the same grey lining.

In only a few measuring sessions, David measures every detail to make sure the suit will fit and enhance my body shape (the ideal length of the jacket and trousers depend on your specific body shape and Mason knows like no other how it should be). The measurements are written down and kept for the records, in case I need another suit, trousers or jacket made.

Anthony Sinclair suit Remmert detail

The waistcoat has 6 buttons, the bottom one is left unfastened

Meeting Bond
During one of the last visits to Montagu Square, I have the unexpected pleasure of running into mr. Bond himself, Sir Roger Moore with his wife Kristina. Sir Roger is also using David Mason's skills to suit up properly before appearing on a morning tv show and going on tour through the UK. I have the chance to exchange a few words with the legendary actor and his lovely wife, before they leave on their next adventure.

Anthony Sinclair suit Remmert lining jacket

The jacket has dark grey lining, the same material as the back of the waistcoat

Anthony Sinclair suit Remmert gilette razor

Time to shave and look the part

Looking like Bond
Bespoke tailoring is Anthony Sinclair's core business and the Goldfinger suit one of the best sellers, so I was confident that the end result would be great. But not until I actually wear the final suit, I realise it is not just great, but spectacular. There was not much time between my first meeting and the moment I needed the suit, but the experienced people at Anthony Sinclair have made sure my suit was ready in time, which is nothing short of a miracle. At the final fitting at 34 Montagu Square the suit fits perfectly and looks stunning. I'm impressed by how well the suit fits and how good it feels: the rich fabric, the immaculate details, the unique shape. This is by far the best suit I have ever owned and together with the experience of working with David in the famous Montagu Square location, this is one of those once in a life-time events that I will cherish forever.

Anthony Sinclair suit Remmert walther

If you are interested in getting a bespoke suit or maybe a pair of trousers similar to the ones worn by Connery in Goldfinger during the famous chase in the Swiss Alps, be sure to contact David Mason for an appointment, or visit the website Mason & Sons (formerly for more information, or follow Mason & Sons on Instagram.

Anthony Sinclair suit Remmert goldfinger

Many thanks to David Mason of Anthony Sinclair and photographer Sam Asaert.

Update: Visit the new Mason & Sons websites in the UK/EU or the USA for Anthony Sinclair and other Bond related brands.

For more information on the history of the Hacking jacket, or to order the outfit, visit:

 Shop now at Mason & Sons UK/EU

 Shop now at Mason & Sons USA

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Amazing suit, congratulations.
Hi Remmert! Looking really sharp there. Congrats! I am considering this myself, and with you leading the way to the right tailor it is a walk in the park. But can you hint a price tag on this three piece? In order for me to know if it is at all within range. Especially since my body mass has a tendency to fluctuate. Damn all that Xmas food and candy. Take care for now. /Rick
Great suit and great write-up and quite a coincident to find your recently added text as I'm going to London in two weeks much in the same purpose, to get some new suits. Sinclair has however, thus far, not been on my radar but now it is and the specifically the Conduit Cut. Could you, and are you allowed to, give me a price indication? I know that this of course is dependent on choice of fabric etc. but I would still be interested in a ballpark figure as this allows me to plan my purchases.
There is no magic, no unique experience as far as Anthony Sinclair himself is not taking the measure, cutting the fabric and sewing the buttonholes. I would go Anderson&Sheppard or Henry Poole & Co without thinking twice. Sean Connery as Bond has said in Dr No to Felix that his "tailor at Savile Row" cut his suit, so if you want Bond's Goldfinger suit, unique one, purchase vintage used one from 70's or 80's. If not, get a properly cut one at Anderson&Sheppard. Just my two cents ;)
How long did the whole process take, from the first meeting to the final fitting?
Francois, the whole process of getting the bespoke suit takes 6 to 8 weeks, depending also on how often and when you can come for fittings.
Thank you Remmert. The suit looks awesome.
Why did you order such wide lapels? Nothing to see with the real GF suit... The waistpocket is partially covered by the lapel
No magic? Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Anthony Sinclair where Connery purchased his Goldfinger suit? So you don't see any magic in obtaining THE suit from THE tailor/shop that starting it all? Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford aren't making the Aston Martin vehicles nowadays, but does that take away from the magic of purchasing such a fine auto? A vintage/used suit sounds not at all like a pleasant experience, or rather an experience as fulfilling as getting a bespoke suit cut. I don't understand how you could not see this being a special experience...
Too bad you chose low cut, flat front trousers. Part of the beauty of the Connery suit is the high waisted, forward pleated trousers that flatter his tall physique and long upper body. You seem to also have a long upper body, and as a consequence of your choice of a more low cut trouser the waistcoat seems very long, throwing off the balance of the overall look of the suit. It could have been a real classic, no unfortunately it is not "quite there" in my opinion. In terms of suits "old fashioned" is actually a good thing, as suits these days aren't exactly something people will look back at with admiration 50 years on. S
How much is the suit? Why make a big production of getting "The Sean Connery Suit" and then not have it the way Sean Connery wore it. Kind of like getting the Steve McQueen Porsche, except a four door with a different color.
Last week I visited David's headquarters and got to meet him and after looking at these photos I have to ask: just how tall ARE you?? Great read, this.
Just recieved my conduit cut suit and the fit and finish is unlike anything I've ever worn. Elliot was patient with all my questions and I had to go to a local tailor to get all the measurements (I live in Canada) I got the deal when it was, the only regret is not getting the waistcoat, but that'll have to wait...
All that work and the photos are taken in a dark room? I understand the theme /concept but I pray you have more photos in better light, or different conditions to perhaps compare with shots from Goldfinger? Yes I am green with envy!

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