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Tom Ford

photo © Bond Lifestyle
Tom Ford Cardigan in the window of Mercken, Antwerp, Belgium, in 2008.
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Bond Lifestyle
A rare Tom Ford Cardigan in full view owned by a collector
photo © Bond Lifestyle

photo © Tom Ford
Tom Ford TF108 sunglasses, as seen in Quantum of Solace
photo © Tom Ford

photo © David Zaritsky
A blue Tom Ford jacket, as seen in Quantum of Solace
photo © David Zaritsky

Tom Ford is Bond's tailor for Quantum of Solace (2008), SkyFall (2012) and SPECTRE (2015).

Quantum of Solace
Actor Daniel Craig is reported to have ruined around 40 bespoke suits during filming of Quantum of Solace. "It really is a crime. It makes me weep every time. They're great suits," Craig told the British press.

Tom Ford was very secretive about the items that were used in Quantum of Solace, but one item is confirmed: a black Cardigan. This cardigan was available in the exclusive Tom Ford retailers but is now sold out. (update December 2016: a Tom Ford cardigan is being offered on the AJB forum sold for $1400).

Similar Tom Ford cardigans are still available at:

Mr Porter (1, Black)

- Mr Porter (2, Navy Blue)

Neiman Marcus

And a beautiful white version of the Tom Ford Cardigan is available at Nordstrom ($2,990).


Another item in the film is a grey coat which bears the name "James Bond". It is the only Tom Ford clothing item (besides the sunglasses) that was branded as a "James Bond" item. It resembles the coat seen in the last scene of Quantum of Solace, although that one is dark blue or black.

Other Tom Ford items included the blue jacket seen in the fight scene, ties, and of course the Tom Ford FT108 sunglasses.

Tom Ford worked closely with SkyFall costume designer Jany Temime to create a range of made-to-measure tailored clothing, eveningwear, suits, shirts, knitwear, ties, accessories and eyewear (sunglasses). Tom Ford, President and Chief Executive Officer commented, "I could not be happier to be dressing Daniel Craig again in the next James Bond film. James Bond epitomizes the TOM FORD man in his elegance, style and love of luxury. I am thrilled to move forward with this iconic character."

Bond wears a Tom Ford tuxedo, Tom Ford suits, neck ties, cylinder cufflinks, crest cufflinksmother-of-pearl cufflinks and Marko sunglasses in SkyFall.

Tom Ford representatives have announced to Bond fan David Zaritsky that the two new styles of suit Craig wears in SkyFall are the Falconer and the Wetherby. The Falconer is a slim suit that Colin Firth wore in A Single Man. Besides the Falconer and Wetherly suits, Bond also wears a black coat and grey scarf by Tom Ford in the last scene. 

Bond is really wearing a lot of Tom Ford clothes in SPECTRE: suits, shirts, ties, jackets, pants, cufflinks and sunglasses. See an ovevriew of the Tom Ford products in SPECTRE here.

No Time To Die
Bond once again wears Tom Ford suits, read more here.

About Tom Ford
Tom Ford is an American fashion designer who gained international fame for his turnaround of the Gucci fashion house and the creation of the Tom Ford label He also directed a movie, the Oscar-nominated film A Single Man. Read more in the book Tom Ford.

Tom Ford clothes can only be acquired at selected retailers and online for example a large selection at Mr Porter and Harrods and discounted Tom Ford items at Italist.

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I don't believe DC wore the TOM FORD Wetherby in SKYFALL. The Wetherby cut has super wide lapels. The TF suits in Skyfall all had the narrow Falconer lapel. Curiously enough, the SKYFALL suits have also been referred to as the O'Connor. Can you clarify this?

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