Sony Ericsson C902 cybershot

photo © Sony Ericsson
The Sony Ericsson C902 cybershot used in the movie: Titanium silver limited edition
photo © Sony Ericsson

photo © Sony Ericsson
Sony Ericsson C902 cybershot
photo © Sony Ericsson

In the 2008 James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig uses once again a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, this time a C902 Cyber-shot in Titanium silver edition.

The C902 Cyber-shot phone is used throughout the film by James Bond to capture evidence and assist the agent on his mission. The 5MP camera, with a unique slide-out lens cover, illuminated touch icons providing quick and easy access to camera options, Face detection, Photo flash and Auto focus enables James Bond to send high resolution shots back to MI6 for quick recognition of his enemies.

The phone also offers BestPic which allows users to take nine pictures of a moving object simultaneously and choose the best shot to use, plus Picture blogging for uploading photos to blogsites and PictBridge for printing direct to a printer, without the need for a PC or laptop.

The phone will be available for a limited period and include a memory card loaded with a host of interactive 007 content and a spy-style game. In addition, the full colour trailer of the film, behind-the-scenes interviews with the stars and exclusive content such as wallpapers and screen savers will be available on the phone and the memory card.

In August 2006, Sony Ericsson also teamed up with James Bond to launch the limited edition James Bond Casino Royale silver K800i Cyber-shot camera phone, and Vesper used a white M600i. In November 2002 the Sony Ericsson P800 and Sony Ericsson T68i mobile phones were used by several of the cast in the 20th James Bond film, Die Another Day.

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Just bought one today absolutely fantastic great phone the bond content that comes with it is awesome

This phone is great! I got mine yesterday... :) A bluetooth headset and a cardreader was also included. I love it!

Where in North America, specifically Canada, can I buy this mobile? I fell in love with it while watching QoS & knew I just had to have it! Does anyone also know if it's available in Greece or Cyprus? Many thanks from a desperate Bond fan lol.

Where can I buy this phone (the Bond version) in Canada?

I have an as new QOS Titanium version of the C902 up for auction on EBay. If you are interested in taking a look check it out at the following (Item No: 150460434108) -


I have owned this phone for around a year now, but during that time it has been replaced and repaired countless times. it has a tendancy to switch of then not switch back on, fingers crossed the one ive got now lasts a bit longer!
Despite these problems, I really like this phone and when I switched to a touch screen phone of a different make, I just wanted this phone back.

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