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Sony Xperia Z5

Sony Xperia Z5 in the Made For Bond commercial
Sony Xperia Z5 in the Made For Bond commercial
photo © Sony
photo © Sony
Sony Xperia Z5
photo © Sony

James Bond uses a Sony Xperia Z5 mobile phone in SPECTRE.

The phone can briefly be seen in the Aston Martin DB10, when Bond calls Moneypenny while being chased by Hinx. It's not 100% confirmed if Bond uses the Z5 or the smaller Z5 Compact.

According to Sony the phone is the Xperia Z5. This model is also available in the smaller 'compact' version, it is not confirmed yet which model is used by Bond.

In the UK you can order the Made For Bond Sony Xperia Z5 mobile phone exclusively on Vodafone.

For other countries, ask you local phone store for the Made for Bond edition of the Z5, which should come preloaded with some Bond sounds and images, and in a special SPECTRE box.

The phone can also be seen in a Made For Bond commercial starring Naomie Harris as Moneypenny.

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The phone used by Bond is a Sony XPERIA Z3 Compact, not a Z5 or Z5 Compact.
Phone is not Z5 or Z5 Compact If you take a very good look at the phone in the scene where Bond calls Moneypenny you can see that the phone is actually Z3 Compact in black colour I compared all Xperia phones to the one in the scene and the only one which matches to the phone in the scene is Z3 Compact
Great phone.

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